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    Shan Mixes Weight (G) Pack Shan Mixes Weight (G) Pack

    Aaloo Bhaji Curry Mix 50 12 Khichra Mix 375 4

    Achar Gosht Curry Mix 50 12 Kofta Curry 50 12

    Achar Masala 100 12 Korma Curry 50 12

    Bihari Kabab BBQ Mix 50 12 Kunna/Matka Gosht Curry 50 12

    Biryani Masala Mix 50 12 Lahori Charga Mix 50 12

    Bombay Biryani Mix 65 12 Lahori Fish Mix 100 12

    Chaat Masala Seasoning 100 12 Liver Curry Mix 50 12

    Chana Chaat Masala 60 12 Malay Chicken Biryani Mix 75 12

    Chana Masala 100 12 Meat & Vegetable Curry Mix

    100 12

    Chappli Kabab Mix 100 12 Meat Masala Mix 100 12

    Chicken Broast Mix 125 12 Memoni Mutton Biryani Mix

    65 12

    Chicken Butter Mix 50 12 Murgh Chohlay Curry Mix 50 12

    Chicken Curry 50 12 Mutton Roast Masala Mix 50 12

    Chicken Ginger Mix 50 12 Nihari Curry Mix 60 12

    Chicken Handi Mix 50 12 Pakora/Bhajia Mix 175 4

    Chicken Jalfrezi Mix 50 12 Pani Puri Masala Mix 100 12

    Chicken Tikka BBQ Mix 50 12 Pasanda Curry 50 12

    Chicken White Karahi Mix 40 12 Pav Bhaji Mix 100 12

    Chicken White Korma Mix 40 12 Paya Curry 50 12

    Dahi Bara Chaat Masala 60 12 Pulau Biryani Mix 50 12

    Dahi Bara Mix 175 4 Punjabi Yakhni Pulau Mix 50 12

    Dal Curry Mix 100 12 Rogan Josh Curry Mix 50 12

    Easy Cook Haleem Mix 350 4 Seekh Kabab BBQ Mix 50 12

    Egg Seasoning Mix 50 12 Shahi Haleem Mix 375 4

    Fish Biryani Mix 50 12 Shami Kabab Mix 50 12

    Fish Seasoning Mix 50 12 Sindhi Biryani Mix 65 12

    Fried Chops/Steaks Mix 50 12 Special Brain Masala Mix 50 12

    Fruit Chaat Masala 60 12 Stew / Dopiaza Curry Mix 50 12

    Haleem Masala Mix 60 12 Tandoori Chicken BBQ Mix

    50 12

    Karachi Beef Biryani Mix 75 12 Tikka Boti BBQ Mix 50 12

    Karahi / Fry Gosht Curry Mix

    50 12 Tikka Seekh Kabab BBQ Mix

    50 12

    Kat a Kat Curry Mix 50 12 Tikkiya Kabab Masala 50 12

    Keema Curry Mix 50 12 Vegetable Curry Mix 100 12

    “Nutrifresh Foods Ltd. is proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor and supplier of all Shan brand products in Quebec, Alberta,

    Saskatchewan and Eastern Canada. Try our entire range of Shan products.”

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    Shan Spices Stand up Pouches Shan Spices

    Bay Leaves - Whole 25g Black Pepper Powder 12x100g

    Black Cumin - Whole 100g Red Chilli Powder 12x100g

    Black Pepper - Whole 200g Red Chilli Powder 12x200g

    Black Pepper Powder 200g 400g Red Chilli Powder 12x400g

    Brown Cardamom - Whole 100g Red Chilli Powder 12x1000g

    Cinnamon Powder 200g Coriander Powder 12x100g

    Cinnamon/Cassia Bark 50g Coriander Powder 12x200g

    Cloves - Whole 100g Coriander Powder 12x400g

    Coriander - Whole 150g Coriander Powder 12x1000g

    Coriander Powder 200g 400g Turmeric Powder 12x100g

    Cumin Powder 200g 400g Turmeric Powder 12x200g

    Curry Powder 200g 400g Turmeric Powder 12x400g

    Dried Mango Powder 200g Turmeric Powder 12x1000g

    Fennel Seeds - Whole 200g Garam Masala Powder 12x50g

    Fenugreek Powder 200g Garam Masala Powder 12x100g

    Fenugreek Seeds - Whole 200g Garam Masala Powder 12x200g

    Garam Masala - Whole 75g Cumin Whole 12x200g

    Garlic Granules 100g Cumin Powder 12x100g

    Garlic Powder 200g Cumin Powder 12x200g

    Ginger Pwoder 200g Cumin Powder 12x400g

    Green Cardamom - Whole 100g Ginger Powder 12x100g

    Mace - Whole 50g Garlic Powder 12x100g

    Mustard Seeds - Whole 200g Qasuri Methi 12x50g

    Nigella Seeds - Whole 100g Khatai Powder 12x100g

    Nutmeg - White Shell 100g Curry Powder Mix 12x100g

    Red Chilli - Crushed 75g Curry Powder Mix 12x200g

    Red Chilli - Round 70g Curry Powder Mix 12x400g

    Red Chilli Powder 200g 400g Shan Pink Salt

    Star Aniseeds - Whole 100g Himalyan Granular 12x340gm

    Turmeric Powder 200g 400g Himalyan Stand Up Pouch 24x400gm 18x800gm

    White Cumin - Whole 200g Himalyan Rock Salt 12x310gm

    Zaf. Garam Masala Powder 200g Himalyan Pink Salt Glass Jar 12x340gm

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    Shan Oriental Shan Pastes

    Oriental Chicken Veg 12x40gm Ginger Paste 310gm/750gm

    Oriental Chinese Beef 12x40gm Garlic Paste 310gm/750gm

    Oriental Chinese Chop Suey 12x40gm Ginger/Garlic Paste 310gm/750gm

    Oriental Chinese Chowmein 12x40gm Shan Pickles

    Oriental Chinese Fried Rice 12x40gm Garlic pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Oriental Chinese Manchurian 12x40gm Arab Chilli Lemon Pickle 1000g x 0.5dz

    Oriental Philipino Beef Steak 12x40gm Arabic Pickle 300g x 1dz

    Oriental Sweat and Sour 12x40gm Bengali Lemon Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Oriental Chilli Chicken 12x40gm Bengali Mango Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Shan Chutney Carrot Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Ginger Mango 12x400gm Chinese Chili Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Chunky Mango 12x400gm Ginger Pickle 320g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Tangy Plum 12x400gm Gujrati Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Tomato Chutney 12x310gm Kasaundi Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Green Chutney 12x310gm Mango Kerala Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Tamarind Chutney 12x310gm Memoni Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Garlic Chutney 12x310gm Punjabi Mango Pickle 1000g x 0.5dz

    Shan Rice and Spice Punjabi Pickle Bottle 1000g x 0.5dz

    Bombay Biryani 12X700gm South Indian Hot Pickle 300g x 1dz 1000g x 0.5dz

    Pullao Biryani 12x700gm

    Sindhi Biyani 12x700gm Shan Special Mixes & Vermicelli

    Shan Dals Gajar Halwa Mix 12x100g

    Chana Dal 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Gulab Jaman Mix 12x100g

    Chick Peas 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Lauki Halwa Mix 12x100g

    Urid Dal 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Rasmalai Mix 12x100g

    Moong Dal 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Sheer Khurma Mix 12x150g

    Toor Dal 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Kheer Mix 12x150g

    Chick Peas Tyson Black 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Badam Kheer Mix 12x150g

    Red Kidney Beans 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Vermicelli 48x200g

    Black Eye Beans 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Shan Rice

    Masoor Dal 12x2lbs 6x4lbs Basmati Rice 4x10lbs

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    Shan Frozen Ready to Eats

    Chicken Bombay Biryani 12X453gm

    Chicken Pilau Biryani 12X453gm

    Chicken Korma 12x340gm

    Beef Nihari 12x340gm

    Chicken Nihari 12x340gm

    Butter Chicken 12x340gm

    Chicken Karahi 12x340gm

    Chicken Haleem 12x340gm

    Beef Haleem 12x340gm

    Chicken Tandoori 12x340gm

    Chicken Tikka Bites 12x340gm

    Beef Seekh Kabab 12x340gm

    Chicken Seekh Kabab 12x340gm

    Beef Shami Kabab 12x340gm

    Chicken Shami Kabab 12x340gm

    Shoop Noodles

    Chicken Flavor - 70 Gms 6dz

    Masala Flavor - 70 Gms 6dz

    Ketchup Flavor - 70 Gms 6dz

    Lemon Chilli Flavor - 70 Gms 6dz

    BBQ Flavor - 70 Gms 6dz

    Bombay Biryani Flavor - 70 Gms 6dz

    Delve Custards, Jellies & Pudding Delve Banana Custard Powder 12x100gm

    Delve Mango Custard Powder 12x100gm

    Delve Strawberry Custard Powder 12x100gm

    Delve Vanilla Custard Powder 12x100gm

    Delve Vanilla Custard Powder 12x250gm

    Delve Banana Jelly Crystals 12x80gm

    Delve Mango Jelly Crystals 12x80gm

    Delve Orange Jelly Crystals 12x80gm

    Delve Pineapple Jelly Crystals 12x80gm

    Delve Strawberry Jelly Crystals 12x80gm

    Delve Pudding Mix 12x80gm

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    A1 Spices

    A-1 Anardana Whole 12x100g

    A-1 Black Cumin Seeds 12x100g

    A-1 Chilli Whole 48x100g

    A-1 Chilli Whole 24x200g

    A-1 Kachri powder 20x100g

    A1 Rice

    A-1 Sialkoti Sevian 48x200g

    A-1 Vermicelli 48x200g

    A1 Dry Fruits/Nuts

    A-1 Alubukahara 20X200g

    A-1 Alubukahara 5kg

    A-1 Dry Apricot 20x200g

    A-1 Dry Dates 20x200g

    A-1 Dry Dates 5kg

    A-1 Munaka 20x200g

    A1 Cosmetics

    A-1 Zarka Black Henna 12x100g

    A-1 Zarka Red Henna 10x100g Aki's Pickles

    Aki's Carrot 12x375ml

    Aki's Chilli Ginger 12x375ml

    Aki's Chilli 12x375ml

    Aki's Mango 12x375ml

    Aki's Chutney

    Aki's Chilli Garlic 12x250ml

    Aki's Coconut 12x250ml

    Aki's Coriander 12x250ml

    Aki's Date 12x250ml

    Aki's Green Chilli 12x250ml 12x26oz

    Aki's Mango 12x250ml

    Aki's Mint 12x250ml 12x26oz

    Aki's Red Ground 12x250ml

    Aki's Red Hot 12x250ml

    Aki's Tamarind 12x250ml

    Aki's Paste

    Aki's Garlic 12x250ml 12x26oz

    Aki's Garlic/Ginger 12x250ml 12x26oz

    Aki's Ginger 12x250ml 12x26oz

    Aki's Peri Peri 12x250ml

    Aki's Zanzibar BBQ 12x250ml

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    Prepacked Dals Black Eye Beans 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Chana Dal 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Chickpeas 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Kala Chana 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Masoor Gota 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Masoor Whole 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Mix Dal 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Moong Dal 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Moong Split 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Moong Whole 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Moth Whole 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Dark Red Kidney Beans 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Light Red Kidney Beans 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Red Lentils 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Toor Dal 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Urid Dal 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Urid Gota 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Urid Split 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Urid Whole 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Green Lentil 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Yellow Split 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Green Split 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Black Beans 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    Navy Beans 10x4lbs 20x2lbs

    RASM Ready to Eats

    Jaipuri Palak Paneer 2x10x300gm

    Mutter Paneer Makhani 2x10x300gm

    Paneer Tikka Masala 2x10x300gm

    Delhi Aloo Mutter 2x10x300gm

    Baigan Bharta 2x10x300gm

    Methi Mutter Malai 2x10x300gm

    Patiala Veg Korma 2x10x300gm

    Kadhi Pakora 2x10x300gm

    Aloo Bhindi Masala 2x10x300gm

    Pau Bhaji 2x10x300gm

    Kashmiri Dum Aloo 2x10x300gm

    Punjabi Shahi Chole 2x10x300gm

    Punjabi Dal Tadka 2x10x300gm

    Dal Makhani 2x10x300gm

    Lucknowi Rajma Masala 2x10x300gm

    Langarwali Dal 2x10x300gm

    Hyderbadi Biryani Rice 2x10x250gm

    Veg. Pilaf 2x10x250gm

    Saffron Rice 2x10x250gm

    Jeera Rice 2x10x250gm

    Butter Chicken Sauce 12x375gm

    Meat Curry Sauce 12x375gm

    Chicken Curry Sauce 12x375gm

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    Wonderfarm Coconut Products

    Coconut Milk 24x400ml

    Coconut Cream 24x400ml

    Coconut Water 24x330ml

    Coconut Water 24x520ml

    Wonderfarm Waffers

    Chocolate Waffers 40x200g

    Strawberry Waffer 40x200g

    Orange Waffers 40x200g

    Pachranga Pickles Tin Plastic

    Amla Murabba 12x1kg

    Amla Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Apple Muraba 12x1kg

    Carrot Murabba 12x800GM

    Carrot Pickle 12x800GM

    Cauliflower Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Gobi Shalgam 12x800GM

    Green Chilli Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Gulkand 12x800GM

    Har Har Muraba 12x800GM

    Lime & Green Chilli 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Lime/Mango/G.Chilli 12x800GM

    Lime Sweet 12x800GM

    Lime Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Mango Peeled Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Mango Unpeeled 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Mixed Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

    Red Stuffed Chilli Pickle 12x800GM 12x800GM

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    Noori Snacks

    Noori Peanut Chikki With Coconut 48x200gm

    Noori Peanut Chikki With Coconut 25x400gm

    Noori Peanut Chikki 60x100gm

    Noori Punjabi Shakkar In Jar 12x1kg

    Noori Rajgiro Chikki 60x100gm

    Noori Rajgiro Ladoo 60x100gm

    Noori Sesame Chikki 60x100gm

    Noori Sesame Ladoo 60x100gm

    Hans Rewari

    Hans Rewari Gur Coin 20x1kg

    Hans Rewari Gur Coin 24x400gm

    Hans Rewari Gur Flat 20x1kg

    Hans Rewari Gur Flat 24x400gm

    Hans Rewari Gur Round 20x1kg

    Hans Rewari Gur Round 24x400gm

    Hans Rewari Sugar Coin 20x1kg

    Hans Rewari Sugar Coin 24x400gm

    Hans Rewari Sugar Flat 20x1kg

    Hans Rewari Sugar Flat 24x400gm

    Hans Rewari Sugar Round 20x1kg

    Hans Rewari Sugar Round 24x400gm


    Yeast 12x170gm

    Baking Powder 12x170gm

    Baking Soda 12x170gm

    MSG 12x170gm

    Noori Gur/Jaggery

    Gur 10kg

    Gur 10x1kg

    Gur 20x500gm

    Gur 4x5kg

    Gur 9x2kg

    Gur Cubes 20x500gm

    Gur Masala 10kg Noori Rice

    Noori Basmati Rice 40lbs

    Noori Basmati Rice 4x10lbs

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    Ship Curry Powder Gift Set 12x3x125g

    Ship Madras Curry Powder 12x125g

    Ship Madras Curry Powder 12x250g

    Ship Madras Curry Powder 12x500g

    Poonjaji Snacks

    Poonjiaji - Pani Puri 10x30pcs

    Poonjiaji - Bhel Puri 20x

    Poonjiaji - Chat Papdi 24x200gm

    Suree Sauces/Oil

    Sriracha Chilli Sauce 12x435ml

    Coconut Milk 24x400ml

    Tamarind Candy 100x100gm

    Natco Spinach

    Natco Palak 12x400g

    Natco Palak 12x800gm

    Natco Flour

    Natco Besan 12x1kg

    Natco Besan 6x2kg

  • 10

    Bikano Snacks Bikano Sweets

    Aloo Bhujia 10x170g Gulab Jamun 12x1000g

    Bhel Puri 10x170g Gulab Jamun 4x3.7kg

    Bikaneri Bhujia 10x170g Rasgulla 12x1000g

    Chatax 8x200g Rasgulla 4x3.7kg

    Cornflakes Mixture 10x170g Rasmalai 12x1000g

    Dahi Papadi 16x200g Rasmalai 4x3.7kg

    Dal Moth 10x170g Patisa 12x500g

    Khatta Meetha 10x170g Soan Papdi 48x250g

    Mini Samosa 8x200g Soan Papdi 24x500g

    Moong Dal Masala 10x170g Soan Cake 20x400g

    Moong Dal Plain 10x170g Bikano Large Snacks

    Navratan Mixture 10x170g Aloo Bhujia 5x400g

    Nutkhut Nimbu 6x125g Bikaneri Bhujia 5x400g

    Pudina Mathi 8x200g Khatta Meetha 5x400g

    Tasty 10x170g Navratan Mixture 5x400g

    Cookies Moong Dal Plain 8x400g

    Ajwain Cookies 20x400g Tasty 5x400g

    Kaju Pista Cookies 20x400g

    Jeera Cookies 20x400g

    Almond Cookies 24x350g

    Coconut Cookies 20x400g

  • 11

    Gits Basundi 10x125gms

    Bombay Halwa 10x 80gms

    Dahi Vada 10x200gms

    Dosai 10x200gms 5x500gms

    Gota Mix 10x200gms

    Gulab Jamun 10x100gms 5x500gms

    Idli 10x200gms

    Jilebi 10x100gms

    Khaman Dhokla 10x180gms 5x500gms

    Khatta Dhokla 10x200gms

    Kheer (Rice) 10x100gms

    Kheer (Vermicilli) 10x100gms

    Kulfi 10x100gms

    Moong Dal Vada 10x200gms

    Nylon Khaman 10x200gms

    Onion Bhajia 10x150gms

    Pakora 10x200gms

    Phirni 10x100gms

    Rabdi 10x100gms

    Rasam 10x100gms

    Rasmalai 10x150gms

    Rava Dosa 10x200gms

    Rava Idli 10x200gms

    Sambhar 10x100gms

    Sambhar 10x200gms

    Sandwich Dhokla 10x200gms

    Upma 10x200gms

    Uttapam 10x200gms

    Gits Ready to Eat

    Aloo Matar 20x300g

    Alu Raswala 20x300g

    Baigan Bharta 20x300g

    Alu Chana Chat 20x300g

    Chana Masala 20x300g

    Dhansak 20x300g

    Dal Makhani 20x300g

    Dal Palak 20x300g

    Dal Tadka 20x300g

    Jeera Aloo 20x300g

    Methi Matar 20x300g

    Matar Paneer 20x285g

    Masala Rice 20x300g

    Pav Bhaji 20x300g

    Punjabi Chole 20x300g

    Paneer Makhani 20x285g

    Palak Paneer 20x285g

    Tikka Masala 20x285g

    Punjabi Kadhi 20x285g

    Rajma Masala 20x300g

    Sarson Ka Saag 20x300g

    Veg Biryani 20x265g

    Veg Pulav 20x265g

    Gajar Halwa 20x300g

    Moong Halwa 20x300g

    Suji Halwa 20x300g

  • 12


    Oils & Ghee: Food Colors:

    Kissan Almond Oil 12x16oz Kissan Food Color Egg-Yellow 12x30gm

    Kissan Almond Oil 12x1L Kissan Food Color Egg-Yellow 12x400gm

    Kissan Almond Oil 24x8oz Kissan Food Color Green 12x30gm

    Kissan Alsi Oil 12x341ml Kissan Food Color Green 400gm

    Kissan Castor Oil 24x8oz Kissan Food Color Orange-Yellow 12x30gm

    Kissan Clove Oil 12x15ml Kissan Food Color Orange-Yellow 400gm

    Kissan Coconut Oil 12x250ml Kissan Food Color Pink 12x30gm

    Kissan Coconut Oil 12x500ml Kissan Food Color Red 12x30gm

    Kissan Desi Ghee 12x200gm Kissan Food Color Red 400gm

    Kissan Desi Ghee 12x400gm Other Kissan Products:

    Kissan Desi Ghee 12x800gm Kissan Fried Onions 15x400gm

    Kissan Desi Ghee 6x3.5lbs Kissan Tandoori Paste 12x240ml

    Kissan Vegetable Ghee 12x2lb Kissan Tikka Sauce 12x400ml

    Kissan Vegetable Ghee 6x4lb Kissan Butter Chicken Sauce 12x400g

    Kissan Vegetable Ghee 30lb Kissan Curry Sauce 12x400ml

    Kissan Mustard Oil 12x16oz Kissan Jams

    Kissan Mustard Oil 12x1L Kissan Guava 12x500gm

    Kissan Mustard Oil 24x8oz Kissan Mango 12x500gm

    Kissan Sesame Oil 12x341ml Kissan Mixed Fruit 12x500gm

    Tandoori Masala: Kissan Strawberry 12x500gm

    Kissan Tandoori Masala 24x85gm

    Kissan Tandoori Masala 12x265gm

    Kissan Tandoori Masala 12x665gm

    Kissan Tandoori Masala 12x445gm

  • 13


    Amchur Powder 10x100g

    Arhar Dal Masala 10x100g

    Anardana Powder 10x100g

    Baingan Bharta Masala 10x100g

    Bombay Biryani Masala 10x100g

    Butter Chicken Masala 10x100g

    Chana Dal Masala 10x100g

    Chana Masala 10x100g 4x500g

    Chicken Curry Masala 10x100g

    Chunky Chat Masala 10x100g 4x500g

    Chutney Podina Masala 10x100g

    Madras Curry Masala 10x100g

    Dahi Vada Raita Masala 10x100g

    Dal Makhani Masala 10x100g

    Deggi Mirch (Red Chilli) 10x100g 4x500g

    Fish Curry Masala 10x100g

    Garam Masala 10x100g 4x500g

    Hyderabadi Biryani Mas 10x50g

    Jal Jeera Masala 10x100g

    Karahi Chicken Masala 10x100g

    Karahi Gosht Masala 10x100g

    Kashmiri Mirch 10x100g

    Kasoori Methi 10x25g 6x100g 1kg

    Kitchen King 10x100g 4x500g

    Meat Curry Masala 10x100g 4x500g

    Pakora Masala 10x100g

    Pani Puri Masala 10x100g

    Pav Bhaji Masala 10x100g

    Pulao Masala 10x100g

    Rajmah Masala 10x100g

    Sambar Masala 10x100g

    Shahi Paneer Masala 10x100g

    Sindhi Biryani Masala 10x100g

    T-Plus (Tea Masala) 10x35g

    Tandoori Bbq Masala 10x100g

    Tava Fry Masala 10x100g

    Mdh Aggrarbatti

    Rooh Aggarbatti 12x100g

    Rose Aggarbatti 12x100g

    Mogra Aggarbatti 12x100g

    Jasmine Aggrabatti 12x100g

    Kewda Aggrabatti 12x100g

  • 14

    Sunlee Canned Fruit

    Sunlee Green Jackfruit 24x565g

    Sunlee Pinapple Slice 24x565g

    Sunlee Pinapple Chunks 24x565g

    Sunlee Yellow Jackfruit 24x565g

    Sunlee New Products

    Jasmine Rice 16x1kg

    Jasmine Rice 8x2kg

    Jasmine Rice 8kg

    Jasmine Rice 20kg

    Rice Stick 1MM 30x14oz

    Rice Stick 3MM 30x14oz

    Buddha Mung Unpeeled 50x14oz

    Buddha Mung Whole 50x14oz

    Rubicon Juices Guanabana 12x1L

    Guava 8x4x200ml

    Guava 12x1L

    Lychee 8x4x200ml

    Lychee 12x1L

    Mango 8x4x200ml

    Mango 12x1L

    Papaya 12x1L

    Passion 12x1L

    Pineapple/Coconut 12x1L

    Pomegranate 12x1L

    Tropical 12x1L

    Rubicon Sparkling Juices Guava 24x250ml

    Lychee 24x250ml

    Mango 24x250ml

    Passion 24x250ml

  • 15

    Snacks Snacks

    Surati Alu Patta 15x340g Surati Jafna Mix 15x340g

    Surati Bhel Mix 15x100g Surati Khatta Meetha 15x340g

    Surati Bhujia 15x340g Surati Masala Boondi 15x340g

    Surati Bhungra Spicy 15x340g Surati Masala Papdi 15x340g

    Surati Bhungra Plain 15x340g Surati Mix Savouries 15x340g

    Surati Bhungra Masala 15x340g Surati Moong Daal 15x340g

    Surati Bhusu 15x340g Surati Papdi 15x340g

    Surati Bombay Bhel Mix 15x340g Surati Papdi Hot 15x340g

    Surati Boondi 15x340g Surati Peanut Bhujia 15x340g

    Surati Chakri 15x250g Surati Punjabi Mix 15x340g

    Surati Chana 15x340g Surati Punjabi Mix Exhot 15x340g

    Surati Chana Chor 15x340g Surati Ratlami Sev 15x340g

    Surati Chanadal 15x340g Surati Sev Fine 15x340g

    Surati Chevdo 15x340g Surati Sev Hot 15x340g

    Surati Chevdo Mild 15x340g Surati Sev Moong 15x340g

    Surati Corn Chevdo 15x340g Surati Sev Regular 15x340g

    Surati Dal Mooth 15x340g Surati Surti Delight 15x340g

    Surati Delux Chevdo 15x340g Surati Tikha Gathia 15x341g

    Surati Goad Gathiya 15x340g Surati Watana 15x340g

    Surati Goad Hot 15x340g


    Surati Almond Cookies 12x340g

    Surati Cashew Cookies 12x340g

    Surati Coconut Cookies 12x340g

    Surati Flex Seed Cookies 12x340g

    Surati Jeera Cookies 12x340g

    Surati Pistachio Cookies 12x340g


    Grace Hot Pepper Sauce 24x6oz

    Grace Hot Pepper Sauce 24x3oz


    Mitchell Saag/Spinach 12x800g

  • 16

    Alsafa Frozen Products Alsafa Pizza

    Chicken Burgers 12x680g Cheese Pizza 12x375g

    Chicken Nuggets 12x680g Veggie Pizza 12x420g

    Chicken Strips 12x680g Pepperoni Pizza 12x410g

    Chicken Cutlettes 12x680g Chicken Fajita Pizza 12x465g

    Popcorn Chicken 12x340g Chicken Tikka Pizza 12x460g

    Breaded Chicken Wings 12x680g Alsafa Kebabs

    Beef Meatballs 12x454g Chicken Shami Kebab 12x450g

    Beef Gyro Slices 12x540g Beef Chapli Kebabs 12x510g

    Beef Pockets 12x600g Lamb Seekh Kebab 12x240g

    Beef Burgers 12x800g Beef Seekh Kebab 12x300g

    Veggie Samosa 12x450g Chicken Seekh Kebab 12x300g

    Wieners 12x375g Chicken Kebab Roll 12x200g

    Beef Bologna 12x175g Chicken Tikka Boti 12x300g

    Beef Salami 12x175g Alsafa Breads

    Roast Beef 12x175g Plain Paratha 24x420g

    Smoked Chicken Breast 12x175g Homestyle Paratha 22x420g

    Tandoori Chicken Breast 12x175g Aloo Paratha 24x405g

    Alsafa Rice Chapatti 24x450g

    Basmati Rice 12x907h Tandoori Roti 24x425g

    Basmati Rice 10lbs

  • 17

    Maggi Products

    Maggi Noodles

    Maggi Atta Noodles 96x100g

    Maggi Chatpata Noodles 96x95g

    Maggi Curry Noodles 96x95g

    Maggi Masala Noodles 96x100g

    Maggi Masala Noodles 24x380g

    Maggi Masala Noodles 12x720g

    Maggi Tomato Noodles 96x100g

    Maggi Sauces

    Maggi Chatpata Sauce 12x400g

    Maggi Chilly Garlic Sauce 12x400g

    Maggi Hot & Sweet 12x400g

    Maggi Ketchup 12x400g

    Maggi Masala Chilly 12x400g

    Maggi Tamarina Sauce 12x400g

    Maggi Teekha Masala 12x400g

    Maggi Tomato Pudina 12x400g

    Maggi Other

    Maggi Coconut Milk Powder 12x300g

    Asian Delight Frozen Samosa

    Vegetable Cocktail 12x30pcs

    Vegetable Large 12x10pcs

    Beef Cocktail 12x25pcs

    Chicken Cocktail 12x25pcs

    Cheese Cocktail 12x30pcs

    Chicken Pakora 12x30pcs

    Vegetarian Parkora 12x30pcs

    Butter Chicken Samosa 12x25pcs

  • 18

    Shana Parathas

    Shana Chapati 24x400gm

    Shana Chili Parathas 24x400gm

    Shana Garlic Parathas 24x400gm

    Shana Lacha Paratha 24x400gm

    Shana Masala Chapati 24x400gm

    Shana Onion Paratha 24x400gm

    Shana Plain Paratha 24x300gm

    Shana WholeWheat Lacha 24x400gm

    Shana Original Naan 24x300gm

    Shana Chilli and Coriander Naan 24x300gm

    Shana Garlic Naan 24x300gm

    Shana Frozen

    Shana Drumstick 36x300gm

    Shana Guar 36x300gm

    Shana Karela 36x300gm

    Shana Methi 36x300gm

    Shana Okra Ring 36x300gm

    Shana Okra Whole 36x300gm

    Shana Papdi Lilva 36x300gm

    Shana Other Products

    Shana Punjabi Samosa 12x520gm

  • 19

    Patak's Paste

    Patak Balti 6x284ml

    Patak Bhuna 6x284ml

    Patak Biryani 6x284ml

    Patak Butter Chicken 6x284ml

    Patak Curry Paste Hot 6x284ml

    Patak Curry Paste Mild 6x284ml

    Patak Garam Masala 6x284ml

    Patak Jalfrezi Paste 6x284ml

    Patak Kashmiri Masala 6x284ml

    Patak Korma 6x284ml

    Patak Madras Curry 6x284ml

    Patak Rogan Josh 6x284ml

    Patak Tandoori 6x284ml

    Patak Tikka 6x284ml

    Patak Vindaloo 6x284ml

    Patak's Pickles

    Patak Brinjal 6x312gm

    Patak Chilli Pickle 6x312gm

    Patak Garlic Pickle 6x284ml

    Patak Lime Pickle Hot 6x284ml

    Patak Lime Pickle Mild 6x284ml

    Patak Mango Pickle Hot 6x312gm

    Patak Mango Pickle Mild 6x312gm

    Patak Mixed 6x284ml

    Patak's Chutneys

    Patak Major Grey 6X290gm

    Patak Mango Mild 6X290gm

    Patak Mango Hot 6X290gm

  • 20

    Brar Frozen Items

    Brar Kaser Rasmalai 10x1kg

    Brar Mathai Kaju Barfi 12x400g

    Brar Mathai Kaju Roll 12x400g

    Brar Mathai Kalakand 12x400g

    Brar Mathai Khoyea Barfi 12x400g

    Brar Mathai Milk Cake 12x400g

    Brar Paneer 12x2.1lbs

    Brar Paneer 18x375gm

    Brar Rasmalai 10x1kg

    Brar Gajar Halwa 10x1kg

    Brar Gulab Jamun 10x1kg

  • 21

  • 22

    Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices

    Tit Bit Ajwain 20x100gm Tit Bit Chana No Skin 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Ajwain 20x200gm Tit Bit Char Goond 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Ajwain 10x400gm Tit Bit Char Goond 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Alsi Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Char Magaz 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Alsi Powder 10x400gm Tit Bit Char Magaz 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Alsi Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Charoli 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Alsi Whole 10x400gm Tit Bit Chilli Crushed 15x100gm

    Tit Bit Amchor Whole 20x100gm Tit Bit Chilli Crushed 15x200gm

    Tit Bit Amchor Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Chilli Crushed 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Amchur 20x100gm Tit Bit Chilli Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Amchur 20x200gm Tit Bit Chilli Powder 48x200gm

    Tit Bit Amchur 10x400gm Tit Bit Chilli Powder 24x400gm

    Tit Bit Amla Dry 15x100gm Tit Bit Chilli Powder 18x800gm

    Tit Bit Anardana Powder 20x100gm Tit Bit Chilly Whole 100x100gm

    Tit Bit Anardana Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Chilly Whole 10x1kg

    Tit Bit Anardana Whole 20x100gm Tit Bit Cinnamon Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Anardana Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Cinnamon Stick 25x200gm

    Tit Bit Anis Seeds 20x100gm Tit Bit Citric Acid 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Anis Star 15x100gm Tit Bit Citric Acid 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Aritha 20x100gm Tit Bit Clove Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Asario 20x100gm Tit Bit Cloves 15x100gm

    Tit Bit Bay Leaves 15x100gm Tit Bit Cloves 15x200gm

    Tit Bit Black Ararot Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Cloves 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Black Ararot Powder 10x400gm Tit Bit Coconut Slice 10x200gm

    Tit Bit Black Cardamom 15x100gm Tit Bit Coconut Slice 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Black Cardamom 15x200gm Tit Bit Coriander Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Black Cardamom 10x400gm Tit Bit Coriander Powder 48x200gm

    Tit Bit Black Cardamom Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Coriander Powder 24x400gm

    Tit Bit Black Kokum 20x100gm Tit Bit Coriander Powder 18x800gm

    Tit Bit Black Pepper Powder 20x100gm Tit Bit Coriander Seed 15x100gm

    Tit Bit Black Pepper Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Coriander Seed 10x200gm

    Tit Bit Black Pepper Powder 10x400gm Tit Bit Coriander Seed 10x300gm

    Tit Bit Black Pepper Whole 20x100gm Tit Bit Coriander Seed 18x800gm

    Tit Bit Black Pepper Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Coriander Seed 5lbs

    Tit Bit Black Pepper Whole 10x400gm Tit Bit Corn Starch 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Black Salt 20x100gm Tit Bit Corn Starch 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Black Salt 20x200gm Tit Bit Cumin Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Black Salt Whole 20x100gm Tit Bit Cumin Powder 48x200gm

    Tit Bit Black Salt Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Cumin Powder 24x400gm

    Tit Bit Cardamom Powder 20x100gm Tit Bit Cumin Powder 18x800gm

  • 23

    Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices

    Tit Bit Cumin Seed 20x100gm Tit Bit Garam Masala 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Cumin Seed 20x200gm Tit Bit Garam Masala 18x800gm

    Tit Bit Cumin Seed 24x400gm Tit Bit Garam Masala Whole 10x200gm

    Tit Bit Cumin Seed 18x800gm Tit Bit Garam Masala Whole 10x300gm

    Tit Bit Curry Leaves 15x25gm Tit Bit Garlic Powder 10x50gm

    Tit Bit Curry Leaves 10x50gm Tit Bit Garlic Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Curry Powder Madras 20x100gm Tit Bit Garlic Powder 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Curry Powder Madras 20x200gm Tit Bit Garlic Powder 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Curry Powder Madras 10x400gm Tit Bit Ginger Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Curry Powder 20x100gm Tit Bit Ginger Powder 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Curry Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Ginger Powder 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Curry Powder 10x400gm Tit Bit Ginger Whole 10x200gm

    Tit Bit Dalia 10x400gm Tit Bit Goond Khatira 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Dalia Split 20x200gm Tit Bit Green Cardamom 20x50gm

    Tit Bit Dalia Split 10x400gm Tit Bit Green Cardamom 15x100gm

    Tit Bit Dhana Dal Brown 20x200gm Tit Bit Green Cardamom 10x200gm

    Tit Bit Dhana Dal Brown 10x400gm Tit Bit Green Cardamom 10x300gm

    Tit Bit Dhana Dal Yellow 20x200gm Tit Bit Green Cardamom Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Dhana Dal Yellow 10x400gm Tit Bit Gugle 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Dhana Jeera 20x200gm Tit Bit Gulal 50x400gm

    Tit Bit Dhana Jeera 10x400gm Tit Bit Harad Whole 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Dill Seeds 20x200gm Tit Bit Isabghol Whole 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Dill Seeds 10x400gm Tit Bit Kalonji 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Far Far 25x200gm Tit Bit Kalonji 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Fatkari 20x100gm Tit Bit Kalonji 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Fatkari 10x300gm Tit Bit Kamarkas 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Fennel Seeds 20x100gm Tit Bit Kamarkas Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Fennel Seeds 20x200gm Tit Bit Korum 15x100gm

    Tit Bit Fennel Seeds 10x400gm Tit Bit Kuttu Flour 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Fennel Seeds 18x800gm Tit Bit Kuttu Flour 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Fennel Seeds Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Lindi Pepper 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Fenugreek Powder 20x100gm Tit Bit Loban 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Fenugreek Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Lucknow Fennel Seed 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Fenugreek Powder 10x400gm Tit Bit Lucknow Fennel Seed 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Fenugreek Seeds 20x100gm Tit Bit Mace Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Fenugreek Seeds 20x200gm Tit Bit Mace(Javitri) 20x25gm

    Tit Bit Fenugreek Seeds 10x400gm Tit Bit Mace(Javitri) 10x50gm

    Tit Bit Garam Masala 20x100gm Tit Bit Mace(Javitri) 15x100gm

    Tit Bit Garam Masala 20x200gm Tit Bit Mahabaleshwar Chana 15x200gm

  • 24

    Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices Tit Bit Spices

    Tit Bit Mahabaleshwar Chana 24x400gm Tit Bit Roasted Chana Noskin 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Mamra 22x400gm Tit Bit Roasted Chana Noskin 24x400gm

    Tit Bit Methi Kuria 20x200gm Tit Bit Sabudana 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Methi Kuria 10x400gm Tit Bit Sago Seed 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Methi Seeds 20x200gm Tit Bit Sago Seeds 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Mint Dry 20x50gm Tit Bit Sago Seeds Small 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Mint Fennel 10x50gm Tit Bit Sago Seeds Large 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Mint Leaves 10x100gm Tit Bit Samo Seeds 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Misri (Big) 20x200gm Tit Bit Samo Seeds 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Misri (Big) 10x400gm Tit Bit Seasame Seeds Black 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Misri (Small) 20x200gm Tit Bit Seasame Seeds Black 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Misri (Small) 10x400gm Tit Bit Sena Leaves 10x100gm

    Tit Bit Moong Wadi 24x200gm Tit Bit Sesame Seeds Brown 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Moong Wadi 10x300gm Tit Bit Sesame Seeds Brown 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Multani Mitti Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Sesame Seeds White 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Powder 20x100gm Tit Bit Sesame Seeds White 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Sindaloo Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Seed 20x100gm Tit Bit Singhoda Flour 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Seed 20x200gm Tit Bit Singhoda Flour 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Seed 10x400gm Tit Bit Singhoda Powder 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Seed Small (Rai) 20x200gm Tit Bit Singhoda Powder 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Mustard Seed Small (Rai) 10x400gm Tit Bit Sugar Fennel Seeds 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Nutmeg Whole 20x100gm Tit Bit Sugar Fennel Seeds 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Nutmeg Whole 20x200gm Tit Bit Sugar Fennel Seeds 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Panch Puran 20x200gm Tit Bit Sugar Rewari Big 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Panch Puran 10x400gm Tit Bit Sugar Rewari Small 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Phool Makhana 20x200gm Tit Bit Sweet Makhana 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Poha Thick 24x400gm Tit Bit Sweet Makhana 10x400gmgm

    Tit Bit Poha Thick 12x800gm Tit Bit Sweet Makhana Large 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Poha Thin 24x400gm Tit Bit Sweet Makhana Large 10x400gm

    Tit Bit Poha Thin 12x800gm Tit Bit Tamarind Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Poppy Seed 20x100gm Tit Bit Tukmaria Small 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Poppy Seed 20x200gm Tit Bit Tukmaria Big 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Punjabi Wadi 10x400gm Tit Bit Turmeric Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Rai Kuria 20x200gm Tit Bit Turmeric Powder 48x200gm

    Tit Bit Rai Kuria 10x400gm Tit Bit Turmeric Powder 24x400gm

    Tit Bit Rajgiro 10x400gm Tit Bit Turmeric Powder 18x800gm

    Tit Bit Rajgiro Powder 20x200gm Tit Bit Turmeric Whole 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Rasam 20x200gm Tit Bit Turmeric Whole 20x200gm

    Tit Bit Rasam 10x400gm Tit Bit Yellow Mustard Whole 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Roasted Chana 48x200gm Tit Bit White Cardamom Powder 20x100gm

    Tit Bit Roasted Chana 24x400gm Tit Bit White Pepper Powder 20x100gm

  • 25

    Karara Packs

    Aloo Tikki 12 x 8 x 40g

    Palak Methi Tikki 12 x 10 x 30g

    Dahi Bhalla 12 x 8 x 40g

    Hara Bhara Kebab 12 x 10 x 30g

    Veg.Shammi Kebab 12 x 10 x 30g

    Veg. Burger 12 x 4 x 80g

    Veg.SpringRoll 12 x 8 x 30g

    Idli Sambhar Chutney 12 x 400g

    Khaman Dhokla 12 x 400g

    Medu Vada Sambhar Chutney 12 x 400g

    Masala Dosa Chutney 12 x 400g

    Paneer Pakora 12 x 16 x 25g

    Veg Cutlets 12 x 8 x 40g

    Aloo Bonda 12 x 8 x 40g

    Karara Wraps

    Aloo Tikki Wrap 4 x 10 x 160g

    Paneer Chilli Wrap 4 x 10 x 160g

    Mix Veggie Wrap 4 x 10 x 160g

    Karara Party Packs

    Punjabi Samosa 75g x 24pc

    Veg. Springrolls 30g x 33pc

    Karara Parathas

    Aloo Paratha - 4pcs 20 x 400g

    Gobi Paratha - 4pcs 20 x 400g

    Muli Paratha - 4pcs 20 x 400g

    Roomali Roti 20 x 320g

    Plain Paratha - 60g 20 x 360g

    Paneer Paratha - 4pcs 20 x 400g

  • 26

    J.Shah Snacks

    J. Shah Bhel Mix 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Bombay Mix 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Bundi 18x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Chakri 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Chana Dal 12x340g 15lbs

    J. Shah Chick Peas 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Dal Moth 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Deluxe Chevda 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Fine Sev 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Gathia Goad 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Gathia Papadi 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Green Peas 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Hot Chevda 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Hot Chick Peas 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Hot Mix 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Hot Thin Sev 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Mild Chevda 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Mix Savouries 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Moong Dal 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Moong Sev 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Punjabi Mix 12x340g 12lbs

    J.Shah Sabji Pakoda 18x340g

    J. Shah Sev Mumra 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Sri Lanka Mix 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Thick Sev 12x340g 12lbs

    J. Shah Thin Sev 12x340g 12lbs

    Jyoti Snacks

    Jyoti Chickpeas Hot 25x400gm

    Jyoti Kerala 30x340gm

    Jyoti Mix Snacks Hot 12x750gm

    Jyoti Mix Snacks Mild 25x340gm

  • 27

    Brar Atta

    Brar Besan 20lbs

    Brar Besan 12x4lbs

    Brar Besan 6x8lbs

    Brar Besan 50lbs

    Brar Corn Flour 12x4lbs

    Brar Corn Flour 6x4kg

    Brar Corn Flour 20lbs

    Brar Kala Chana Flour 12x4lbs

    Brar Whole Wheat 20lbs

    Brar Bajri Flour 12x4lbs

    Sher Whole Wheat 20lbs

    Sher Atta 20lbs

  • 28

    Robin Hood Atta

    Robin Brodie 20kg

    Robin Wheatlets #2 20kg

    Robin Wheatlets #5 20kg

    Robin All Purpose Flour 1kg


    Meera Besan 16x2lbs

    Meera Besan 8x2kg

    Meera Dalia 16x2lbs

    Meera Rice Flour 16x2lbs

    Meera Rice Flour 8x4lbs

    Meera Sooji 16x2lbs

    Meera Sooji 8x4lbs


    Bakers Five Rose 20kg

    Ogilvy Atta 2x10kg

  • 29


    Shashi Besan 8x900gm

    Shashi Besan 8x2kg

    Shashi Ladoo Besan 8x2kg

    Taj Atta

    Taj Atta 20lbs

    Golden Temple Atta

    Golden Temple 10x2.5kg

    Golden Temple 2x20lbs

    Golden Temple Suji 6x2kg

    Golden Temple Wholewheat 2x20lbs

    Golden Temple Yellow 2x20lbs

  • 30

    Bharath Gate

    Bharat Gate Sona Masoori 20lbs

    Bharat Gate Idli Rice 4x10lbs

    Bharat Gate Ponni Rice 2x20lbs

    Bharat Gate Ponni Parboiled 2x20lbs

    Chand Tarra Rice

    Chand Tara Sella Basmati Rice 40lbs

    Chand Tara Sella 1121 Rice 40lbs

    Noori Rice

    Noori Basmati Rice 40lbs

    Noori Basmati Rice 4x10lbs

    Lal Qilla Premium Basmati Rice

    Basmati Rice 40lbs

    Basmati Rice 4x10lbs

  • 31

    Tilda Rice

    Tilda Basmati Rice 8x2lbs

    Tilda Basmati Rice 4x10lbs

    Tilda Basmati Rice 6x4lbs

    Tilda Brown Basmati 6x4lbs

    Adora Rice

    Adora Basmati Rice 4x10lbs


    Shan Kernal Basmati Rice 4x10lbs

    Sunlee Rice

    Buddah Jasmine Rice 16x1kg

    Buddah Jasmine Rice 20kg

    Buddah Jasmine Rice 8x2kg

    Buddah Jasmine Rice 8kg

    Shri Lal Mahal

    Basmata Rice 4x10lbs

  • 32

    Maila Sella

    Sella Basmata Rice 40lbs

    Sella Basmata Rice 4x10lbs

    Hilal Rice

    Hilal Basmata Rice 40x2lbs

    Hilal Basmata Rice 8x10lbs

    Hilal Basmata Rice 2x40lbs

    Hilal Sella 8x10lbs

    Hilal Sella 2x40lbs

    Hilal Brown Basmati 8x10lbs

    Hilal Brown Basmati 2x40lbs

    Aleeza Rice

    Aleeza Basmata Rice 8x10lbs

    Aleeza Basmata Rice 40lbs

    Aleeza Basmata Rice 40x2lbs

    Alsafa Rice

    Alsafa Basmata Rice 8x10lbs

    Alsafa Basmata Rice 40lbs

  • 33


    Zebra Basmati Rice 10lbs

    Zebra Basmati Rice 40lbs

    Zebra Traditional Indian 10lbs

    Dubon Oil

    Dubon Canola Oil Box 16L

    Dubon Canola Oil Pail 16L

    Dubon Canola Oil 2x8L

    Dubon Canola Oil 6x3L

    Aseel Ghee

    Aseel Ghee 12x1kg

    Aseel Ghee 24x.5kg

    Aseel Ghee 6x2kg

    Nirav Oil

    Nirav Corn Oil 16L

  • 34

    Shalini Pickles and Chutney

    Shalini Amba Haldar 12x700g

    Shalini Amba Brine 12x220g

    Shalini Amba Pickle 12x400g

    Shalini Bringle 12x400g

    Shalini Carrot Chilli 12x370g

    Shalini Dabda 12x400g

    Shalini Chhundo 12x450g

    Shalini Garlic 12x400g

    Shalini Ginger 12x400g

    Shalini Green Chilli 12x400g

    Shalini Lime Hot 12x400g

    Shalini Lime Sweet 12x450g

    Shalini Mango Chunda 12x400g

    Shalini Mango Gunda 12x400g

    Shalini Mango Ex Hot 12x400g

    Shalini Mango Hot 12x400g

    Shalini Shredded Mango 12x400g

    Shalini Mango Chutney 12x400g

    French's Mustard

    French's Mustard 12x225ml

    French's Mustard 16x400ml


    Alymer Ketchup 12x1L


    Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 12x237ml


    Matouk Calypso 24x300ml 12x750ml

    Matouk Hot Pepper 24x300ml 12x750ml

    Matouk West Indian 24x300ml 12x750ml

    Matouk Flambeau 24x300ml

    Matouk Soca Hot 24x300ml

  • 35


    Yellow Label Tea 24x454g

    Yellow Label Tea 12x900g

    Yellow Label Bags 12x100bags

    Brooke Bond

    Taj Tea

    Taj Tea 12x900g

    Taj Tea 48x225g

    Taj Tea 24x454g

    Taj Tea Bags 12x100bags

    Red Label Tea

    Red Label 24x454g

    Red Label 12x900g

    Red Label Bags 12x100bags

    Red Label Bags 6x216bags


    Tetley Tea 36x100bags

    Tetley Orange Pekoe 24x100bags


    Bru Coffee 12x100gm

  • 36

    Gun Powder Tea

    Gun Powder Tea 10x1000g

    Gun Powder Tea 20x500g

    Gun Powder Tea 40x250g

    Gun Powder Tea 80x125g

    Tea India Products

    Tea India 8/216 Tea Bags

    Tea India 8/144 Tea Bags

    Tea India Masala Tea 12/72 Tea Bags

    Tea India Cardamom Tea 12/60 Tea Bags

    Tea India Ginger Tea 12/60 Tea Bags

    Tea India 24/1 lbs. Tea

    Tea India 12/2 lbs. Tea

    Tea India 12/2 lbs. Mamri Tea

    Chai Moments 12x10pkt Cardomon

    Chai Moments 12x10pkt Ginger

    Chai Moments 12x10pkt Masala

  • 37


    Ovaltine Biscuits 12x150gm

    Ovaltine Chocolate 12x400gm

    Ovaltine Regular 12x400gm

    Ovaltine Malt 12x400gm


    Milo 12x400gm

    Horlicks Horlicks Malt 6x500gm

    Parle G

    Parle G Biscuits 12x440g

    Parle G Biscuits 40x88g

    Parle G Glucose Biscuits 48x300g

    Parle KrackJack 60x65gm

    Parle Hide and Seek 60x75gm

    Parle Manoco 60x75gm

    Parle Kream Chocholate 48x70gm

    Parle Kream Orange 48x70gm

    Parle Kream Pineapple 48x70gm

    Parle Kream Vanilla 48x70gm

    Parle Family Pack 48x56.4gm

  • 38

    Peak Freans Cookies

    Peak Freans Super 24x130g

    Peak Freans Tuc Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Whole Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Zera Gold 24x130g

    Peak Freans Bakri Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Butter Puff 24x130g

    Peak Freans Candy Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Click 24x130g

    Peak Freans Gluco Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Marie Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Party 24x130g

    Peak Freans Pastry 24x130g

    Peak Freans Peanut Biscuit 24x130g

    Peak Freans Peanut Pista 24x130g

    Peak Freans Reo Chocolate 24x130g

    Peak Freans Saltish 24x130g

    Peak Freans Sooper 24x130g


    Golden Punjabi Cookies 14x680gm

    Golden Punjabi Cookies 8x2.5lbs


    Krunchi Alsi-Gur Cookie 9x2.5lbs

    Krunchi Ginger Gur Biscuit 9x2.5lbs

    Krunchi Namakpara 12x360gm

    Krunchi Spicy Para 12x360gm

    Krunchi Suji Biscuit 9x2.5lbs

    Amrit Biscuits

    Amrit Baalushahi 8x454gm

    Amrit Gulguly 8x454gm

    Amrit Gur 12x950gm

    Amrit Gur Masala 10kg

    Amrit Gur Regular 10kg

    Amrit Matthi Methi 8x454gm

    Amrit Phagwara Sugar 15lbs

    Amrit Sabzi Pakora 8x454gm

    Amrit Shakarpara Gur 8x454gm

    Amrit Shakarpara Sugar 8x454gm

    Amrit Shakkar 12x1kg

  • 39


    Anmol Almond Cookie 24x400gm

    Anmol Cake Rusk 14x750gm

    Anmol Cake Rusk 24x350gm

    Anmol Cashew Cookies 24x400gm

    Anmol Coconut Cookies 24x400gm

    Anmol Cumin Cookies 24x400gm

    Anmol Pista Cookies 24x400gm

    Anmol Punjabi Cookie 14x680gm

    Anmol Tea Rusk 18x200gm

    New Krunch Biscuits

    Ajwain 10x2.5lbs

    Cumin Biscuits 10x2.5lbs

    Gur Biscuits 10x2.5lbs

    Punjabi Biscuits 10x2.5lbs

    Sooji Biscuits 10x2.5lbs

    Whole Wheat Biscuits 10x2.5lbs

    Fennel Rusk 18x200gm

    Indian Cold Drinks

    Fanta 24x330ml

    Limca 24x330ml

    Thumbs Up 24x330ml

    Miranda 24x330ml

    Maaza 24x330ml

    7up Nimbooz 24x350ml

    Fanta Bottles

    Fanta Bottle 6x2.25L

    Fanta Bottle 24x250ml


    Vimto Cordial 12x750ml

  • 40

    Ochos Rios

    Ochos Rios Fruit Punch 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Guava 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Guanabana 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Guava-Pineapple 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Irish Moss 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Mango 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Mango-Papaya 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Mango-Passion 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Mango-Carrot 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Mango-Orange 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Orange 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Orange-Carrot 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Pineapple 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Pineapple-Coconut 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Pineapple Ginger 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Sorrel 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Soursop 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Tamarind 12x470ml

    Ochos Rios Strawberry-Kiwi 12x470ml


    Banana Chips 50x70gm 25x150gm

    Casava Chips 25x150gm

    Qarshi Syrups

    Jam-e-Shireen 12x800gm

    Jam-e-Shireen Sugar Free 12x800gm

    Bajoori 12x800gm

    Sandal 12x800gm

    Cardamom Syrup 12x800gm

  • 41

    Moghulai Naan

    Moghulai Naan Classic 12x 10pcs

    Moghulai Naan Regular 12x 10pcs

    Moghulai Kulcha Naan 12x 10pcs

    Kontos Naan

    Kontos Kulcha 12x10pktx7"

    Kontos Onion Naan 12x10pktx7"

    Kontos Rogni Naan 12x10pktx7"

    Kontos Tandoori Naan 12x10pktx7"

    Kontos WholeWheat Naan 12x10pktx7"

    Santosh Breads

    Santosh Naan Original 12x5pcs

    Santosh Naan Garlic 12x5pcs

    Santosh Naan Wholewheat 12x5pcs

    Santosh Roti Plain 12x10pcs

    Santosh Roti Wholewheat 12x10pcs

    Kurkure Snacks

    Kurkure Kurkure 54x130g

    Kurkure Green Chilli 48x140g

    Kurkure Masala 48x140g

    Kurkure Red Chilli 48x140g

  • 42

    Tit Bit

    Madrass Papadam 100x100g

    Lizzat Pappad

    Lizzat Black Pepper Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Cumin Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Garlic Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Green Chilli Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Moong Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Plain Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Punjabi Masala 20x200gm

    Lizzat Red Chilli Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Sindhi Papad 20x200gm

    Lizzat Udad Papad 20x200gm


    Sugar 20kg


    Salt 20kg

    Food Color Liquid

    Red 4L

    Cherry Red 4L

    Orange 4L

    Yellow 4L

    Egg Yellow 4L

    Orange Yellow 4L

    Lemon Yellow 4L

    Food Color Powder

    Red 12x1kg

    Orange 12x1kg

    Egg Yellow 12x1kg

  • 43

    HFA Aluminum Products Aluminum Foil (wide) 1

    Aluminum Foil (long) 1

    Food Service Film 1

    7"Round Take-Out 500

    7" Round Lids 500

    8" Round 500

    8" Round Lids 500

    1lb take-out 1000

    1lb take-out lids 1000

    Catering Tray 1/2 size 100

    Catering tray lids 100

    Catering Tray Full size 50

    Catering Full Size Lids 50


    Vinegar White 12x1L

    Vinegar White 4x4L


    Lemon Juice 18x675g


    Tomato Paste 12x


    Dawn Baking Powder 5kg


    Tamarind Indian 50x200g

    Tamarind Seedless 96x200g

    Tamarind Seedless 48x400g

    Tamarind Seedless 24x800g

  • 44


    Full Red Tomato Paste 6x2.8L

    Popina Crushed 6x2.8L

    Tomato Peeled 6x2.8L

    Tomato Basil 6x2.8L

    Larmenia Tomato 6x2.8L

    Grazino Whole 6x2.8L

    Vivaci Whole 6x2.8L


    Aeroplane Mango Chutney 20kg

    Aeroplane Tamarind Concentrate 450g

    Aeroplance Tamarind Concentrate 275g


    Kesar Mango Pulp 24x850gm

    Alphonso Mango Pulp 24x850gm

    Datcha Tunisian Dates

    Dates Processed 30x200gm

    Dates Processed 12x1kg

    Dates Branched 12x1kg

    Dates in Tub No Pitts 12x850gm

    Dates in Tub 24x283gm

  • 45

    Coconut Powder

    Coconut Medium 25lbs

    Coconut Fine 25lbs


    Milk Powder Skim 10kg

    Milk Powder Skim 25kg

    Milk Powder Whole 25kg

    Sesame Seeds

    Sesame Seeds Indian 50lbs

    Al Khaleej

    Dubai Sugar 25kg

  • 46


    Heinz Baked Beans 24x415g

    Knoor Cooking Cubes

    Knoor Beef Cube 24x

    Knoor Chicken Cubes 24x


    Vermicilli Nest 20x300gm


    Korona Pasta 20x300gm


    Magic Baking Powder 24x225g

    Magic Baking Powder 24x450g


    Nutrella Soya Chunks 50x200g

    Nutrella Soya Granules 50x200g

    Lallah's Curry Powder

    Lallah Curry Powder 24x1lb

    Lallah Curry Powder 6x3lb

  • 47

    Eno Salt

    Eno Salt 100g

    Eno Salt Lemon 100g


    Bird’s Custard 12x300g


    Casava Bread 10x300g

    Sun Brand Saffron

    Saffron 12x1g 12x2g

    Saffron 12x5g 50x1g

    Saffron 12x1/2g


    Sohna Sarson Ka Saag 12x400g

    Sohna Sarson Ka Saag 12x800g

    Tropical Farm

    Coconut Milk 24x400ml


    Pakmaya Yeast 20x450g

  • 48


    Kraft Cream Of Wheat Red 12x800g

    Kraft Cream Of Wheat Yellow 12x800g


    Cornmeal 100% 12x500gm


    Quaker Oatmeal 12x1kg


    Vegetable Shortening 36x454gm


    Carnation Skimmed Milk 48x370ml


    Khanna Kazana




    Hajmola Candy 48x150

    Hajmola Tablets 12x

    Hajmola Imli Tablets 12x

  • 49

    Dimal Limda

    Natural Neem Soap 12x


    Cool Antiseptic Soap 75g

    Cool Antiseptic Soap 125g


    Nourishing Cream Soap 12x


    Nourishing Soap 12x


    Antiseptic Soap 12x


    Sandle Soap 12x


    Anti-Barterial Soap 75g

    Anti-Barterial Soap 125g

    Lux Soap

    Lux Soap – Blue/Pink/Purple 12x

  • 50


    Hair and Skin Soap 12x


    Pure and Gentle Soap 12x


    Original Neem Soap 12x


    Haman Soap 12x


    Chandrika Soap 12x


    Tooth Paste 12x


    Clothing Detergent 12x

  • 51

  • 52

    Dabur Products

    Dabur Almond Shampoo 12x400ml Dabur Mustard Oil 24x500ml

    Dabur Almond Shampoo 24x200ml Dabur Neem Toothpaste 12x100gm

    Dabur Amla Cool Hair Oil 36x200 Dabur Olive Cact Hair Oil24x300

    Dabur Amla Gold Oil 12x300ml Dabur Olive Cact Hair Oil36x200

    Dabur Amla Hair Oil 12x200ml Dabur Olive Hair Cream 6x140gm

    Dabur Amla Hair Oil 12x300ml Dabur Olive Hair Cream 6x210gm

    Dabur Amla Hair Oil 12X500ML Dabur Orange Candy

    Dabur Amla Light Oil 36x200ml Dabur Pan Candy ( Pkt)

    Dabur Amla Lite Oil 12x200ml Dabur Pudinhara 30ml (Dz)

    Dabur Anti Dandruff Shampoo 24x200ml Dabur Pudinhara Pearl Strip

    Dabur Baby Olive Oil 100ml Dabur Rose Syrup 12x700ml

    Dabur Balm 10gm (Dz) Dabur Rose Water 24x 250ml

    Dabur Basil Toothpaste (Dz) 100gm Dabur Sandal Telcom Pwd 400g

    Dabur Black Shine Sham. 24x200 Dabur Seasme Oil 12x1lt

    Dabur Chyawanprash 12x1kg Dabur Seasme Oil 24x500 Ml

    Dabur Chyawanprash 6x500g Dabur Shilleijst 24x100caps

    Dabur Clove Toothpaste (Dz) 100gm Dabur Shilleijst 60x30caps

    Dabur Dermovia Aloevera Soap 12x125g Dabur Sweet Almond Shampoo 12x400m

    Dabur Dermovia Neem Soap 12x125g Dabur Sweet Almond Shampoo 24x200m

    Dabur Egg Protein Sham 24x200ml Dabur Tamarind Tabs 12x

    Dabur FEM Hair Remove Rose 120gm Dabur Toothpaste Red 6x

    Dabur FEM Hair Remove Sandal 120g Dabur Vatica Coconut Hair Oil 24x300ml

    Dabur Glucose-D 200gm Dabur Vatika Almond Hair Oil 24x300

    Dabur Gulabari Cream 60gm Dabur Vatika Almond Hair Oil 36x200

    Dabur Gulabari Lotion 100ml Dabur Vatika Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 24x200ml

    Dabur Hamam Zaith Nourishing 12x1kg Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil 36x200ml

    Dabur Hingoli Dabur Vatika Hair Oil 12x150ml

    Dabur Honey 16x500gm Dabur Vatika Hair Oil 12x300ml

    Dabur Honey 32x250gm Dabur Vatika Hair Oil 200ml

    Dabur Janam Guti 25x60ml Dabur Vatika Henna Hair Cream 140m

    Dabur Jasmine Hair Oil 24x300ml Dabur Vatika Henna Hair Cream 210ml

    Dabur Jasmine Hair Oil 36x200ml Dabur Vatika Lemon AD Shampoo 24x200ml

    Dabur Kewra Water 30x250ml Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil 200ml (Dz)

    Dabur Lal Tail 50ml (Dz) Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil 300ml (Dz)

    Dabur Lavan Bhaskar Churna 16x60gm Dabur Vatika Shampoo(B)12x400ml

    Dabur Lavender Telcom Pwd 400g Dabur Vatika Shampoo(S) 24x200ml

    Dabur Madhuvani 150gm Dabur Virgin Olive N&P Shampoo 12x400ml

    Dabur Miswak T. Paste 12x200gm Dabur Virgin Olive N&P Shampoo 24x200ml

    Dabur Mustard Oil 12x1 L Dabur Wild Cactus Shampoo 12x400

    Dabur Mustard Oil 24x250ml Dabur Wild Cactus Shampoo 24x200

  • 53


    Hair Color – 46 6x

    Hair Color – 47 6x

    Hair Color – 48 6x

    Hair Color – 56 6x

    Hair Color – 57 6x

    Hair Color – 58 6x

    Hair Color – 59 6x


    Cone Henna 12x

    Red Rose

    Henna 20x150g

    Henna 20x100g

    Henna 10x1kg

    Jani Kone

    Henna Paste 12x40g


    Mehndi 12x


    Henna 12x100g

    Al- Qamar

    Cone Mehndi 12x

    Nail Mehndi 12x

  • 54


    Henna 12x

    Keo Karpin

    Hair Oil 12x200ml


    Cream 12x

    Spray 12x

    Fair And Lovely

    Fairness Cream 12x25g

    Fairness Cream 12x50g

    Kewda Water

    Kewda Water 12x

    Rose Water

    Rose Water 12x285ml

  • 55


    Isabgol 10x100gm

    Isabgol 10x50gm

    Isabgol 5x200gm


    Hing 10x100gm

    Hing 20x50gm

    Hing Whole 10x100gm


    Hing 5x100gm

    Hing 10x50gm

    Hing Whole 5x100gm

    Hem Aggrabati

    Chandan 12x

    Gulab 12x

    Mogra 12x

    Lavender 12x

    Fragrance 12x

    Jasmine 12x

    Lilly 12x

    Lotus 12x

    The Moon 12x

    Maha Laxmi 12x

    Maa Sarawati 12x

    Shree Ganesh 12x

    Veen hanuman 12x

    Gooluck 12x

    Metro Aggrabati

    Jasmine 12x

    Mysoor Chandan 12x

    Sai Baba 12x

    SandleWood 12x

    Three in One 12x

  • 56

  • 57


    Angithi No 1 Karahi With Lid 32cm 5pcs

    Atta Dabba 12kg Karahi With Lid 36cm 4pcs

    Balti No 1 Hammered Katori No 3

    Casserole With Lid 20cm Khomcha Stainless Steel

    Casserole With Lid 22cm Kundi Sota No 3 Stainless Steel

    Casserole With Lid 24cm Lemon Squeezer 10x

    Casserole With Lid 26cm Masala Dabba Glass Lid

    Casserole With Lid 28cm Masala Dabba Steel Lid

    Channi Stainless Steel Milk Pot 16CM X 6 Pcs

    Chef N Dish Brass Dish 8 Litre Milk Pot 17CM X 6pcs

    Chef N Dish Brass Hanger 8 Litre Milk Pot 18CM X 6pcs

    Chef N Dish Hanger Shape 8 Litre Copper Milk Pot 19CM X 6pcs

    Chef N Dish Leaf Shape 8 Litre Copper Milk Pot 22CM X 2pcs

    Chef N Dish Stainless Steal 8 Litre Oval Copper Dish

    Chef N Dish Tie Knot 8 Litre Copper Pickle Set

    Chef N Dish Tree Shape Copper Dish 8 Litre Serving Spoon 14 Inch Copper Steel

    Glass Cylindrical Sizzler Continental

    Handi No 1 Hammered Sizzler Mirror

    Handi No 1 Plain Sizzler Oval Shape With Handle

    Jilebi Karahi 24 Inch MS Sizzler Triangle

    Jilebi Karahi 24 Inch Stainless Steel Sizzler Triangle Katori

    Karahi 18 Inch MS Tawa 24 In MS With Handle

    Karahi 24 Inch MS Tawa 24 Inch Stainless Steel With Handle

    Karahi No 1 Tawa 30 Inch MS With Handle

    Karahi No 1 Hammered Tawa 7 Inch Copper Bottom

    Karahi With Lid 20cm 5pcs Thali Rectangular Stainless Steel

    Karahi With Lid 24cm 5pcs Wooden Chakla

    Karahi With Lid 28cm 5pcs

  • 58

    Ajwain Seed Alsi (flax seed) Amchur Powder Anis Star

    Anis Star Powder Barley Anis Seed Black Cardomon

    Black Cardomon Powder Black Pepper Powder Black Pepper Black Salt

    Caraway Seed Powder Caraway Seed Chaar Gund Chilli Powder

  • 59

    Dry Chilli Whole Cinnamon Bark Cinnamon Sticks Cinnamon Powder

    Citric Acid Cloves Coconut Halves Coconut Whole

    Coconut Powder Coriander Powder Coriander Whole Corn Starch

    Crushed Chilli Cumin Powder Cumin Seeds Cumin Powder

  • 60

    Almond Powder Char Magaz Curry Powder Dhanadal Brown

    Fennel Seeds Fennel Powder Fenugreek Powder Fenugreek (methi) Leaves

    Garam Masala Goon Katira Kalongi Seeds Lucknow Fennel Seed

    Ginger Powder Mace Powder Mace Whole Mint (Pudina) Leaves

  • 61

    Misri (sugar candy) M-S-G Mustard Powder Mustard Seeds

    Nutmeg Seeds Paprika Powder Parsley Phool Makhana

    Poha Thick Poha Thin Panch Puran Oregano

    Sago Seeds Sesame Seeds Sugar Coated Fennel Seeds Suji

  • 62

    Tandoori Masala Thyme Tukmariya Turmeric Powder

    Turmeric Whole White Pepper Powder White Pepper Whole White Poppy Seed

    Yellow Mustard Seeds

    Black Eye Beans Black Turtle Beans Channa Dal Chickpeas

    ““PPlleeaassee FFeeeell FFrreeee TToo

    CCoonnttaacctt UUss IIff YYoouurr DDeessiirreedd

    SSppiiccee IIss NNoott LLiisstteedd AAbboovvee””

  • 63

    Dark Red Kidney Beans Green Peas Kala Channa Laid Lentil

    Light Red Kidney Beans Masoor Dal Masoor Whole Masoor Gota

    Moong Split Moong Whole Moong Dal Moth Dal

    Pigeon Peas Toor Dal Toor Dal Oily Urid Gota

  • 64

    Urid Split Urid Whole Urid Dal Yellow Peas

    Yellow Split White Kidney Beans Navy Beans

    Green Raisons Golden Raisons Sultana Raisons

    Whole Walnuts Walnuts Dry Apricot Dry Dates

  • 65

    Cashews Cashew Roasted Cashew Roasted/Salted Cashew Pieces LWP/SWP

    Peanuts in Shell Red Peanuts Peanuts White Peanuts Roasted Salted

    Almond in Shell Almonds Sliced Almonds Slivered Almonds

    Kernal Pistachio Pistachio in Shell Corn Nuts Salted BBQ Corn Nuts






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