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1 Wear What You Love Love What You Wear May 2013

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Shankara Jewellery Monthly Magazine, May 2013, Published By Global Publishing & Media Distribution For Shankara Jewellery and NZGlobalNet Ltd


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    Wear What You Love

    Love What You Wear

    May 2013

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    Lets just take a little time to introduce ourselves. Peter

    and I have a real passion for Fashion and Jewellery. We

    originally started our business as Just Silver in 2008,

    selling at Takapuna Market. I really love silver jewellery,

    actually I really love any Jewellery that makes me feel

    good, and I love to see others with smiles on their faces

    as well. This was a part time business for us, but has now grown into a full time enterprise.

    With the change in peoples ideas on what kind of jewellery they were happy to wear,

    we branched out into High Fashion and Stainless jewellery. Since then we havent

    looked back. In early 2012, after much discussion we rebranded ourselves as Shankara

    and now co-ordinate Jewellery Parties with our Hostesss.

    Party With Us Today

    Our Elegant Koru Ring

    In solid Stainless Steel and Plated in Yellow and

    Rose Gold. A stunning ring the will put a smile on

    you face and a gleam in your eye.

    $45.00 NZD


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    Beautiful Silver Discs

    Our Amazing Pebble Earrings in Solid 925 Sterling


    $69.00 NZD


    Our Stunning Fan Flower Ring

    A Beauty in 925 Sterling Silver for the

    Lady and with a Taste of Elegance

    $109.00 NZD


    Wise As a Owl

    Taken from its name a Stunning Pendant

    or Broach in 925 Sterling Silver with

    Marcasite and Highlighted in Enamel

    $119.00 NZD


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    Classic Design, Modern Interpretation

    In Stainless steel, this Bracelet will add Sparkle to

    and Outfit

    $55.00 NZD


    A Touch of Elegance

    One of the most stunning

    Necklaces in out range.

    Solid Stainless Steel


    $89.00 NZD #1003077n


    $49.00 NZD #1003077b

    Necklace/Bracelet Set

    $120.00 NZD #1003077s

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    A Real Beauty

    In Solid 925 Sterling Silver for those that love to

    stand out.

    $75.00 NZD


    Try Our Selection Of Braided Scarves ON SPECIAL $15.00 NZD Save $10.00 #1003289

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    Unique Earrings with a Real Twist

    In polished Stainless steel

    $25.00 NZD


    Exquisite Flower Pendant

    This is a Lovely Pendant crafted from

    Stainless Steel, set with Crystal Glass and

    Plated with yellow Gold. Included is a

    Singapore Twist Braded Chain with Multi

    Coloured finish.

    $59.00 NZD


    Lovely Ring Box

    Just what you need to keep your

    precious rings safe.

    $29.00 NZD


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    Elegant Contemporary Two Tone Ring

    in Yellow and Rose Gold over Polished Stainless Steel

    $45.00 NZD


    Beautiful Stacking Bracelet

    In Stainless Steel and inlayed with Red Resin

    $39.00 NZD


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    Beautiful Two Tone Ring

    In Yellow and Rose Gold on Polished Stainless Steel

    $45.00 NZD


    Amazing Spiral Necklace

    Light as a Feather in Stainless Steel

    $59.00 NZD


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    Unique Earrings made from Red Coral

    In 925 Sterling Silver

    $50.00 NZD


    Lovely Winged Pendant

    With CZ Crystal and Quality Chain

    $59.00 NZD


    Stunning Heart with Millefiori Glass

    on a quality Chain, in polished

    Stainless steel and Resin.

    $69.00 NZD


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    Its Fun,

    its Easy,

    its Rewarding

    to Host your own

    Shankara Jewellery Party


    - We Provide the Tables - We Provide Jewellery

    - We Provide the Gifts - We Provide the Payment Solutions

    - We Provide the Invitations - We Collect your Friends Details

    - We Deliver Their Jewellery


    - You Provide the Environment

    - You Invite your friends

    - Book a Party with a Friend

    All we ask of you

    is provide the environment

    and invite your friends to

    enjoy a fun evening out.

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    The Hostess will receive:-

    A Free Gift on the Night

    Vouchers to spend on the night

    to the value of 15% of the sales

    paid for on the night.

    Vouchers to spend to the value

    of 5% of the sales from any Party

    booked on the night and held

    within 6 weeks of the Hostesss

    own Party.

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    Published by

    Global Publishing and Media Distribution

    For Shankara Jewellery

    & NZGlobalNet Ltd

    New Zealand

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    Mobile: 0064-21-227-9119

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