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Share the harvest- Guilford County. Karen Neill NC Cooperative Extension Guilford County. Goal. Make f resh donated p roduce available to those in need. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Share the harvest- Guilford County

Share the harvest- Guilford CountyKaren NeillNC Cooperative ExtensionGuilford County1

GoalMake fresh donated produce available to those in need.

We had a number of Community gardens that either growing produce for distribution or had set up in their guidelines that participants of the community garden would donate a certain percent of what they grew to those in need.

We needed to maximize everyone's efforts and reach more people 2

What has been occurringEach individual garden was finding or trying to find sites to bring their produceNot all was bing used as the volume being donated often doesnt match needs- small amounts of each item- this doesnt work for places like soup kitchens 3

ProcessIn 2010 we started with one church in assisting with the way they were donating to those in need Great project limited in scopeAsked at Community Garden Network meeting who might be interested in helping review the production and distribution of fresh donated produce in Guilford co.Created a Share the Harvest committee 4

Lesson LearnedDont limit yourself by thinking to smallLook at what others are doing that is similarBring people together for open discussionGather everyone's ideasCreate partnershipsSee who is willing to contribute - Divide and conquerSeek out additional grantsDont think small, think about how your project fits into the bigger picture and you might find that there are others willing to help and get on board.

Gather ideas and then priorities choosing the things that your group is best at .5

Market ProgramPublication prepared to be distributed to local garden centers and libraries before spring planting

Collection sites contacted and arrangements made

Specialized bins and a display created for each of the collection sites6

Collection PlanCoordinate with agencies who will make the pickups weekly

Assist with staffing for sorting7

Education PlanEducate local citizens about new program and what produce we would like for them to bring Old Plant a Row for the hungry approach Let citizens know where drop off sites are locatedPrepare publication using EFNEP agents assistance on how to prepare and cook with produce being donated . These would be distributed to all distribution points to be given out to recipients simple recipesConduct classes at local facilities where transportation is convent for clients to learn basic cooking skills8