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  • 1. Living Authentically and Publicly By @ctrappe Metro North Rotary April 2014 @ctrappe
  • 2. We connect and deal with people we like, trust and who add meaning to our lives! @ctrappe
  • 3. Authentic storytelling... Not talking about.. Social media strategy Messaging Manipulation Talking about: Inclusive strategy Storytelling Meaningful sharing @ctrappe
  • 4. Not rocket science: All interactions 100 percent @ctrappe
  • 5. What percentage online?
  • 6. Usual guesses: Online 50-70 percent Offline 50-30 percent Source: Jonah Bergers Contagious: Why Things Catch on. @ctrappe
  • 7. Actual breakdown ... But the perception And people are online! Online: 7 percent Offline: 93 percent @ctrappe
  • 8. What to do first Why? I do what I do because ... @ctrappe
  • 9. Why? Share that publicly. Scary? @ctrappe
  • 10. Benefits? Connections Business Meaning @ctrappe
  • 11. How to get there? Decision time: Do you want to? Commit the time Decide what to share! Constant, relevant, new! On Facebook much? @ctrappe
  • 12. Tools Make it a habit Pick the right tools Go Measure what works and what doesnt @ctrappe
  • 13. Lets discuss... Christoph Trappe @ctrappe 319-804-9853


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