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Sharing our knowledge



2. SHARING OURKNOWLEDGEIs sharing KNOWLEDGE a natural act?Traditional thinking holds that knowledgesharing is not a natural act. Manyinitiatives focus on how best to cajoleunwilling participants into providinginformation. But how would it changethings if we were to start from the premisethat knowledge sharing really is a naturalact? 3. DATADispersedelementsINFORMATIONPatterned dataKNOWLEDGEValidated platform foractionWISDOMImplicitly knowing how togenerate, access andintegrate knowledgeDepth of meaningExplicitTacit(from Saint-Onge, 1996) 4. Show people, how knowledgebenefits them personallyKnowledge is onlypowerful or valuablewhen it is continuallyrefreshed and used.Knowledge sitting idleis worthless.Knowledge has anincreasingly shortshelf life, and if it's notused, it quickly losesvalue - period. 5. Knowledged cannot be storedBest to share with manyImportant that peopleunderstand howknowledge sharing canbenefit them personally.Show them examples ofhow access to others'knowledge can improvetheir performance and howsharing what they knowmakeIs their knowledgemore valuable. - 6. Knowledge OrganizationA new Concept in KnowledgeBest leverageknowledge internallyand externallyCreating, capturing,securing, combining,transferring,distributing,managing knowledgeDr.T.V.Rao MD 7 7. Knowledge ManagementThe process of creatingvalue from anorganizations intangibleassetsHuman capitalStructural capitalCustomer capitalInstitutional CapitalDr.T.V.Rao MD 8 8. Sharing Improves power ofLearningLearning from successes and mistakesusing existing knowledge to improve todaysperformance.Learning how to be more successful creating newknowledge to improve tomorrows performanceImproving collaboration joining things upHaving the right knowledge in the right place at theright time to make better decisions 9. Creating and Sharing aGreat TalentKnowing is a human capability. Knowledgeitself cant be managed.Collaboration is a pre-requisite forknowledge creation and sharing.Collaboration is voluntary.What we can do is create the rightenvironment and provide appropriate toolsfor people to collaborate and to create andshare knowledge. 10. Sharing improves thevalue of your knowledgePersonalizeknowledge studieshave shown that oneof the best ways toincrease the value ofknowledge and thelikelihood that it willbe used is to link it toa real person.See the knowledge benefitsmany 11. Reward the people withGood knowledgeReward valuableknowledge: One of themistakes we oftenmake in knowledgemanagement isleading people tobelieve that simplycontributingknowledge not meansthe end 12. Redefine your ContributionsWe need to redefineknowledge sharingcredit to apply onlyto knowledge that'sworth something.And who decidesthe value ofknowledge? Howabout letting theuser decide? 13. Show people what knowledgesharing looks like.There are "knowledgenaturals" in everyorganization. These arepeople who live to learnnew things and share whatthey know with others. It istheir purpose in life.Identify these people andestablish semi-formal rolesthat recognize theseactivities as valuable. 14. OK to make MistakesCelebrating mistake-makingcan increaseknowledge and help buildtrust and a sense ofcommunity. When peopleare willing to admit theirmistakes, those aroundthem will feel closer tothem and encouraged toshare their learnings aswell. And the exchangecreates a bond betweensharers. 15. Technology a DoubleEdged SwordTechnology can be a double-edgedsword. It can connectthose who need expertise tothose who have it. It canfacilitate communication andinformation exchange acrossorganizational andgeographical boundaries. Itcan improve our ability tofind what we need, when weneed it, and enable us tocontrol the way informationis presented back to us. - 16. Solve the Problems withKnowledgeYour ability to solve trendingor new issues in the societyis an added advantage toyou. This could be used injustifying the study as wellas a way of adding toexisting knowledge. Throughasking the right questionsand doing a thorough dataanalysis, one could solvecurrent issues in his or herenvironment from thefindings of the study as wellas good recommendations. 17. How Can Motivate to shareMotivate andReward/IncentivesBuild a supportivecultureActively involve theCEO or Administratorand seniormanagementDr.T.V.Rao MD 19 18. Knowledge SharingFact or Fiction?Knowledgemanagement=Human capitalStructuralcapital Customercapital 19. Knowledge creation andSharing everyone StrongKnowledgemanagement=Sharingknowledge ispower versusKnowledge ispower 20. Knowledge Management andSharing New conceptKnowledge management andSharing is one of the hottesttopics in Educational industry &govt todayNeed to have methodologies,processes, techniques, and toolsfor KM90% is building the cultureNeed to apply concepts from AIand other disciplines to advanceKM 21. Managing Knowledge is MoreComplex than Yesteryears 22. Visit me for more articles onHuman Empowerment Visit me at 23. The World has Progressed with GreatThoughts which were shared for benefitof Everyone 24. Sharing our Knowledge is Betterthan Storing without purpose 25. Never Forget 26. Program is Created by Dr.T.V.Rao MD forbenefit of Many in the World who wish toshare the Best of the Little Knowledge weHave to Many in the [email protected]