shepherd¢â‚¬â„¢s periodical postage paid conway, ar 72034 oice...

Shepherd¢â‚¬â„¢s Periodical Postage PAID Conway, AR 72034 oice ... Many times students have brought test
Shepherd¢â‚¬â„¢s Periodical Postage PAID Conway, AR 72034 oice ... Many times students have brought test
Download Shepherd¢â‚¬â„¢s Periodical Postage PAID Conway, AR 72034 oice ... Many times students have brought test

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  • Robinson & Center CHURCH OF CHRIST

    June Newsletter

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    Shepherd’s Voice By Mark Copeland

    Don’t stop until it’s finished! As many of you know, along with teaching 6th grade math, I coach 7th grade girls in volleyball, basketball, and track. In my 31 years of being in the education business, I have seen students experience some of the best of times and some of the worst of times. Just this year I saw the giggly thrill on a girl’s face when she cleared the high jump bar in a track meet 6 inches higher than she had ever jumped and the bitterness in a kid’s face whose parents went through a divorce. When I see such situations, I try to find a life lesson that can be of benefit. For instance, this year in a track meet one of my girls was participating in the 100 meter hurdles. She was winning the race, but when she cleared the 10th hurdle, she stopped and started to walk off the track until she realized that she hadn’t crossed the finish line. By that time, another athlete had passed her and finished first. The lesson she learned that day was not to stop until crossing the finish line.

    This event reminded me of what Paul wrote to Timothy in II Tim. 4:7-8 where he wrote, “ I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.”

    Many times students have brought test papers to my desk wanting me to have them to grade. I will ask them if they are finished and they will say yes. Then I will turn their paper over and show them the other side that is not complete.

    I have had people in the church tell me that they can’t do what they use to do because of health, family, financial, or other reasons. I am thankful for Sister Wilma Black who can’t do exactly what she used to do because of health reasons, but that doesn’t stop her from serving in another way to bring glory to God. (Have you seen any baby blankets, lately?)

    We all have something that we can do to honor God and build His church. As long as we are still breathing, the finish line is still in front of us and not behind us. There is still work to do. Are you finished? I urge you not to stop, but to turn the page and complete the other side.

    Those Serving in June

    DEBBIE HUDGEONS Honored for Twenty Years Service to the

    Robinson & Center Church of Christ

    Sunday Assignments: June 2 June 9 Song Leader (1) Chad Hearne (2) Daniel Hudgeons (1) John Tooke (2) Tim Stroud

    Scripture Reading (1) Jeff Hinton (2) Jeremy Gilson (1) Johnnie Dexter (2) Harry Starnes

    Preside/Communion (1) John Tooke (2) Jack Martin (1) Don Williams (2) Terry Fiddler

    Prayer/Opening (1) Brian Smith (2) Don Silvestri (1) Mark Sexson (2) Jeremy Lowe

    Prayer/Closing (1) Michael Ledbetter (2) Mike Baker (1) Don Riddle (2) Mark Copeland

    Cards (1) Owen Wiles (2) Harrison Janski (1) Luke Ussery (2) Connor Hudgeons

    Nursery (1st Service) Kim Ussery / Amber Shapter Donna and Sarah Brantley

    Nursery (2nd Service) Maleah Burrows / LeAnne Griffin Suzie DeHart / Lindsey Leslie

    Sunday Assignments: June 16 June 23 Song Leader (1) Chad Hearne (2) Tim Stroud (1) Tim Stroud (2) Daniel Hudgeons

    Scripture Reading (1) Nathan Moreland (2) Jake Wesson (1) Barry Holder (2) Greg Oaks

    Preside/Communion (1) Chris Curry (2) Cody Sublett (1) Jason Rankin (2)Jordan Howard

    Prayer/Opening (1) John Tooke (2) Andy Pennington (1) Johnnie Dexter (2) Micah Mahan

    Prayer/Closing (1) Michael Ledbetter (2) Gordon Bond (1) Don Riddle (2) Mike Baker

    Cards (1) Dylan Ussery (2) Hayden Garrett (1)Samuel Chesshir (2) Caleb Rickett

    Nursery (1st Service) Brittany Sexson / Melanie Holt Cari Gilmer / Kinsey Copeland

    Nursery (2nd Service) Betty Ann Scaife / Judi Keeth Christi Brandon & Daughters

    Sunday Assignments: June 30 Wednesday Assignments: Song Leader (1) Chad Hearne (2) Tim Stroud 5 - (Sing) Young Men (Pray) Randy Tribble

    Scripture Reading (1) Derek Gilmer (2) Randy Hudgeons 12 - (Sing) Ben Burleson (Pray) Jed Myers

    Preside/Communion (1) Taylor Francis (2) Mark Ashley 19 - (Sing) Cody Sublett (Pray) Allan Myers

    Prayer/Opening (1) Andrew Johnson (2) Jordan Howard 26 - (Sing) Alex Stroud (Pray) Noah Myers

    Prayer/Closing (1)Michael Ledbetter(2)Mark Copeland

    Cards (1) Colton Smith (2) Jake Tatom Those serving on Sunday Mornings

    Nursery (1st Service) Kristen Woodard / Carolyn Mullins Please meet in the conference room

    Nursery (2nd Service) Teresa Harris / Rita Hudgeons a few minutes before services.

    Monthly Assignments: Ushers: (1) Bruce B., Brian Smith, Johnnie Wells (2) Blake Reed., Mark E. Robert Jackson

    Serve Communion: (1) Chuck Shipp, Chris Wiles (2) Michael Cullum, Steven Cooper

    John Holder, Roland Nolen Jonathan Davidson, Tyler Bond

    Please call the office if you cannot serve Gary Griffin, Nathan Burrows

  • June Newsletter CHURCH OF CHRIST

    Robinson & Center

    June Calendar



    Meeting Schedule Early Service ........... 8:15 Bible Classes ............ 9:30 2nd Service .............10:30 Sunday Evening ....... 5:00 Wednesday ............... 7:00


    Mike Baker 501.472.8197

    Gordon Bond 501.764.2219

    Mark Copeland 501.327.4302

    Michael Ledbetter 501.269.3114

    Don Riddle 501.339.8084


    Steve Norris (Preaching) 501.499.1116

    Jonathan Colvin (Youth) (479) 856-2121

    Nick Starnes (CCSU) 501.697.5318

    Ben Calderon (Hispanic Missions) 501.548.7319

    Church Office:

    May Averages Sunday Worship . . . . . . . 530 Sunday AM Class . . . . . . 321 Sunday Night (GG). . . . . 322 Wed. Bible Study. . . . . . . 304 Contribution. . . . . . . $13,238 Building Fund Cont...$33,111

    w w w. r - c . o r g

    Coming UP in JULY: July 14-18 - Area-Wide Gospel Meeting July 28-31 - R&C Vacation Bible School

    Saturday, June 1st, 5:00 - 8:00 (Training for Volunteers - 4:15)

    Baby Shower: Morgan Cummings (1:30-3:00) Sip-n-See Shower for Porter Bravo (Small Aud. - 6:00)

    Teens - Out of school Bash-June 1

    Building Fund

    Auction June 8 10AM

    Sunday College Class meets all summer TEENS TO UPLIFT - 15th - 20th

    To add an event to the calendar, call the office by the 25th of the

    month before the event.

    Ethics of Life - Dr. Phil Thompson (all services)

    Randy & Janet Lloyd invite you to join them as their son

    Oliver Dexter Lloyd is united in marriage to

    Courtney Ellen Moody Saturday June 1st 2013

    at 6:00 o’clock in the evening at First Presbyterian Church, 2400 Prince Street, Conway Ar.

    Ethics of Life Sunday Night


    TEENS TO UPLIFT - 15th - 20th

    Baby Shower for Leah Lowe 1:30 - 3:00

    Youth mission Trip Stockdale Texas

    June 22-29 Ethics



    Hispanic Congregation Clothing Drive - Saturday - 8am - Noon

    Ladies Night Out @ MarketPlace

    Monday, June 17


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