sherbet ice cream cake recipe

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Sherbet Ice Cream Cake A Rada Cutlery Recipe

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Get your cake and ice cream in one bite with this Sherbet Ice Cream Cake Recipe! Follow this SlideShare Deck for easy directions that are sure to get you a dessert that everyone will love. This recipe was prepared in the Rada Cutlery Kitchen by our very own Kristy Kay. Check out our Video for more instructions:


  • Sherbet Ice Cream Cake A Rada Cutlery Recipe
  • Ingredients 1 prepared 9 angel food cake 1 pint orange sherbet, softened 1 pint raspberry sherbet, softened 1 pint lime sherbet, softened 1 12 oz. container frozen whipped topping. Thawed We recommend: Rada Cutlery 10 Serrated Bread Knife, Super Spreader, Serrated Slicer and Pie Server Recipe from the Rada Cutlery Ice Cream Cookbook 101 Recipes
  • Slice angel food cake crosswise.
  • Slice three times to make 4 layers.
  • Place the bottom layer on a serving plate and spread orange sherbet evenly on top.
  • Place one cake slice on top of orange sherbet.
  • Repeat with remaining cake layers and raspberry and lime sherbets.
  • Frost sides and top using the Super Spreader with whipped topping and place in freezer for 1 hour until firm.
  • Slice the cake with the Serrated Slicer and serve it up with the Serrated Pie Server. Find them at the Rada Kitchen Store.
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