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    Short Coursesfor Professional Development

  • As the School is one of the largest groups in the UK working at the interface of both the built and natural environments, it is well placed to offer training across its very broad range of expertise.

    Transport Environmental Engineering Water Resources Climate Change GIS Geodesy and Surveying Geotechnics and Structures Geochemistry

    CPD at Newcastle offers A broad programme of

    courses Bespoke training On-site training Professionally accredited

    courses Postgraduate credits from

    accredited MSc programmes Industrially relevant training Student and group discounts

    Bespoke TrainingThe School has a proven record of developing and delivering bespoke courses, working with organisations such as the Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, Fugro and Balfour Beatty. In addition, many of the courses can be delivered in-house.

    CPD Short Courses


  • Asphalt Materials and Flexible Pavements 6 days

    Design of Transport Infrastructure5 days

    Highway Geometric Design2 days

    Traffic Flow and Control5 days

    Transport Policy and Legislation5 days

    Road Safety

    Road Safety PolicyCollision Prevention and ReductionRoad Safety AuditsEach course 2 days

    Advanced Road Safety Audits2 days


    Railway ManagementRailway EconomicsRailway PlanningEach course 1.5 days


  • Transport Modelling & Forecasting5 days

    Transport Planning and Sustainable Mobility5 days

    Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)5 days

    ITS: Policy, Practice and Implementation5 days

    ITS: Technologies, Systems and Implementation5 days

    Air Pollution5 days

    Traffic and Environment Management for Sustainability5 days

    Economic and Environmental Appraisal of Transport Activities5 days

    Air Quality and Health1 day

    Traffic Interventions for Environmental Management1 day

    Delivering Policy with Traffic and Environmental Monitoring 1 day

    Transport and Environmental Appraisal: Tools and Techniques1 day


  • Environmental EngineeringCore Concepts in Environmental Engineering5 days

    Engineering Biology through Molecular Microbial Ecology5 days

    Environmental Engineering for Developing Countries5 days

    Groundwater Contamination and Remediation5 days

    Introduction to Practical Hydraulics5 days

    Mine Water Pollution and Remediation3 days

    Solid Waste Management5 days

    Wastewater Engineering5 days

    Water Supply and Treatment5 days

    Introduction to Practical HydraulicsI enjoyed the course and found the topics covered to be both interesting and relevant to my current role, I would recommend this course to others.


  • Borehole Design, Construction and Operation5 days

    Groundwater Assessment5 days

    Groundwater Modelling 5 days

    Computational Hydraulics 5 days

    Integrated River Basin Management5 days

    Modelling and Forecasting of Floods5 days

    Climate Change Climate Change: Earth System, Future Scenarios and Threats1 - 5 days

    Climate Change: Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaption 1 - 5 days

    Water Resources

    Climate ChangeThe training provided an excellent overview of Climate Change... It will be very useful for my work.


  • Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS2 days

    Intermediate GIS using ArcGIS2 days

    Spatial Analysis using ArcGIS1 day

    Introduction to GIS using Quantum GIS2 days

    Intermediate GIS using Quantum GIS2 days

    Network Analysis using GIS2 days

    Mobile GIS1 day

    Lidar Data in Arc GIS1 day


    Network Analysis using GISWell delivered course, well paced and interesting. Details and concept put over in an understandable way.


  • Geodesy and Surveying

    GNSS and Network RTK3 days

    High-Precision GNSS using Post Processing2 days

    Least Squares Adjustment for Offshore Survey3 - 4 days

    GNSS and Network RTKExcellent course content and tutoring from very knowledgeable staff. Content laid out and presented in easy to follow format.

    Introduction and Intermediate GISVery enjoyable, good pace, clean notes and lecture delivery, excellent one to one support.



    Introduction to Seismic Resistant Design5 days

    Seismic Resistant Design10 days

    Finite Element Analysis in Structural Mechanics 10 days

    Structural Reliability5 days

    Geotechnical Design10 days

    Ground Improvement Techniques5 days

    Soil Modelling and Numerical Methods5 days

    Ground Investigation - Design, Principles and Practice5 days

    Geotechnics & Structures

    Soil Modelling & Numerical Methods An excellent course for structural engineers who wish to gain a sound theoretical background for soil-structure interaction problems.



    GeochemistryAqueous Geochemistry5 days

    Introduction to Environmental Microbiology5 days

    Contaminated Land5 days

    Petroleum in the Environment5 days

    Molecular Marker Compounds5 days

    Aqueous GeochemistryExcellent course, excellent lecturer.


  • For further information and course enquiriesProfessional Development UnitSchool of Civil Engineering and GeosciencesDrummond BuildingNewcastle UniversityNewcastle upon TyneNE1 7RUUK, tel +44 (0)191 208 7439

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