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THE SILVER SWANS by Paul Gallico

Doctor Fundoby, meets Thetis who lives in a houseboat (Nerine) near the bank of River Thames in London.Her real name is Alice and she is a professional actress.

Alice sing a beautiful song called The Silver Swans in front of Dr. Fundoby.

She really wants to know when she will fall in love and ask Dr. Fundoby. Dr. Fundoby says that when the man is ill and ugly and she can still love him, thats called true love.

Alice try to put the test into practice with a handsome man. So, she invited the man to come onto her houseboat. Few days later, the man comes onto the Nerine. Then, suddenly he become sick because of the windy weather. Alice told him that she was in love with him.

Dr. Fundoby asks Alice to give the man the medicine.

The man confess that he also loves Alice and tells her his true identity.

Alice does not care about his background because she is really in love with him.

Lastly, Alice the water child get married with her lord of the sea, Richard Hadley.










CHARACTERProtagonist or Antagonist

CHARACTERISTICSPhysical appearances, feeling , impression

ALICE ADAMS Protagonist Known as Thetis 21 years old Independent Can write and sang a song Good in actingAnimal lover Never felt in love

Want seek a true love Felt in love and married


DOCTOR HORATIO FUNDOBYWhite beard,Carry Black Wooden Stick,Wear large old hat,Dress like a painter

RICHARD HADLEYTall, strong, black hair,bright blue eyes

A great ocean

scientist 35 years old Have Lord title Love to sail Ever been in Galapagos Felt in love with Alice and marry her


Alice fall in love with Richard Hadley when they first meet. She still love him even though he is sick.

Dr.Fundoby is a good friend of Alice. He quickly go on to the Nerine to see the glass cases because of the bad weather. Give advise to Alice about love.


Alice willing to put away her acting just for Richard. She sells Nerine to other person and follow Richard to a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean.

Ricard becomes honest toward Alice and confess his feeling. He also tells her about his background and job.

Doctor Horatio Fundoby studied history and work at British Museum in London.

EXPOSITIONHe noticed one of the houseboat near the bank of river called Nerine.Every evening, he walks along on the bank of River Thames in Chelsea.


Suddenly, he saw a young girl trying to push back the cover of the deck.

Then the girl took him into green room in the houseboat and show her octopus.

After that, Alice sings a song called The Silver Swans to the Dr.Fundoby. He can feel that Alice was unhappy from the words of the song and asked about the reasons. Alice feels sad because she doesnt know when she will meet her true love and how can she know that she is in love.


On the deck, they saw white swans flying pass them.

Suddenly a small wooden boat came to them. There was a tall and strong man in the boat. He wants to borrow cotton to mend his trousers.

After that, Alice asked the mans name and it was Richard Hadley.

A large boat went pass the Nerine and Dr.Fundoby suddenly felt ill. Alice quickly gave him some medicine.

Richard Hadley laughed loudly to Alice and said he havent been sick yet. He have sailed every ocean and sea in the world and faced all sorts of weather.

He said that he will try Alices boat sometime.


After a few days, Dr. Fundoby and his friend went to see a play called The Unwanted at Wyndhams Theatre in London.

When the play started, Doctor Fundoby really surprise when he saw Alice was the actress of the play. So, this is her evening job.

The next Sunday, Dr. Fundoby visits Alices houseboat and see another glass case in her room. Richard Hadley gives it to her.

Dr. Fundoby asks Alices feeling towards Richard Hadley but then she starts to cry.


Dr. Fundoby went for usual walk and it was windy. So, he hurried towards Nerine to see the glass cases.

Alice tells Richard that she loves him even though he is sick.

Dr. Fundoby quickly gave the medicine to Richard.

Finally Richard Hadley married with Alice.

Alice willing to put away her acting just for him.

Richard confess that he also loves Alice and tells her his true identity.

A family have bought the Nerine and changed the name to Nelson, after one of the greatest British sailors.


TIMESunday of different weeks Doctor Fundoby walking around the bank of River Thames and meet Thetis. Met the Doctor Fundoby telling about the octopus. Visiting Thetis and found that Richard also with her

The writer is not stated when this story happen.

Generally after World War II

PLACEAlong the bank of River Thames where usually Doctor Fundoby taking a walk.

Nerine a boat that Alice lives in.- Inside the room - On deck

Wyndham`s Theatre in London -Doctor Fundoby and his friend saw Alice in acting.

Happen in London


Peaceful live


First Person: Dr. Fundoby - the narrator of this story

- example: 1) There was not much room at the back of the boat,

but it was enough for two of us. Then I saw with surprise that there was water all around the boat now. (page 58) 2) When she said this, I could understand the reason for her green room. (page 56)




PERSONIFICATION: Heart speak (pg 57) HIPERBOLE: Ive sailed every ocean and sea in the world, and in all sorts of weather. (pg 60) SIMILE: Its like dry land on there. (pg 60)

VERBAL IRONY: Thetis! You cold-hearted girl! (pg66)

REPETITION: Then I will true love Then I will true love (pg 57)

SYMBOLISM: Silver swans as her true love. (pg 57)


1) We must help other people when they faced any

problems For example: Doctor Fundoby use his stick to help Thetis out from the cover to the deck. 2) We must appreciate other peoples help For example: Thetis appreciate Doctor Fundobys by saying thank you to him. 3) We must respect people that older from us For example: Thetis saying sorry to the Doctor Fundoby when she accidentally called him an old man.

4) We must learn to be creative when doing

something For example: Thetis write her song creativity by herself and sang it to the Doctor Fundoby. 5) We must care to the people when they are sick For example: Thetis quickly gave the medicine to the Doctor Fundoby when he suddenly felt sick when the boat were moving up and down.

We must not proud of ourselves For example: Richard Hadley laughed loudly to the Thetis that he never felt sick before and have been sailed every ocean and sea in the world but at the end he also felt sick. 7) We must put an effort and try our best when doing something For example: Thetis play the part which a young girl who falls in love with the older man with deep feeling and understanding.6.

8) We must express our feeling to the person that

we love For example: Thetis express her feeling towards Richard Hadley by saying I love you and want to married with him. 9) We must share our knowledge to the other people For example: Doctor Fundoby told to the Thetis that octopus will eat his arm by itself although we feed it very well.

10) we must willing to sacrifice to get something

For example: Thetis willing to give away her acting because want to follow Richard Hadley to the Galapagos.