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Short stories of new life


Short Stories

Short StoriesA new life Pieces of a peony-painted teacups

Pieces of Peony-Painted Teacups.


Major Emily and graceMinor Molly, Sarah and Graces MomDynamic Emily and grace Static Graces mom and molly

A New Life

CharactersMajor Aunty Maurida and joleneMinor cliffie and dillonDynamic Aunty Maurida and joleneStatic mollie Adrendse and Jolenes mom

Characters Physical Traits, Dialogue, Actions, Attire, Opinion and Point of ViewPieces of peony-painted teacupsMain character: Emily a reliable friend and Grace considered her a sister. Dialogue shows she was a kind and loving personGrace is a dynamic character with fair skin and mousy hair, small brown eyes with a crinkled nose and an empty look in her eyes due to the loss of her sister. Graces mother hated this because she was losing her daughter, when she just put one six feet under Graces moms eyes had dark rings around them and black beneath them. She grew angry at grace for having an imaginary friend. A stiff and tense forehead developed with disapproval f her daughters actions.Emily had no physical identity.Characters Physical Traits, Dialogue, Actions, Attire, Opinion and Point of ViewA new life Main character: Jolene is a young married woman and she was a simple and tidy person.She was an introvert and was soft spoken, a good wife and a good mother, but was naive Aunty Maurida: a mid-wife, counsellor and advice-giver Aunty Maurida helped out at the Wynberg Pentecostal Church with a sing song voice that warms you from the inside. She was a big woman with a big heart and a lover of tea.

Pieces of peony-painted teacups

Setting Falls on the season of autumn during January and FebruaryDark skies and heavy clouds play a big part in the story Rain symbolises the meeting of Emily and grace The wind represented loneliness for grace A new life

Setting Takes place in WynbergA lot of the scenes with Jolenes husband take place at their small, neat home The last scene takes place at aunty Mauridas house

Plot Pieces of Peony-Painted TeacupsThis story revolves around Emily, an imaginary friend, who meets a girl named grace(who had just lost her sister Sarah) after her best friend Molly moves away. The separation from Molly and the death of Sarah made them good friends. With an angry mother who couldnt stand to lose another daughter because grace wouldnt accept the death of her sister.Plot A new lifeBased on a nave woman named Jolene who tries to save her marriage by having another baby. Jolene ran into Cliffies colleagues wife who informed her that her husband was back in town before he told her he would be back. She had just recently learned that she was pregnant and the baby was a miracle from God.

Conflict Pieces of Peony-Painted TeacupsImagination vs reality Grace and her mother not seeing eye to eye about EmilyWhen graces mom broke the peony-painted teacups Conflict A new life Marriage problemsAunty Maurida and Jolene not seeing eye to eye about using a baby to try save her marriage.Jolene and her husband

Pieces of Peony-painted teacups

ThemeThere is a remorseful theme.Filled with pain, sorrow and lonlinessfriendshipA New Life

ThemeA new babyInfidelity The use of the baby to save a marriage