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  • 1. Shot by shotJessie Js Music Video-Whos Laughing Now?Created by Molly Bingham

2. We had noticed, whilst watching the music video, that there were mostly longshots used within the clip. Incorporated alongside the long shot footage, therewere numerous close ups, use of deep space to denote movement andfreedom, which I thought contrasted with the background context andnarrative. Meaning, the location was a school, which to many, young and old,is known as trapping children within their boredom. Also, the fact that JessieJs life within school is busy, confined and all together miserable, because ofthe constant torment. Along with these techniques above, within editing, Ibelieved there to be the use rule of thirds, ensuring that at all times the singer,Jessie, was in the centre highlighting she is the most important figure, despiteher role as a school child.We also noticed, the movement was never restricted, and we found that thecamera never had a stationary minute. The continuous camera work andalmost fast-paced editing, made the narrative much clearer because, as theaudience, we really feel her anger through the speed of the music and quickchanges between location.Another technique which was often used within the music video, was the slowmotion footage, This made that specific scene much more effective and madeit look as though the young girls life revolves around the torment from otherstudents. We hope to implement these shots and more within our recreationand as individuals, we will utilise these editing techniques too. 3. Deep space 4. Over the shoulder shotand Depth of field 5. Wide angle, mid shot anddeep space 6. Close up and high angledshot 7. Over the shoulder shotand mid shot 8. Mid shot 9. Over the shoulder shot, depth offield and long shot. 10. Long and wide shot,panning shot. 11. Depth of field and Mid shot 12. Mid shot 13. Wide angled shot 14. Mid shot and Deepspace 15. Close up and depthof field. 16. Wide angle shot midshot and eye linematch. 17. High angled shot 18. Close up 19. Extreme close up and depth offield 20. Long shot,panning and wideangle shot 21. Mid shot 22. Wide angle shot and midshot 23. Over the shoulder shot,panning, high angled shot 24. Wide angle shot and midshot 25. Extreme close up 26. High angled shot 27. Close up 28. Over the shoulder shot 29. Tracking shot and close up 30. High angled shot and midshot 31. Mid shot, wide angle shotand rule of thirds 32. close up anddepth of field 33. Mid shot anddeep space 34. Close up,deep spaceand depth offield 35. High angled,wide shot anddeep space 36. Mid shot, wideangle shot anddeep space 37. Close up andwide angle shot 38. Mid shot and deep space 39. Mid shot and deep space 40. Deep spaceand close up 41. Mid shot and wideangle shot 42. Mid shot and deep space 43. Mid shot and wideangle shot 44. Mid shot and deep space 45. Mid shot, wide angleshot and deep space 46. Close up and depth offield 47. Mid shot, wide angleshot and deep space 48. What happens next?If we feel able to continue onto the next sectionof the music video, where the young Jessie Jtrashes her schools stage, we intend to use theTheatre, which is available to us. A full shot byshot creation, using PowerPoint will then becompleted, placed on Slideshare and put onto myblog.