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Wed March 12 5 pm to 9 pm American Church 75007 Paris REFRESHMENTS PROVIDED FOR A COCKTAIL AMBIANCE. AAWE SHOW PLACE

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Meet the talented AAWE members participating in AAWE ShowPlace on Wed March 12, 2014 at the American Church in Paris, 65 quai d'Orsay, 75007 Paris. Come join us!


  • Wed March 125 pm to 9 pm

    American Church 75007 Paris



  • Please join us for hors doeuvres

    and an aperitif to celebrate the

    AAWE ShowPlace featuring some of

    our own members talents.

    ShowPlace features AAWE member

    artists, writers and entrepreneurs.

    While enjoying the cocktail and

    listening to music you can browse

    and even purchase paintings,

    sketches, jewelry, health care

    products, eco products, music,

    books and handicraft items.

    Come and enjoy an evening apritif and a live performance.

    ShowPlace brochure design concept by Cathy SerisAAWE, 34 avenue de New York, 75116 Paris / 01 40 70 11 80 / [email protected] /

  • AAWE Showplace Features

    Artists, Artisans & Writers in a Musical

    Ambiance and Cocktail. Art Exhibit, Marketplace,

    Networking, Open to the Public bring your

    JOIN USWed March 12, 5-9 pm The American Church

    in Paris, 65 quai dOrsay, 75007 Paris. Entrance 5

  • 4 AAWE Showplace

    What happens when you gather

    to participate in an AAWE event?


  • AAWE Showplace 5

    ParticipantsARTISTSErika Beauvais p.6Angie Brooksby p.8Anna Eklund Cheong p.9Marlene Galzin p.10Kathy Giannini p.11Catherine Johnson Jullian p.14Cathy Seris p.22Karen Slama p.23

    ARTISANSSusan Marchand p.18Isabelle Pepin p.21Lori Zembinski Chalabi p.26

    AUTHORSHilary Kaiser p.15Harriet Welty Rochefort p.25

    JEWELRY Kandice Blakely Vettier p.7Liz Lenfantin p.16

    MUSICIANSVera Guimaraes p.12Lisa Lindsley p.17Andrea Offner p.20

    ECO PRODUCTElizabeth Soubelet p.24

    WELLBEINGVictoria Anne Hollingshead p.13Carol Ngiar p.19

    AAWEPublications p.27Handicrafts p.28

  • ARTISTErika Beauvais06 88 97 05 12

    Erika and her son Andrew will display a selection of his works representing Andrews expression of of his life and its battles. We have selected a set from age 6 to 38 to show recurring themes and colors. His painting has helped him express his inner life and understanding and has helped us to know him a little better. Andrew paints in a workshop at SAVS Gustave Beauvois. A currentexhibition shows his work at SAVS: showing from March 11-27, Centre danimation Point du Jour, 1-9 rue du Gnral Malleterre, 75016 Paris

    6 Erika Beauvais

  • JEWELRYKandice Blakely Vettier 06 25 11 23 [email protected]

    Simple and elegant is my line, featur-ing sterling silver, gold fill and 14k gold, pearls and precious & semi-precious gemstones. There is something for every mood, from a weekend in jeans, beach-wear, a fancy luncheon with the girls, or for a dress up cocktail hour.

    Inspiration comes from living half my life on the shores of Southern California and the other half in Paris, the city of light with beauty everywhere. Working in a major French museum in Paris accustomed my eye to classical looks I still enjoy. Many trips to Asia developed my passion for semi-precious stones.

    Kandice Blakely Vettier 7

  • 8 Angie Brooksby

    ARTISTAngie Brooksbywww.angiebrooksby.comPainting

    Born in New York, Angie lived in Califor-nia, West Virginia and finally Maryland where she studied photography with Margaret Dowell, then figurative sculp-ture with John Shahn, son of social real-ist painter Ben Shahn at the Maryland In-stitute College of Art. In 1986 she spent a year studying sculpture in Florence, Italy at SACI via the Art Institute of Chicago, then completed her BFA in sculpture. In 1988 she returned to Italy for 20 years, painting landscapes of Florence, Tuscany and still-lifes of Italian cuisine. She trav-elled throughout Tuscany to the places where Telemaco Signorini, G. Fattori and Llewlyn Lloyd painted. In Florence she co-founded the Tuscany Painting gallery and started the exhibition Cuori Infranti. Then in January 2007 she moved to Paris and started painting urban landscapes.

    Brooksby considers herself to be a colorist. Currently she loves to paint the Parisian Blue Hour and NYC. Parisian pastries have also made their way onto her canvases.

  • ARTISTAnna [email protected] 06 07 78 75 78, illustrated haiku poems on Paris

    Illustrated haiku poems are called haiga. My current collection of haiku poems, inspired by Aha! moments of life in Paris, are paired with photo-graphic illustrations, then framed in

    natural wooden frames. They make lovely gifts for anyone who has lived in or visited Paris. All the haiku are origi-nals, by me. Both framed and unframed prints are available.

    Anna Eklund-Cheong 9

  • 10 Marlene Galzin

    ARTISTMarlene Galzin [email protected] 06 89 15 13 32Acrylic paintings, photography

    I like to paint, and also to transform pho-tographs, the latter using techniques of the former, but via Photoshop.

    My primary concern when painting or taking photos is to find abstract lines and shapes within the subjects which I have chosen to paint or photograph. I do this in my photography by using filters, and also techniques that are similar to painting techniques (retouching using various tools). I would of course be very interested in using the old argentique processes, which is more hands on, literally, but alas do not have space for a dark room...

    EXPERIENCEExhibitions at the Villa Savoye in Poissy and the Carr de la Farine in Versailles, as well as in several venues in the United States.

    FUTURE GOALSDoing more of same!

  • ARTISTKathy Giannini06 87 25 89 [email protected] colors + literary journals

    Im a person of quick takes, and water colors and mixed techniques using water color suit me to a tee.

    Words buoy up from the paint-ing, float and find their ways into poems, forms change as the paint invades a sketch, an arm swinging out from a person, a branch filling out the full place of that tree in the background. The interplay is constant, a moment drying to a stop.

    Kathy Giannini 11

    Brasserie de Europens

  • 12 Vera Guimaraes-LeBris

    MUSICVera Guimaraes-Le [email protected] 49 28 46 64veraguimaraes.comMusic Lessons - Travel Guide

    I cannot imagine a world without music.I have a passion for teaching music, defin-ing and refining music skills. Teaching people of all ages from beginning to advanced. Enriching lives. Building confi-dence. Growing talent. Every student has what it takes to become musically success-ful and fulfilled in the process of learning music.

    QUALIFICATIONSMA in Piano and Flute Performance / CDMSP. Chamber Music / UCLA. Member of Music Teachers National Association

    ACHIEVEMENTSVera Guimares students have been accepted at Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Stan-ford University, London Trinity College of Music, MIT, Miami University, UCF, UF, FSU and Stetson University among many other prestigious schools.

    Vera acted as Creative Director of Vero Beach Opera Guild Concert Season, Music Director of Choir and Orchestra at Saint Sebastian Church.Composer, Performer and Producer: Stir-ring the Forest, released by ITM Warner - WEA European. Piano Tutor and practice partner for the singer and actress Bette Midler.Composer: Film Score for the movie Something of the Night directed by Steve Sloane and the movie Phoenix directed by Ana Penedo.Music Director: Riverside Childrens Theater.Pianist: Riverside Theater

    FUTURE GOALSLife Long Learning Cultural Tours - Start-ing Spring and Summer 2015.

  • WELLBEINGVictoria Anne [email protected] 71 04 21 18

    Live Younger Longer and be Financially Healthy

    Reset and change your life

    We have identified the gene clusters responsible for our aging. Come by and meet me and learn more at the AAWE ShowPlace.

    Victoria Anne Hollingshead 13

  • ARTISTCatherine Johnson Jullian06 87 26 52 [email protected] Media

    What inspires me when I draw and paint are people. I work figuratively and love to represent faces, recognisable if possible, on bodies - clothed or not - in natural settings. I use various media including oil, acrylics, water-colour, pastels, ink, etc., often in combination.

    Ive been drawing forever, taken fine arts classes at college in California, various classes, ateliers and many sessions with live models over the years. Ive had exhibitions in Paris, suburbs and a few beyond.

    14 Catherine Johnson Jullian

  • AUTHORHilary Kaiser00 1 [email protected]

    Hilary Kaiser, Ph.D., is a long-time mem-ber of AAWE. During her career as a Maitre de Conferences at the University of Paris, she did research on, and inter-views with, WWII GI veterans living in France (including AAWE founder Phyllis Michaux) and then of French war brides of WWI and WWII who emigrated to the US. She published her first book, Veteran Recall, in 1994 for the 50th anniversary of D-Day. Then, in 2004, for the 60th anniversay of D-Day, the second edition of this book was pub-lished by Editions Heimdal (Bayeux), both in English and in French (Souvenirs de Veterans).Hilarys work on French war brides who emigrated to the US after both world wars culminated in the publication of her second book, Des Amours de GIs: les petites fiances du Dbarque-ment, which she wrote in French. It was published by Editions Tallandier (Paris) in 2004. During the month preceding the 60th anniversary of D-Day, Hilary

    was interviewed not only by the French press, but also by national French radio and TV channels. In 2005-2006, she translated her book into English. It was subsequently published by Praeger in the US in 2007 under the title French War Brides in America. Hilarys third book, WWII Voices: Ameri-can GIs and the French Women Who Married Them is a collection of some of the veterans stories and several new accounts of French war brides. It can be bought on Amazon, both as an e-book and also as a paperback.Hilary currently divides her time be-tween Paris and Berkeley, California.

    Hilary Kaiser 15

  • 16 AAWE Showplace

    JEWELRY INDEPENDENT CONSULTANTLiz Lenfantin06 26 74 09 [email protected]

    Stella & Dot is a social selling com-pany that creates flexible entrepre-neurial opportunities for women. Our boutique-style jewelry and ac-cessories line is available exclusively through in-home Trunk Shows by Independent Stylists and online.

    Over half of the line is under 50, ex-changes and returns are simple and free, and everything is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

    Stop by and take a peek at the latest styles and ask me how you can earn free jewelry too!

    The jewelry is designed and made to the standards of high-end jewelry creation, all pieces are silver or gold plated besides the charms line which is pure silver/gold.

  • MUSICLisa [email protected]

    My first album was reviewed by Down-Beat magazine and given 3 STARS: The mood is intimate as her duo accompani-ment of keyboardist George Mesterhazy and bassist Fred Randolph help her keep it quiet and subtle. An album full of love songs, The Nearness of You sets the pace with a lazy cadence and rhythm; Lindsleys simple delivery is delicate and unaffected. Other gems delivered straight-on include the Billie Holiday Classic Dont Explain and Cole Porters title track.

    Every great song has a complete story in it, with a beginning, middle, and end. When youre singing you have to be connected to the words, or theres nothing there, you have to have an emotional connection to the song. I want to tell the audience the story of the song, and my experience with act-ing helps that immensely.

    I attended California Institute of the Arts in theatre before moving down into the Los Angeles area where I was fortunate enough to become part of

    a professional enseble theatre group, The Imagination Company, with whom I toured the United States and the British Isles for 12 years.

    I honed my skills at Contra Costa Col-lege with Roger Letson, whose vocal group, Vocal Flight, was a six-time winner of DownBeat magazines stu-dent music award in the vocal group division.I studied with Maye Cavallaro, Laurie Antonioli, Julia Dollison and Pamela Rose at the Jazzschool Institute in Berkeley, a branch of the Jazzschool. Where I began teaching workshops on performance anxiety, stage presence for singers, as well as workshops in the music of Tin Pan Alley.

    Lisa Lindsley 17

  • 18 Susan Marchand

    ARTISANSusan Marchand06 20 80 20 21 [email protected], sculptures, paintings, poetry

    Ecole Preparatoire des Beaux Arts, ADAC - Peintures en Porcelaine (Prof. series). sculpting and pottery , Vallauris, Enamel on copper, paint etc. Icones, sculptures

  • WELLBEINGCarol Ngiar06 11 57 22 [email protected] teas from Japan

    Carol Ngiar co-founded the first com-pany in France selling tea from Japan and tea without additives. Chajin is still the only company selling tea without additives in France. Specialized in powdered matcha tea and high-quality leaf tea 100% from Japan, there will be commented tea-tastings during the ShowPlace event.

    Chajin was named Best Tea Establish-ment in Paris in Le Guide du Th Paris (ditions de lIf). Chajin received the top rating of 4 Teapots out of 4 in the guidebook A lHeure du Th (ditions de lArchipel). Chajin has appeared in numerous guidebooks as one of the best tea establishments in France, or for the quality of its teas. Many journal-ists have highlighted our company for publications such as Le Monde and LExpress.

    Carol Ngiar introduced the Chajin tea brand in 2000 at the first public and professional tea trade show in France, Tea Expo. Chajin has participated in events such as Salon Saveurs, Jardin Japonais at Jardin dAcclimatation (over 200,000 visitors), Japan week at FNAC and Le Printemps.

    Carol has given conferences at Tea Expo, Universit du Th (for 10 years), France-Amriques, the Salon du Chocolat, Caf & Th in Lorient, at the Ocha Festival in Japan in 2010 and 2013 to an audience of tea researchers, tea merchants from around the world, tea farmers, and tea aficionados on the subject of the protection of tea from Japan as intellectual property.Carol conducts weekly tea-tastings to groups and individuals, now in the Boulevard Haussmann headquarters, in its new location in the center of Strasbourg, and also at companies, schools (from elementary schools for La Semaine du Got to universities such as Sciences Po and Essec).

    Carol Ngiar 19

  • MUSICAndrea Offner 46 74 04 03Singer/songwriter, teacher, performerHappy to share my latest CD of music....Lifes Too Short

    Andrea is a teacher, therapist, per-former and singer-songwriter. She is a native Texan who grew-up singing in East Texas. Her voice matured at a very young age, and she was recruited to sing in church services before she could see above the chancel rail. Later, she attended SMU in Dallas to study music with a vocal performance scholar-ship and spent four years as a Perkins Chapel Soloist, but early-on, she chose to study Music Therapy. For 15 years, she worked with a variety of popula-tions from alcohol and drug rehabilita-tion, adolescent and adult psychiatry to chronic pain patients she loved every minute of it! Her first group, the Virtual Band performed her original folksongs at local festivals and benefit venues in the early 90s. She stays musically active in choirs, the studio, and community theaters. American and German National Anthems are a

    specialty! Through all lifes changes - she has continued to sing and write mu-sic. Delighted with her life in Europe, she looks forward to another 50 years of music making! She is thrilled to be living in Paris for a second time. She teaches, coaches and performs in Paris now. Lifes too short!

    Hugs to my dear husband Jan - and my wonderful children Claudia and Michael without whom I would have little to write about.

    20 Andrea Offner

  • ARTISANIsabelle Pepin06 10 21 41 [email protected]

    My love for fabric started when I was a child: I lived near Versailles, in an early XXth century house, with a cellar and attic full of XIXth century clothes, books and postcards. I remember spending hours trying the clothes on, looking at the illustrations in the books and making up stories. In the summer, wed go to the States. There, I was fascinated by the colours of my grandmothers summer outfits hanging in her dressing room. To me, that room was like an open door to wonderland. This inspired me to start making clothes for my dolls. When my first child was born, 14 years ago, I saw this as an opportunity to start sewing real things. Since then, Ive diversified and now make mostly bags of all sizes, pencil cases and lap-top/ipad covers. I see every new piece of fabric as a potential story, waiting to take shape.

    I am a Franco-American art historian. While I was writing my PhD, sewing be-

    came my indispensable hobby. My eye and artistic sensitivity were developed by studying and analysing pieces of art. When choosing a fabric, I can usually visualize what I want to make out of it.

    I sell online to French and Americans clients. Ive also sold items in Un Zbre au Grenier, Paris. I also really enjoy tak-ing part in arts and crafts fairs.

    Isabelle Pepin 21

  • 22 Catherine Seris

    ARTISTCatherine Seris06 73 52 39 [email protected]

    its an exciting time to be an artist(painter). Technology has transformed photography into paint-ing, graphic design has moved on to branding Image is king of the heap. Anyone and everyone has the tools to create, giving the painter a unique opportunity to prove art (painting) is more relevant than ever.What motivates me? I take my cues from Paul McCartney a childhood memory of a summer boating trip on a sunny Wisconsin lake with a Wings tune in my head and the feeling that it evokes. Paul says it this way: Id like it to have the same effect on people as it has on me. You get a good feeling off it. I would like it to communicate that good feeling.Ah, lets try and enjoy ourselves. Which is one of my big philosophies. Radiate bliss consciousness. Enjoy. If at the end of each day or most days you could say, That was a good

    one, it builds into a reasonably suc-cessful life. [Painter] Franz Kline said, Dont make so much of it, and I always liked that. Thats the sort of expression I latch onto.I strive to achieve that feeling using color and form in contemporary mixed media portraits and landscapes.Qualifications: University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS-Art 2D, 1987. School of the Art Institute at Chicago (SAIC), Summer Session, 1988. Les Ateliers Beaux-Arts de la ville de Paris (la Glacire), Prof: Gonzalo Belmonte, 2005-2009. +10 years in Graphic Design Industry

  • ARTISTKaren [email protected] 30 07 43

    I have been painting in oils since 2007. I like to paint street scenes or build-ings, landscapes and portraits. I also do abstract painting, again in oils.

    Karen Slama 23

  • ECO PRODUCTElizabeth Charlie SoubeletReusable food [email protected] 11 44 54

    Applesauce pouches are omnipresent in childrens snack bags in France, but they pose a certain number of prob-lems: the multiplication of single-use packaging that goes straight in the trash, and a small size (90g) that means older children often want to eat more than one.

    As a midwife and mother-of-five, I know babies and kids! When I discovered reusable food pouches in the USA last year I immediately said to myself Now this is a product that just has to come to France! Therein began the long journey of creating a business in France. Today everything is in place and Squiz is here!

    What is a Squiz Pouch? Reusable food pouch You choose what food to put inside Storage solution for baby food Indispensable travel accessory

    Green packaging Made in Switzerland from European

    materials: guaranteed non-toxic, BPA/PVC/Phthalates FREE

    You can fill the Squiz pouch from its large double zipper opening or with the help of the Squizine filling system. It is easy to clean: treat is just like a baby bottle and wash it with a bottle brush or in the dishwasher.

    24 Elizabeth Soubelet



    pour + dinfos et recettes

    Fabrication 10



    DoublE ziptanchE

    jE paSSE aulavE-vaiSSEllE

    granDE contEnancE 130ml

    Reusable food pouches

    Gourdes souples Rutilisables

  • AUTHORHarriet Welty [email protected] 13 61 55

    I am the author of three books about the French, all published by St. Martins Press, New York. They are, in chrono-logical order, French Toast, French Fried, and Joie de Vivre. The books I am presenting at the AAWE ShowPlace are French Toast in the French edition and the hardcover edition of my latest book, Joie de Vivre, in English. These books reflect my experience as an American in France married to a French man and fully immersed in French soci-ety. They are humorous and at the same time informative (French Toast notably has been used as classroom material for the study of cultural differences).

    ACHIEVEMENTSA journalist, former professor of jour-nalism, public speaker and author, I was educated at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) where I majored in English literature and earned my MSJ (Mas-ters in Journalism) at Northwestern University. I worked for many years as a freelance journalist for newspapers

    and magazines in Paris, including Time and the International Herald Tribune writing on French business, lifestyle, and culture. I taught journalism in the international program of Sciences Po for five years. I am often asked to speak about cultural differences to university groups with programs in Paris (Sweet Briar, Northwestern, etc.) as well as other groups.

    I am currently working on an historical novel which takes place in France. It is my first foray into fiction.

    Harriet Welty Rochefort 25

  • ARTISANLori Zembinski Chalabi06 28 58 51 [email protected] - quilts, jewelry bags, bracelets, and pins

    Having no formal artistic training, Lori considers herself a crafter more than an artist. She began quilt making in Chicago after taking an introductory class at a local quilt shop. She was pleas-antly surprised to enjoy the process of machine sewing so much more than she did when she took the clothes making Singer sewing class at age 10. Her early quilts were pieced with mostly Civil War and 1930s reproduction fabrics in traditional patterns. Taking a course with Nancy Crow, Lori began to develop a better sense of color composi-tion. When she moved to Paris, she was glad to find an active group of quilters and handicrafters within AAWE. Having built her stash of fabrics and having sewn numerous keepsake pieces for family and friends, this is the first time (other than with the handi-crafters) Lori is offering her work for sale to a wider audience.

    26 Lori Zembinski Chalabi

  • AAWE Publications 27

    AAWE PUBLICATIONSMeet the team behind our famous AAWE Guide to Education in France, Beyond the Bac - Higher Education in France and Abroad and our many education events.

    Pick up your copy of Let Them Eat Cake - an ideal bilingual gift for friends on either side of the ocean!

  • AAWE HANDICRAFTSMeet our fabulous handicraft team, and pick up a unique hand-made gift!

    AAWE Handicrafters work year round to produce one-of-a-kind gift items.The entire proceeds from the sale of handicraft items will be donated to AAWE.

    28 AAWE Handicrafts