shrink-wrapped in our own thinking: thinking that transforms

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Shrink-Wrapped in Our Own Thinking: Thinking That Transforms. Sustainability. Presented by Ariane David, PhD Senior Partner The Veritas Group Senior Lecturer California State University, Northridge [email protected] Ariane David, PhD The VERIT A S Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Shrink-Wrapped in Our Own Thinking:Thinking That TransformsPresented byAriane David, PhDSenior PartnerThe Veritas Group

Senior LecturerCalifornia State University, Northridge

[email protected]

SustainabilityAriane David, PhDThe VERITAS GroupCalifornia State University, [email protected] Im going to show you this afternoon that you dont really know what you think you know.1

Pamela S. Hartman, MS About YOU and YOUR LEADERSHIPHow I Became Aware

PROBE for Sustainable Business brings together the proven PROBE methodology with a rigorously-researched framework that encapsulates sustainability as a set of powerful and readily-understood principles The Natural Step Framework.

Old Model: Concentrated on environment; green.Are you practicing Sustainability in your facility?5So Do We Really Get It?There is no right definition of sustainability.

Intuitively we know that if something is sustainable IF it can go on and on without adverse affects.6Elisabet Sahtouris, writer: I see Capitalism as a pretty natural (in the sense of evolution biology) juvenile economic mode, acquisitive and creative, but believe it is high time to move into the mature cooperative mode if we want to survive current pileup of unprecedented crises.


Doogie Howser Hedwig and the Angry InchSustainability boosts EvolutionBecause we arent going to stop changing.Neil Patrick HarrisUnPRECEDented Crises

We are bombarded daily with many unprecedented crises.

Global Temperature differences 1880 to 2011 via Earth GLOBAL WARMING is one BIG unprecedented crisis!

A number of regions, however, are actually prospering at this time these include Canada, Russia and Scandinavia. Melting permafrost and a retreating polar icecap have opened up vast tracts of land in the north. Russia is benefiting the most of all, now that seemingly endless stretches of arable land are appearing in Siberia. The country is taking full advantage of this, with areas being quickly bought up and divided for farms.COOPeraTIVEWhat if everything we did in our little realm of control had this in mindOur discussions with external experts focused on the challenges of getting beyond incremental progress,

toward creating the technological and business innovations that can reshape our cities, supply chains and industries so that

7 billion people can enjoy health, prosperity and comfort, without destroying the health of our natural ecosystems.

JEFFREY IMMELT, CEO GE 2012Leadership is a critical contributor to the successful implementation of Sustainable principles and practices in organizations.16The Basic Toolkit for the Leader of the FutureEvolutionary LeadershipKnowing how to choose among existing alternatives as well as how to create new ones

Systems ThinkingSeeing things in terms of connected relationships, patterns and processes and not just in terms of separate objects, structures, positions

Sustainability StrategyUnderstanding the objectives of sustainable business practice and knowing how to design for them

Change ManagementKnowing the science and methodology behind moving people forward

17Your IFMA focus is broadand directly relates to SustainabilityMISSION: Promote knowledge sharing with integrity and professionalism to our members in the built environment and the practice of facility management.

Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplinesto ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process andtechnology.

a New Model for Sustainability: leading by principles within our controlIFMAWhats Sustainable?

PEOPLEHealth, Motivation, Social Consciousness

PLACEProductivity, Low Impact on Ecosystems, Cost

PROCESSCollaboration, Employee Engagement, Systems Thinking, Local Support

TECHNOLOGYInnovation, Space, Equipment, Learning

19We CANT do this becauseNews Flash!

Resistance is an illusion - it does not exist.

The only thing real is reactions to change.

20Reactions to ChangeResistance is a natural, inevitable and unavoidable human reaction to disruption.It begins immediately when people become aware of the change.It is neither good nor bad.It can be expressed overtly or covertly.

Perception is reality!


Managing Resistance to Change: Dont assume you know whats going on. Resistance is very rarely what we think it is.

Identify specific resistors: people, conditions, fears, motives (think fruit)

Identify the underlying causes of each of these resistors.

Identify specific enablers.

Make a Force Field Analysis for resistors and enablers.

Find ways of weakening resistors and strengthening enablers.

Sustainability Requires Systems ThinkingInvolves seeing the connectivity of our actions through time.

The conditions today are the direct result of decisions made in the past.

The decisions we make today will determine where we are in the future.


What impact will todays choice have in the long run?24One Companys Quest for SustainabilityMission Zero:

zero waste,zero emissions,zero use of non-renewable energy

in Interface by 2020.

25INTERFACE: Ray Andersons Quest for SustainabilityHow? 1 . Research and development: greening of all manufacturing processes

2 . Organizational development:Created a culture which would allow employees to participateInvites ideas from the rank and file, rejecting none without consideration.Encourages employees to participate in the formation of strategies and goals.Employee satisfaction is a high priority.Interface attracts and retains the very best talent and employee productivity is high.Employee engagement and affinity are highAbsenteeism is low.Productivity is high26INTERFACE: ResultsThis year Interface seems to be on track to its goal.

Greenhouse gas emissions were down by 80%Profits doubledFossil fuel consumption down 62%


27Learning Organization: ProblemQuality informationand communicationCollaborationEffective actionOrganizational learningOpenness / CuriosityAccountabilityMistakes are the price we pay for learning.Non-positional thinking is an ideal. As long as we live within our constructed universe being guided by schemas we will never be non-positional. However, in striving for it we become powerful thinkers.28

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The business of sustainability: McKinsey Global Survey results Oct 2011

More companies are managing sustainability to improve processes, pursue growth, and add value to their companies rather than focusing on reputation alone.

The Barriers for Leaders are FewerCapturing Value in 3 Key Areas

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Parting Thought

If you want a butterfly worlddont step on the Caterpillar.

Elisabet Sahtouris is the desire to find out what it is we might not know.34PH Balance Consulting&The Happy mind neurocenterPamela S. Hartman(805) 433-9163