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  • The 1989 - 1990International SPEBSQSA

    Quartet Medalist


    Also Appearing

    Prime Alliance Freddie King Master of Ceremonies1988 - 1989 Northeastern District Champ Of "Oriole Four" & "Pro's & Con's" fame

    8:00 PM Saturday, September 8th, 1990Providence Performing Arts Center, Weybosett Street, Providence, R.I.

    ORDER BLANK/I of Tickets Amount

    Front Orchestra tickets@ $20.00 = $ _Orchestra tickets@$15.oo=S _Loge tickets @ $20.00 = $ _First Dress Circle tickets @ S15.00 = $ _Second Dress Circle tickets @ $ 8.00 =S _After Glow tickets @$ 8.00 = $ _TOTAL tickets @ Total = $ _

    Price includes 50 restoration fee to Providence Performing Arts Center. Card I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Ior VisaLou I F~ ISIIICity SUIt I Zip Exp. DateA~ F'1lor.t(Dll,j

    For information and orders, call orwrite to:

    Bill WrightC/O Ballooney Tunes1041 Charles StreetNo. Providence, RI 02904Phone: Day (401) 728-8705

    Eve (401) 333-3546

    Please make check or money order payableto:


  • July/August. 1990Volume L, No.4The Harmoniur (USPS No. 577700) (ISSN 0017.7849) is theofficial publicalion of the Sociel~' for the Presermlion andEncouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in Amer-Ica, Inc. (SPERSQSA). It Is published in the months ofJanuary, J\!llrch, i\la~', Jul)', September and NOn'lIlber at7930 Sheridrlll Rmul, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140. Second-c1assposlage paidal Kenosha, WI lllldaladdiliol1111 Ilmilingunlet's. Editorial and adn'rflslng offices lire allhe [nlerna-Ilonal office. Advertising rates ll\'ailable upon request. PubIisher assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicitedmanuscripts or Mtwork. Postmaster: senti address changesloedilorialofficesofThellarmoniur, 7930 Sheridan Road,Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140 at leastthirt)' da)'s before thenext publlcnllon date...... portion of each member's dues isnllocnted to con'r IIle nmgazine's subscription price. Sub-scription price to non members Is $12 )'earlyor $2 per Issue.Foreign subscriptions are Sl8 )'early or $3 per Issue. 1990by the Society for the Presen'ation and F.couragemenl ofBarber Shop Quartet Singing In ..... merlca, Inc,

    The Song in this Issue




    4 Tampa awaits barbershoppers at midwintercover story

    8 Remembering the Flat Foot Four50th anniversary of our 1940 quartet champion

    10 Steinkamp on communicationsthe "dropped member" questionnaire

    Also in this issue

    ''I'm In Love With The Mother OfMy Best Girl" is a neat, easy-beat songfrom the year 1913, with a clever lyrictwist that saves the punch line fortheendof the second chorus, It's sure to keepyour audience wondering until you re-veal the secret.

    Egbert Van Alstyne and Gus Kahnare two ofAmerica's premier composersof popular music, Two of their greatestsuccesses are "Memories" and "SailingAway On The Henry Clay,"

    Far Western District arrangers DaveBriner and Lloyd Steinkamp collabo-rated on this arrangement and we'reconfident your quartet or chorus willenjoy singing it.

    Thanks, Dave and Lloyd,

    CONVENTIONSINTERNATIONAL1990 San Francisco, CA July 1-81991 Louisville, KY June 30~July 71992 New Orleans, LA June 28-July 51993 Calgary, Alber!a June 27-July 41994 Pittsburgh, PA July 3-10

    MIDWINTER1991 Tampa, FL January 28-Febmary 31992 Long Beach, CA January 27-Fcbnmry 21993 Corpus Christi, TX January 24-31













    Better ways to score a hitcraft by Sieve Plumb

    Pioneer District celebrates 50th birthdaygreeting cards from around the world

    Ernie Hills to manage Harmony Services Corp.full-time service added

    Tax law and the SocietyIRS changed our way of doing business

    More Snyde remarks

    Barbershop Around the World

    News About Quartets

    The Way I See It ...

    In Memory

    Chapters In Action

    Letters to the Editor

    Swipes n' Swaps-bargains for barbershoppers

    International OfficeSPEBSQSA6315 Third AvenueKenosha, WI 53140-5199Telephone (414) 6568440Tollfree 1800-876-SINGFAX (414) 654-4048Office Hours: l:l am - 5 IlIll

    Monday-Friday (Cenlral Time)

    Juiy/Augu'l 1990

    On the coverThe minarets in the foreground are a Tampa landmark, They are part of theoriginal Tampa Bay Hot.el, built in 1891 by Henry B, Plant. The structurenow houses the University ofTampa, a private college, and is located acrossthe Hillsborough River from downtown Tampa. The Plant Museum occu-pies one wing, (Tampa/Hillsborough Convention & Visitors Assn. photo)


  • HeavenIn "Seventh"


    The challenge of life.bridge building

    E very man is an island, with con-necting links to others. Some ofthese connections occur bychoice, some by circumstance.

    One's first bridge is that between theunborn child and its mother. After birth,our bridge network rapidly grows. Weare often given the choice to build or todestroy these associations. There arebridges of allegiance and friendship,bridges for communication, bridges forthe needs of life and bridges for love anddevotion. All require reaching out andtouching to create a bond. Once theyare built, maintenance is necessary topreserve the union.

    Considering the big picture, howabout organizations of people? Withinthe barbershop family is a patchwork ofmiscellaneous, incongruous parts joinedby personal bridges of harmony, pavedwith a roadbed of seventh chords. Ourindividual bridges effectively bind us andallow for the creation of three spectacu-lar collective bridges:

    Celebrating the pastWhat a rich heritage of songs we

    have. We are duty bound to preservethem. Through an aggressive programwe extend education about them to thegeneral public, particularly the youngergeneration. The music department atthe international office is presently de-veloping songbooks and tapes for useby school teachers to help youngsterslearn the simple, melodious songs of thepast-those that invite harmonizing.

    Children (particularly boys, since theyoften think it is not manly to sing) need tohear young men singing in quartets.They need to know that barbershopquartetting is a most gratifying experi-ence.

    Let's celebrate the past by allowing


    ourselves some "unserious" moments.The tongue-in-cheek beginnings of ourorganization, pleasurable socializationthrough woodshedding, could soon belost. What a tragedy that would be! Wemust take time to laugh at ourselves anddo some nonjudgemental, recreationalsinging.

    We must sprinkle into our arrange-ments some of the exciting, audaciousswipes and chord progressions used byour "four-fathers." What delightful, sat-isfying fun can be had!

    Let's repair these parts of our bridgeto the past.

    Sharing the presentIs your chapter a secret organization

    in your community? Public relations isthe responsibility of every member. Areyou flashing the Society credit card atevery opportunity? When your quartetor chorus performs publicly, do singerssing the right notes, ordothey make a lotof out-of-tune noise? Have you takenadvantage of the excellent PR materialsand gUidelines available through theinternational office? Are you constantlyseeking out those who might enjoy ring-ing a barbershop chord with you?Remember, MEmbership begins withME-what a way to "re-member."

    Singing in harmony provides a balmfor the troubled soul and an elixir forphysical and mental health. One of thehigher priorities in life is to share thiSmusic with people of all ages throughoutthe world.

    Forging the futureA bridge that is easily lost in the fog of

    daily routine is the one that reaches outto our future. Today's songs will be-come the songs of yesterday ... the oldsongs ... the ones that bring memories.

    We have a two-pronged opportunity.We must expose the great, singablesongs of the past to as many young

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    International OfficersInterl/aliol/al Hxeclltil'C COII/millecPresident: Charles ~lcC:mll. P.O. Box 40969, Nashville,

    TN 372{)..lVice Pn:sidcnt: Rolx'n l. Ceamal, 416 North Ninth,

    1\lascoutah. IL 62258Vice P(l'sidcnt-Treasurer: Terry Ar:unian, 47/\ Dol Ave-

    nue. Campbell, CA 95008Vice Pr('sident: Ernie Nickoson, 1702 Cameron Ct., lex-

    ington. KY 40505Immediate Past President: James D. Richarlls, 1459 CI:u-

    mar Ave.. Roseville. MN 55113

    ["tert/filiol/a! IJoard MembersCardinal: Lo...~ll Sh.lnl;. 2413 Slontbridg~. Ro"ling Grn, KY

    -12101C~nlrJI Sl:un: M)"ron lIuhgren, ~SO N. Armour, Wichila, KS 67106Dj,ie: BOOb)' Wooldridge, HIO SlhS!.. TuS("al~.AL35-W1E"ergrn: John Sh3d&n, 361 NE5th. Hilt\boro. OR 9712~Far WCSl~m: Charltl Hunler. Sr. 752 BdlomoA\e. SUMpat.:. CA,-lIIinoi~: Jim Gr.Jham, 2JO.1 WhilwnCirde, Urb.1na, IL61S01Johnny Apple5d: John Whit:tl:cr, Jr., 1952 Vicloria 51., CUY3hog3

    Falls, OH 44222landO' Lalcs: Clrl Gt':Ihn, N1SS1 Ilwy4449. Ripon, WI 5-1911:\IidAlt.tnli(':CI)'de Taber Ill, 1103 Mill Cre"'; Rd., F:alhIOll, MO


    Nonhcasl~m:Ernie, 5~ Robbins Rd., Walpole. MA 02081Omario: Bob I'.mler, 159 King 51. 1;, Ulooh'i1l1.'. 0:-: K6V ICIPiOOI: F.:ul Rerf)', 21130ClJirdew 0 .. ~arbom HIS.,:\II ~8127Rocl.;)' :\Iounlain: Fred Wi~sc, 3111 S. H:lIlan 51., Denvcr, CO 80235

    SenccJ Und: Jim H:lSscl, JI6 F.Ilgewood, Gml'e Cil)', PA 16127SOUlhwe>lem: Greg F.lam, 7130Challington, Dall:u, TX 752~8

    Slln~hine;Tim llanrahm. 215 Ilcdgl'\:ocl.; a .. Salellile Rexh. R.32931

    Past ["tcmaliollol Pl'fsirlCl/tsJame.s C. Warner, 6060 I'oplar Ave.. 5uile 295, Memphis, TN 38119

    Darr)'1 Rilln, 7975 CleHland A,'c" N, Camon, all ~4720Gil Li