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By Jan-Olof Sä From S-band to Ka-band N66 is a small innovative company working with satellite communications We are good at new solutions and we can do cost effective product development. Our customers have a need of unique solutions. We can work in cold environment.


By Jan-Olof Sänkelä

From S-band to Ka-bandN66 is a small innovative company working with satellite communications

We are good at new solutions and we can do cost effective product development. 

Our customers have a need of unique solutions.We can work in cold environment.

The Team

Dan GardefjordSystem engineer25 years experienceFrom system engineering

Magnus Ekelectronics engineer25 years experienceof designing electronics20 years experience from Satellite business

Mikael BrunnströmMechanical engineer12 years experience of Running his own company20 years experience of mechanical design

Lena SnällQuality assurance15 years experience of quality assurance SME companiesExpert in Lean production

Jan-Olof SänkeläProject manager17 years experience from satellite businessEducated in business developing

We ca also supply you with

SatphonesTracking system

Jan-Olof Sänkelä[email protected]