sign up for free and receive us$10 more than 20,000 merchants

Download Sign up for FREE and receive US$10 More than 20,000 merchants

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Sign up for FREE and receive US$10More than 20,000 merchantsPay Full PriceGo Direct ToUsual Way of Online Shopping

Do you prefer to pay full price or lesser price?


1% to 25%Way of Online Shopping

+ 20,000s More!


(Get $10)

Average Annual Customer Purchases CashbackCustomer Purchases Cashback CommissionCommission at 1,000 Free Member Customers$200$50,000Earn Commission from Customers1,000Free Member Customers

25% of CashbackFREE Member Customers$50,000a yearBusiness Associate


Question 1Do you get paid when your customers shop online on stuff they have been used to buying? Question 2If we could show you that you can get a piece of everydollar your customers spend, would you be interested to know how this can work to your advantage?Customers+ 20,000s More!




Cashback of


If MPHs customers and staff can register as FREE member and receive US$10, and earn cashback on every purchase, would they say NO to MPH?

30% of CashbackFREE MemberCustomers Average Annual Customer Purchases CashbackCustomer Purchases Cashback CommissionCommission at 10,000 Free Member Customers$200$600,000$600,000 a yearEarn Commission from Customers

10% of Cashback


10,000Free Member Customers

DubLi does not compete with any company. What we do is to complement and enhance every company and to increase its bottom-line.

DubLi Partner Program allows you to...

1) help your customers and staff to save when shop online

2) promote your brand globally

3) monetize your current database and expand your database globally with viral growth

4)give you the ultimate ecommerce platform and strategy to have a stake in this new digital economy

5)facilitate goodwill, loyalty and retention of your customers, employees, members and supporters

6)have no conflict with your core businessPartner Program

Cost of retail storesCost of employeesTransportationWarehousingInsurance

How Does Dubli Make Money?

AgentsAdvertising and marketing cost



Manufacturing cost lowest costWhich Path ?Partner Program$6,995PPA$2,475BA$594ReplicatingWebsiteReplicatingWebsiteCustomer Acquisition MethodsBannerFlyerThank you cardTable top adsEmail or SMS

Own White-labelWebsite

There are two ways to get started2. Start as a PPAOne Time Investment

US$2,4751 x Business License 50 x One-year International V.I.P. Membership Vouchers 1 x Partner Program Sales Certification CourseTeam Leader starts at 10%Return on InvestmentOnce the vouchers are sold and redeemed, get back $3,094.1. Start as a BAOne Time InvestmentUS$594Business License $9910 x One-year International V.I.P. Membership VouchersTeam Member starts at 5%Return on InvestmentOnce the vouchers are sold and redeemed, get back $619.

(10 x $49.50)(50 x $49.50)If You Say NO, Others Will Say YESPartner Program$6,995PPA$2,475BA$594Partner Program$6,995PPA$2,475BA$594






ProgramIf you are not going to monetize your database, someone is going to monetize your database.

They Dont Want To Be Left OutDo you know what do all these companies need in order to be successful? Do you know why all these multi-billion $ brands want to associate with DubLi?Simply because is best in bringing customers to these companies.

My Criteria for a Business TODAY?

Future Potential and Global ReachInternet-basedAble to allow people buy the stuff they already familiar withAble to allow people buy from their usual, favorite and familiar brand storesDo not require products trainingA money-making machineBEST

Bill Gates wasnt kidding when he said:If your business is not on internet, then your business will be out of business.""