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  • 1. signature directing styles

2. Catherine Hardwicke

  • is knownfor her teen focused films and her most famous to date being Twilght.
  • She has an indie style,due to many being independant,low budget movies which add a gritty edge her films shown in thirteen and lords of dogtown.
  • has close professional relationship with cinematographer elliot Davis (who is infamous for is use of colour and lighting) adds a more realistic depth to the films presenting the relationships between the characters and evoking the emotions of the audience to simpathise with the characters and situations.

3. various use of colours within her movies to present the undelying issues and themes in Thirteen,Lords of dogtown and Twilight. 4. Alfred Hitchcock

  • Through is successful film career he's been nicknamed the master of suspense by many film critics and fans through his flair for narrative to build suspense ,knowing how to crucially withold information from the audience in order to play on the emotions of his audiences.
  • the use of mistaken identity is presented within many of his films including noth by northwest whose main character is mistaken for a CIA agent,The 39 steps in which the main character is accused of murder which he didn't commit and The Wrong Man in which the protagonist mistaken as a criminal.

5. example of hitcocks' use of mistaken identity in order:The 39 Steps,The Wrong Man and North by Northwest 6. Tim Burton

  • He is known for his blending of "the terrifyingly dark with the whimsical and cheerful in a way"* which he uses to appeal to audiences both young and old which has given him international success.
  • He takes his inspiration from old fantasy epics, hammer horrors and Italian master Federico Fellini who he pays homage to in various scenes throughout many of his films especially in his 2003 sucess, Big Fish.
  • His continual use of specific actors within his movies including Johnny Depp,winona Rider and his wife Helena Bonham Carter add to his success through the already established fanbase generated by these actors and composer Danny Elfman.
  • He's always pushing the boundaries of the strange and fantastical
  • *-taken from

7. Just some of Burton's strange and fantastical creations including the gothic suburbian beetlejuice and edward scissorhands,Big fish,Sleepy Hollow and Alice inWonderland 8. Shane meadows

  • Although all of his films are low budget,he has used his unique and creative style to develop a guerilla technique which has proved successful in his gritty, less flattering and more realistic approach to filming with the ability of making his audiecne simpathise with unlikely and usually unlikable characters for instance the mob in TwentyFourSeven.
  • He also has the ability to completely change the expected genre of a film ,for example in This Is England which begins comedy-esque and morphs into a dark drama dealing with social issues.
  • Presenting a realistic look into social and working class issues.

9. some examples of Meadows' realistic social cultural(guerilla) style. 10. Martin Scorsese

  • Most of his films are set in New York which establishes the fast and intense atmosphere of his crime-dramas and thrillers.
  • He frequently uses long tracking shots,frequent use of slow
  • motion (mean streets and Taxi Driver)
  • His lead characters are often sociopathic or emit a need to fit in/be apart of society (are loners)
  • Guilt is also a prominent theme within his films and religion (catholism) for the characters to present and deal with the issue of guilt.(GoodFellas,Mean Streets ,Shutter Island)

11. example of Scorsese's long shots (goodfellas) iconic yellow Newyork taxi in taxi Driver Robery De Niro as Travis Bickle (mentally unstable vietnam veteran) 12. David Slade

  • Adds a dark edge in his films both visually and through plot ,in hard candy he presents the sinister issue of peadophilia with a role reversal of power,the girl being the torturer.
  • In all films has a good use of colour based on the genre and narrative plot and uses variety of angles which adds to his dark themes and visuals.

13. use of lighting and colour to produce dark and edgy cinematography