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SILL Presentation for ACTFL 2009.


  • 1. Stand & Deliver: Teaching in the Target Language SILL 2009 Melissa Ruder Bellevue Middle School Memphis, Tennessee

2. Presentation Outline

      • Action Research Topic
      • My Students & School
      • Action Research Plan
      • Results of my Project
      • Personal Reflection
      • If I had to do it again

3. Action Research Topic:Study effects of immersion Style Teaching 4. What is immersion style teaching? 5. Honors Spanish Period 3 Meet my students 6. Honors Spanish Period 4 7. Honors Spanish Period 7 8. Action Research Data Analysis Tools

  • Surveys
  • Performance Based Assessments
  • Personal journal of reflections
  • Student Interviews
  • Memphis City Schools End of Course Test
  • STAMP Test

9. Obstacles

  • Lack of technology
  • New school
  • Short class periods with large class sizes
  • My comfort level
  • Extra school responsibilities

10. Overcoming the Obstacles 11. Results of my Action Research

  • I discovered that teaching in the target language will increase theoral proficiency level and the comfort level of the student in the target language.

12. Student Opinions

  • I like the challenge of trying to figure out everything you say in class
  • I felt nervous at first when you spoke in Spanish the entire class period but after a while I felt excited because I could understand
  • It helps me use my Spanish in Memphis
  • I zone out and stop paying attention when I dont understand what you are saying

13. Reading Comprehension 14. Writing Proficiency 15. Speaking Proficiency 16. Personal Reflection..

  • Total Immersion
  • Classroom Management
  • Future goals