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  • Metallier Jewellery

    One of its own kind

    A Brand of Pukhraj Gems Export private limited

  • About UsMetallier Jewellery where Quality, Creativity and Purity

    blend together. We aim manufacturing and exporting

    masterpieces with finest of metal 92.5 Sterling Silver

    and Quality Gemstones in large varieties from cab to

    cut, precious to semi-precious.

    Showcasing each piece with brilliance matching up all

    required quality parameters but still economical to

    everyones pocket.

  • Our Strength

    We have our in-house gemstones manufacturing Unit

    and Emerald is our power.

    We have our dedicated staff, artisans ,designers.

    We are strong in both handmade and casted jewellery.

    We have a holding capacity of 100 kgs of products at

    one time.

    We can provide fast delivery of products as we have tie-

    ups with Fed-Ex services.

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    We are always ready for innovations and creations

    We are good in creating different textures and finishing

    like matt and hammered, antique and oxidized.

    We Provide products with nickel free rhodium in white,

    gold, rose-gold, black etc

    We have years of experience as this our Family


  • Our Jewellery

    CollectionsEach collection is filled with

    something remarkable .

  • Spotlight Collection

    Highlighted Single gemstone rings in

    different sizes presented in artistic bands

    of silver Designed for those who wants to

    get distinguished in the crowd

  • Natures Lap Collection

    A tribute to our Mother Earth inspired by

    nature. In this each piece is decorated with

    the organic beauty of flowers, butterflies,

    leaflets , fishes etc designed for those who

    loves nature.

  • Festive Charm Collection

    Largely composed collection of

    gemstones clustered together to form

    princess style rings magnified with beauty

    of colours that adds up a party mood

  • Romancing Art Collection

    Love, Worlds most beautiful feeling and

    easiest way to express it is hearts. This

    collection is a combination of differently

    arranged hearts in purity of silver forming

    up romantic jewellery which can be

    adorned or gifted on a happy moment.

  • Old In New Collection

    Antique, old , Timeless forms of art

    engraved and textured in pieces of

    jewellery but molded totally in New Era

    of modern thinking. Designed for those

    who are attached to their roots but also

    have a vision.

  • Personal Style Collection

    No Matter Tall or Short ,No matter Dark

    or fair this collection overrule any bias

    feeling and suits anybody, everybody with

    a touch of Class ,Style and Sophistication.

  • The Mohave Collection

    Let Eyes around you stuck on this vibrant

    green, magnificent mohave purple

    turquoise pieces with a flare of golden

    glitter and random fusion of colours

    polished to perfection for a dramatic


  • Emerald Wonders Collection

    The most Vivacious greens of Zambian

    Emeralds. Union Of bright green colour

    and opacity fused together to form

    lustrous green pieces crowned in jewellery

    spreading prosperity in life

  • Thank YOU !! For More Info Contact us on :

    +91-9928079299 or email us at

    [email protected]


    [email protected]