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Simon Moores on disruptive technologies


  • 1. Slowly and then Suddenly Simon Moores
  • 2. An Era of Possibilities What is impossible or unthinkable today in terms of data volume, velocity, variety and complexity, wont be five years further down the road.
  • 3. Storm Coming
  • 4. Can Innovation Come to the Rescue? 1875 Gas Lamp 1929 Electrification Ubiquitous Electricity Liberated Women Washing & Refrigerator 1950 Central Heating Power Tools Computers
  • 5. The Road to Context Computing Electrification The 2nd Industrial Revolution Computing The 3rd Industrial Revolution Robotics & AI The 4th Industrial Revolution and the New Machine Age. An Era of Context & Pervasive Computing Quantum, Nano, Graphene, Drones, Clouds, Instrumentation, Smart Homes, 3D Printing, Genomics,, Big Data and Machine Learning, Wearable Computers Datification & Analysis
  • 6. 2005 128 MB 2014 128 GB (1,024X more storage)
  • 7. 1 2 4 8 ...
  • 8. Id rather Be Vaguely Right than Precisely Wrong. 9/23/2014 17 Business Model Has Changed No longer all employee now includes contractors, partners, vendors No longer all on premise there is no perimeter Data Model Has Changed No longer mostly structured now largely unstructured Platform Model Has Changed No longer strictly enterprise (e.g., mainframe, client / server) now includes mobile, cloud, big data platforms
  • 9. The Megatrends Networks/Social Media Unbundling Mobile Devices Sensors Location-based Services Big Data Trust/identity Biology/Genomics
  • 10. Analytics is not about trying to use the numbers to prove a theory but to see what the numbers actually tell us
  • 11. A Game of Two Halves 89% of shots on goal produced from corner kicks are wasted. The team that shoots more actually wins less than half the time The team that gets to shoot first has won just over 60 % of the contests. The best defence will win a championship 46% of the time, with the range, from a low of 40 % in the English Premier League and La Liga, to a high of 55 % in Italy
  • 12. The future is already here. Its just unevenly distributed. William Gibson
  • 13. History Doesnt Repeat Itself but Sometimes it Rhymes.