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  • Easy Paper Snowman Art

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  • Paper Snowman Art Instructions

    Supplies Needed • Paper snowman art template • Construction paper (a variety of colors) • Snowflake paper punches • Scissors • Glue sticks • Markers • Twigs • Felt and buttons (optional)

    Directions 1. Print and cut out several copies of the paper

    snowman art template. Print the templates on sturdy card stock so kids can trace the shapes onto construction paper. Alternatively, give each child a blank template of their own to use.

    2. Trace, cut, and glue all shapes to a colored piece

    of construction paper. Invite kids to leave a small space in between each circle to give their snow- man the illusion of movement!

    3. Create coal eyes, a mouth, and buttons with a black marker or small plastic buttons.

    4. Glue a twig to each side of the snowman for arms.

    5. Use the snowflake paper punches to create a flurry of falling snow around the snowman. Glue each snowflake to the paper with a glue stick.

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