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Simple Creative Photography Tricks

Click Here!By Robert Schwarztrauber

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Creative photography tricks can bring new life to dull portfolios.A few creative tricks are often what separate average photographers from great ones. The nice thing is it really doesn't take much to become creative. Here are a few suggestions that can turn your photos from ordinary to extraordinary:Zoom In. Either by physically moving your body closer to the subject, or by using a zoom lens feature. The great photographer, Robert Capa said, "If your photographs aren't good enough, you're not close enough."Zoom Out. This is a really creative technique for DSLR owners with a zoom lens. Using a slower lens speed, zoom out from your subject AS you take the shot. This will result in an interesting motion blur radiating out from your focused subject in the center.Get Lower. So many photos appear average because we've seen them shot the same way so many times. That's because most people shoot from their standing position. Everything appears to be shot from a perspective of about 5 1/2 feet off the ground. Great photos show us a perspective we're not used to seeing. The flower shot from normal standing height is not nearly as spectacular as the same flower shot while lying down in the garden looking up at the sky. And for goodness sake, when you photograph children or animals get down to their eye level. This creative photography trick will greatly enhance your photos.Get Higher. Grab a ladder or step stool. Get up onto the playground equipment. Get up higher on the stairs. While this technique is in direct contradiction of the one above the intent is the same - to create a new and interesting perspective.People are so bored. They're mentally starving for a different view. Using a few creative photography tricks you can really cause them to snap out of it. When you can do that, they will proclaim your photos magnificent and you will be their hero.As you can see, you won't need to go to class or spend years studying photography. Providing a new view is one of the simplest creative photography tricks anyone can use to improve their photos.Robert Schwarztrauber is an award-winning photographer, author, and creator of "The Original Photoshop Recipe Cards" sold around the world. Through his creative photos and informative websites Robert is helping photographers across the globe add excitement and fun to their photos. For more information and creative photography tricks, visit his website at: http://creativephotographytricks.comArticle Source:

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