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Simple guide to TwitterPart 2 of 4Creating your Twitter profile


  • My simple guide to Twitter Using the new Twitter layout Autumn 2010 Part 2: Creating your profile
  • What is a tweet?
    • A tweet is a short message comprising 140 characters (that is letters plus spaces) which answers the simple question whats happening?
    • Twitter is based on the sharing of these short messages between people who choose to follow each other.
    • Its a bit like a micro form of email but public rather than private
  • How do I join?
    • Visit the Twitter website:
    • Click on sign up & follow the instructions.
  • Your username
    • Choose a user name this could be your real name or a nickname. The shorter the better (this will leave more room for your tweets 140 character messages).
    • All Twitter addresses are the @ symbol followed by the username (its like a contracted email address). The actual url address is
  • Example
  • Change how your profile looks & your privacy under settings
  • Privacy settings & notifications
    • Decide whether to make your tweets protected only certain people can read them or public - everyone can read them.
    • Decide on how regularly you wish to receive emails informing you of new followers.
  • Profile picture
    • In settings and then profile you can add an image. Choose a picture that you have stored on your PC. You could use a cartoon or other image, it doesnt have to be of your face.
    • Next to where the image icon is, go to change image and then browse. Find your picture in the box and select it by clicking open, then click save at the bottom of the screen and your picture will upload. This works just like when you add an attachment to an email.
    • Having a picture is important as it makes you appear more real and friendly.
    You wouldnt attend a meeting or a conference with a bag on your head would you?!
  • Example
  • Add a biography
    • It helps if you complete the bio section describing a bit about yourself. This will help people to find you and also help them to decide whether to follow you. Some people use a list of key words, others write a greeting. Its up to you but dont leave it blank.
    • If you have a blog or company website add this in the web section this should increase traffic to your site. Or put your LinkedIn public profile address.
  • Example
  • What it looks like on my profile:
    • If youre not sure what to put, see what other people have put for some inspiration
    • You may also want to share your location
  • Choose a profile theme
    • There are a few different themes to choose from to create your profile background. This is what people will see when they visit your Twitter profile. Visit design in settings to do this.
    • You can design your own background by choosing an image you have stored on your PC and selecting the colour scheme. To do this click on change background image and change design colours.
  • Settings
    • You can change any of these things at any time by clicking on settings.
    • For some tips, have a look at other peoples profiles to see what they have put in their biographies and also what their photos and themes look like.
    • Your profile is like your advertisement for yourself so think about the image you want to portray. I would suggest that be yourself as much as you can!
  • Write a tweet
    • Dont be scared, just go ahead and share something, it might be an article youve read share the link
    • Or simply say Im new here Twitters a very friendly place in my experience
  • Find people to follow
    • The whole of Twitter works by people following each other.
    • When you follow someone, you will see their most recent tweets appearing on your Twitter home page.
    • The easiest way to find people to follow is to find one key person, eg. @BarackObama and see who theyre following. Click on a name to go to their page and then simply click on follow.
  • Find people to follow
    • Search for something youre interested in (eg. books) using the search bar on the Twitter home page.
    • Here you will see all the tweets of people using that term. If youre interested in what someone has said, click on their name, this will take you to their page and click follow. See if theyre following anyone you would like to follow and repeat the process.
    • The more people you follow, the more useful Twitter becomes.
    • Dont agonise over who to follow, you can change your mind really easily at any time by clicking
    • on unfollow.
  • Finding people to follow
    • See how I searched for learning in the search bar, then I clicked on gatesfoundation and the box opened on the right, I can now click follow
  • That little blue tick
    • That blue tick means that this is a verified account this is useful for when youre looking for famous people sometimes some people pretend to be someone. The blue tick tells you its really them.
  • Dont forget to follow me!
    • My Twitter address is @vahva
    • The link to my Twitter profile is:
    • Tweet you soon!
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