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When learning ESL you have to focus your effort in learning everything you can to prepare yourself thoroughly for taking the ACT (American College Testing). Passing the ACT will enable you to enroll to the college of your choice and your dream of becoming a big name in the corporate world will become a reality.


Simple Tips to Prepare for ACT English ExamMany students around the world love to learn English, but they often get nervous during exam time. Students feel the pressure when they have to provide exams to take admissions in schools and colleges where they have to perform well if they want to secure their admission. The ACT test, also known as American College Testing is a college readiness assessment that focuses on the aptitude of the student in various subjects including English. Hence, students have to appear for ACT English exam before they manage to secure their admission in their favorite colleges in the locality.

The ACT English exam usually consists of 5 essays that have 75 questions that must be answered in just 45 minutes. This means that you only get around 36 seconds per each answer and you have to make the most of each essays and questions that are in the test paper. So, how do you prepare yourself for ACT English exam where time is quickly ticking away and you need to score well to secure the admission? Here are some tips that can help you secure better marks in ACT English exam.

It is important that you quickly go through the entire paper to feel how the questions are provided. You do not have to go in deep for this because you are only scanning through the questions to ensure that you know some of the answers and you can quickly get over it.

The first part of the paper is usually focused on grammar which is also known as usage and mechanics and here students have to pick the right answer from the choices provided. This is not complicated and therefore students can quickly answer these questions and save time for later. However, make sure that you read the entire sentences and not just the underlined portion because sometimes the error lies in the connection between the two parts of the sentence.

Some answers in the ACT English exam are just related to punctuations and therefore you need to focus on punctuations as well rather than wondering over which choice is the right one. If the choices are similar and the difference lies in the punctuation you should understand that you are dealing with punctuation question.

Focus on identifying the mistakes and you will be able to resolve all your problems quickly. If you know what is the error in the question you have got the answer as well. The passages and essays provided in the exam are intended to represent student writing and therefore these essays will not be perfect at all.

Read your answer before you move to the next one so that you are sure that you have made no mistakes. This will help you to ensure that you have double check all your answers before moving to the next one. This will also save your time because you might not have time in the end to double check all your answers and you can be sure that you have not made new mistakes while answering the questions. More on ESL learning materials.