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SITE ANALYSIS Group Members Abdul Noor Anusha Roy Joman Sardar Abdur Rasheed Kanonga M. Arthur Matala M. Tresor Hamzah Meraj

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  • 1. SITE ANALYSIS Group Members Abdul Noor Anusha Roy Joman Sardar Abdur Rasheed Kanonga M. Arthur Matala M. Tresor Hamzah Meraj

2. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION KEY PLAN SITE PLAN ROAD MAP CLIMATE & TOPOGRAPHY CIRCULATION VEHICULAR & PEDESTRATION VISUAL AXIS SURROUNDINGS SERVICES TYPES OF VEGETATION MERITS DEMERITS 3. INTRODUCTION LOCATION- Maulana Mohammad Ali Jauhar Marg, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, 110025 SITE ORIENTATION- South West AREA- 12400sqm (w.r.t Main Road) 4. SITE PLAN & SUN PATH DIAGRAM 5. AREA- 12400sqm 6. SPORTS COMPLEXM.M.A.J RoadKEY PLANJamia MosqueANSARI AUDITORIUM 7. ROAD MAP 8. SITE SECTIONJAMIA MOSQUENEW LIBRARY BLOCKBANK OF INDIA 9. CLIMATE The climate of Delhi is a monsooninfluenced humid subtropical with high variation between summer and winter temperatures and precipitation. Average high temperature: 31 degree Celsius Average low temperature: 18 degree Celsius Maximum temperature: 47C. TOPOGRAPHY Minimum temperature: 1C.SOIL TYPE- ALLUVIAL SOIL CONDITION- FERTILEPlain Site , with gradual slope towards road 10. ENTRY TO THE SITENo. of entry From Main Road Directly tothe Site- 2 From side road-1 11. VEHICULAR AND PEDESTRIAL MOVEMENT MAIN ROAD18MFOOTPATH1M SIDE ROAD6MVEHICLE PATH WAY INSIDE THE SITE FOOTPATH 12. VISUAL AXIS NEW LIBRARY MASJID AUDITORIUM MEMORIAL 13. SURROUNDINGS Jamia Mosque- 30 m Ansari Auditorium- 100m Memorial Dr.Zakir Hussain-40m Jamia sports complex-300m Holy Family Hospital-800m Dental Hospital- 1200m Bus Stop- 300m Bank Of India Post Office Kalkaji Metro station- 2800m 14. SURROUNDINGS The site is a part of an institutional area. 15. JAMIA MOSQUE-30m 16. ATM- Bank Of India 17. Dr. Zakir Hussain Memorial & Park40m 18. Dr. M.A Ansari Auditorium100m 19. SPORTS COMPLEX-300m 20. HOLY FAMILY & ESCORT HOSPITAL800m 21. DENTAL HOSPITAL-1200m 22. BUS STOP-300m 23. TYPE OF VEGETATION (soft landscape). 24. B.N- KIEGELLA-PINNATO C.N- SAUSAGE TREE # The tree is widely grown as an ornamental tree in tropical regions for its decorative flowers.B.N- PUTRSNJIVA ROX C.N- PUTRANIYA 25. MANGO TREE # 60 feet tall and produces a rounded, broad canopy that is wide as 125 feet.BANYAN TREE 26. B.N- CALLISTENMON VIMINALIS C.N- BOTTLE BRUSH # Height: 20 feet # Spread: 20 feet # Accepting of most soils including those with poor drainage.B.N-POLYALTHIA LONGIFOLIA C.N- MAST TREE Commonly planted due to its effectiveness in alleviating noise pollution 27. B.N- FICUS RACENFOSA C.N- GOOLARFLOWER BED 28. ORNAMENTAL PLANTS . 29. SERVICES 30. SERVICES Electricity Supply Sanitary sewer service & storm drainage Water Supply Telephone Cable lines for television Watering Pipe for Vegetation Fire yard hydrant Limited Parking for 7-10 cars General services: Fire And Police Protection 31. Sanitary Sewer Service & Storm Drainage 32. FIRE YARD HYDRANT 33. Generator Room & Transformer Room 34. HARD LANDSCAPEBENCHES Total-5 LAMP POST Total -14 35. Fountain & Watering Pipe 36. S I T EBUILT UN-BUILT RELATIONSHIP- 1:2V I E W S 37. MERITS Located at Main Road so its easily accessible. Centrally located in University. Proper Drainage And Water supply Available Canteen, Mosque & ATM Near by Located. Proper Service available, E.g Police Protection, Fire Services. Good accessibility & Connectivity of the site w.r.t its surroundings. 1m footpath running along the road of site. Site is located near a mosque so the region has peaceful environment. 38. DEMERITS Since side is located on the main road, Sound insulation has to be taken care of. Zebra-Crossing in not available Site is Present in-front of, another Library Block, due to which heavy pedestrian movement is seen near the site. Metro line is too closed to the site. 39. THANK YOU