six reminders for a great outdoor wedding photography

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  1. 1. Six Reminders for a Great OutdoorWedding Photography
  2. 2. 1 | P a g eA classical wedding normally prefers a large church for a wedding venue. Today, it almost doesnot matter if the couple chooses to be as traditional or as modern as desired, as long as thechoice deserves a yes to the couples standards, and of course, to the standards of the weddingphotographer. Indeed, the chosen venue may be an outdoor, scenic spot such as a garden or awaterfalls or a river. If of such kind is the preference of the couple, then the photographer mustbe reminded of certain practices he may need to employ for an outdoor wedding photography.Six of these techniques are thus listed below for any aspiring photographers consumption.1. Allow the couple to ultimately choose the venue. Returning to the couple theprivilege of giving the final say will of course be a professional act, much more a truesign of respect for their personal preferences. Moreover, this practice will have to benecessary if you would like the couple to have their personalities come out naturally,especially during the pre-wedding photography sessions.2. You may, as the photographer, give suggestions or recommendations of places basedon your experience and professional preferences. This will as well be necessary if thecouple would want a place they have never been to, or if it turns out that the manand woman are actually introverts and simply need some guidance for which to basetheir decision.3. Practice framing your photography settings and skills according to the time ofshooting. The position of the sun or the moon and stars can be taken best advantageof if you would just study outdoor lighting and certain angular positions that makeyour photos vivid and striking.4. Try to experiment on creating panoramic frames in order to capture the outdoorsetting in as wide an area as possible. Panoramic wedding photography adds so muchinterest to the overall wedding album which can later be produced.5. Make the outdoor venue appear very lively in your photos. As much as possible, try todepict movement in as many of the photographs, especially with living things such asgreens or flowers, and birds or bees. You may do the same with brooks or waterfalls.6. Be sure to preserve outdoor color during the photo-development stages. This can bedone by a proper employment of Photoshop techniques and the use of the rightprinting equipment. Output colors need to be perfected in order to preserve thedignity of your professional camera, as well as the aesthetic value of your client-couples chosen venue.