six ways to kill great ideas at birth

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Businesses work hard to srimulate creativity and new ideas, then kill them of with poor creative leadership. These are some of the sure-fire ways to kill great ideas.


  • 1.
  • 2. Six guaranteed ways to kill a great idea.
  • 3. It wont work.
  • 4. It wont work.
    • A quick dismissal that hides a lot of internal agendas.
    • Its a power thing its really saying, I know better than you.
    • But, if you really have doubts about an idea, the creative answer should not be; It wont work, but, How can we make it work?
  • 5. Weve tried it before.
  • 6. Weve tried it before.
    • Who is the we?
    • Weve all seen one person struggle with a task while another succeeds in minutes.
    • All ideas have their time.
    • The world is dynamic and changing. What was not right yesterday, last week or last year may find its time has come.
  • 7. Our competitors tried that.
  • 8. Our competitors tried that.
    • But your competitors are not you.
    • Take a look at what they did. Its far easier to see what somebody else did badly and where they missed opportunities.
    • You want to be leaders not followers, dont you?
  • 9. Its not your job.
  • 10. Its not your job.
    • This assumes that ideas are only the preserve of a special group of people.
    • It is a huge waste of resource and actively discourages people from putting forward ideas.
  • 11. Its not for us.
  • 12. Its not for us.
    • This says, We have a way of doing things here.
    • It means we think change is a dangerous thing.
    • Too much group think discourages ideas as it turns people who think differently into outsiders. Diverse styles and ways of thinking stimulate new ideas and a truly creative environment.
  • 13. Ha, ha, ha.
  • 14. Ha, ha, ha.
    • Humour is a wonderful thing, but laughing at a new idea or suggestion not only kills that one idea but discourages anybody from sticking their head above the parapet.
    • This is a deadly creativity killer. Nobody wants to be laughed at.
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