sketching basic kicker system parameters w. bartmann, t. fowler, b. goddard, t. kramer

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Dump System Segmentation

Sketching Basic Kicker System ParametersW. Bartmann, T. Fowler, B. Goddard, T. KramerMotivationIncrease number of kicker modules such that each module only contributes a kick below system endangerment thresholds.Investigate a segmented system to: Limit beam perturbations by pre-fired kicker(s)Subsequently avoid asynchronous beam abort.Limit the consequences of missing modules during beam extraction. Ease the feasibility of (several) redundant modules (hot spares).Summary of 1st assumption (last meeting) Total required FCC MKD kick: 0.15mrad (25T.m) (for layout with Quad-window) Available beam line length: ~100m; b=500mMax. acceptable kick on circ. beam: 2.75 0.75rad200 modules are needed for an individual module kick of 87m mag. length; total physical length ~125mModule length 26cm -> 75.4m mag. length; total physical length ~112m167122. for assumptions: LHC MKD systemDistances between magnets:Chamber head: 46 mm (LHC MKD)Usually 120 mm between magnets but: 400 mm for vacuum pump between every 2nd magnet (~3 m) and 275 for valve every 5th magnet (~8m)

Kept the same as 1st assumption - to be evaluated with vacuum specialists.Magnet ParametersB-field: 0.29 T Inductance L for squared aperture of 36mm: Lm= 0.4HCurrent: I= 8.3 kARequired Voltage: 5.25 kV (t.b.c) Generator main capacitance: 1.02 F Parameters (per module) B.dl [T.m]0.0862k [rad]0.517Length [mm]300Aperture (h) [mm]36Still to be doneBasic design of pulse generatorSwitch and main capacitor circuit Freewheel circuitDroop compensation ( 350s!) Switch trigger circuits

Integration aspects 3D Magnet size Vacuum System Switch (stack) size Capacitor sizes



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