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    Oregon Dome, Inc.

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    Building Homesfor Families, Businessand Worship

    Thank you for considering theservices and products offeredby Oregon Dome, Inc. Weappreciate this opportunity tointroduce you to our innovativeproducts, effective servicesand qualified, caring staff whowill work with you to plan and

    implement todays best housingvaluethe geodesic dome.

    Oregon Domes are praised fortheir energy efficiency, suitabilityto todays lifestyles andadaptability to every regionsclimate. An Oregon Dome homeis a beautiful addition to anyneighborhood. Our commercialbuildings and churches attractongoing public interest andawareness by their uniqueand practical designs.

    Oregon Domes experienceddesign team assists clients inplanning and building theirdome homes. Our design workhas been featured in manypublications and has receivednational awards, creatingmarketplace acceptance.

    Our understanding of designmanufacturing and on-siteconstruction puts us wellahead of the industry indesign flexibility, productquality and support/educationamaterials to assist yourunderstanding of the entirebuilding process.

    Oregon Dome recognizes thatbuilding today is a complexundertaking. Our experiencedstaff works closely with eachclient to design and plan acreative and practical dometo suit your needs and desiresWe encourage you to shopthe industry and compare! Weare sure that you will findOregon Dome Living awonderful experience andan excellent investment.

    The Oregon Dome Story

    Interested in a living andworking environment that isflexible, energy efficient andspacious. Roger Boothe,founder, chose to develop thebeautiful, affordable geodesicdome. Since 1975 weveassisted clients with aneasy to build, quality buildingsystem that appreciates invalue. We are proud of aheritage based on the ideasof R. Buckminster Fuller, thevisionary and promoter ofconscious living.

    Oregon Dome is a vibrant,family owned and operatedcompany. Linda Boothe directthe team that provides astraightforward approach toassisting clients during theplanning, designing and buildinphases. Linda has served aspresident of the National DomeCouncil. She has also servedon the Board of Trustees ofthe Building Systems Council,part of the NationalAssociation of Home Builders

    We successfully work withlenders, appraisers, secondarymortgage market underwriters

    Linda, Roger, Carie and Wills enjoy Oregon DomeLiving. 50 foot diameter dome on two-foot riser-wall with four-foot porch extensions.

    We welcome you to experience the collaborationof designers and manufacturing workers to createsuperior panelized products and designs.


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    and insurance companyrepresentatives to gainconstruction financing andlong-term mortgages for projectsthat comply with national modelbuilding and energy codes.


    To keep pace with an expandingproduct line and to streamlinethe drafting process, we utilizea computer-aided design anddrafting program on a Linuxsystem. With Oregon Domesexperience, talent and tech-nology, we turn our clientsideas into practical reality.

    Our experienced designersprovide structurally sound,

    functional, architectural draw-ings of the highest quality andaccuracy. Clients also benefitfrom being able to use hundredsof stock plans which wemodify to fit the individual site.

    This unique Oregon Domedesign service benefits ourclients by offering more than apreselected, packaged lookfor your project. We recommendthat you investigate this veryspecial service developed from

    years of experience. We areconfident that no other designservice or dome manufacturercan deliver the value, the talentor the quality achieved withthis terrific combination ofpeople and technology.


    Our company has builtthousands of dome homes,each meeting the desires of

    families and groups as well asgeographical demands.

    Our homes and commercialstructures have withstoodsizable earthquakes in Alaskaand California, tornadoes inmany parts of the Midwest andhurricanes in the South and inHawaii. Even heavy winter

    storms with winds of 100mph in the Northeast andthe impact of falling DouglasFir trees on domes in thePacific Northwest haveproved the domes to bewell engineered and ofsuperior design.

    Clients provide us withthe wind speed, snow loadand soil-bearing capacityof the location of theirprojects. We design andbuild the foundation andstructure to meet or exceedthe applicable codes. Whenexcessive wind (over 120mph) or snow loads (over200 Ibs.) exist, we usespecial engineering andinstallation instructions.

    We arrange for additionalengineering and state energycalculations when required.


    Oregon Dome usespanelized components toimprove the final productand make domes andaccessories more affordable

    and easier to assemble andfinish. We build your prod-ucts in a factory controlledmanufacturing environmentinstead of on-site. WhatHenry Ford did for autoproduction geodesic panelsdo for house construction.

    A close examination of ourproducts demonstrates ourconcern for detail and,more importantly, ease ofsubsequent construction

    phases. Standard OregonDome details like countersunkbolt holes, drywall backing,freeze blocking and insulatedwall bucks are not includedwith kits from other domemanufacturers. Our face-cutpanels provide a perimeterstrut for each triangular spaceframe, which makes drywallor other interior finishing a

    Three bedroom, three bath home. 35 foot diameter

    dome on five-foot riser-wall on lower level with tuckunder garage. From 2000 to 2400 square feet, includ-

    ing 400 square foot garage.

    Panels, drilled and ready to install. Workers set the wall

    top, part of the exterior wall kit for a 35 foot diameterdome on a five-foot riser wall. Clients select their

    windows and exterior doors locally, providing therough openings for us to draw and frame. All panels are

    loaded by hand at ODI, you and three others unload.


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    simple task compared to hard-to-finish hub-and-strut domeshaving only one strut dividingtwo triangular planes.

    Oregon Dome introducedface-cut struts, slopedcanopies, sloped dormersand sloped extensions to thedome industry. This firstround of improvements didmuch to lower the on-sitecosts of framing, siding androofing dome homes. Theimprovements pleasebuilders who recognize themany benefits of our product.

    Client Service

    From the beginning, we includeddome raising supervision inour competitive kit prices.This service has created an

    enjoyable tradition that allowsour clients to share a specialday with family and friends,secure in the knowledge thatan experienced representativeis on hand.

    We welcome tours of ourmanufacturing facility andframed only 3 bedroom,

    2-1/2 bath, 50 foot diameterhome in Veneta, Oregon.

    Award Winning Designs

    Economic conditions presenchallenges we overcomeby product refinement,

    diversification and a commit-ment to serve our clients.One example was our lowprofile 45 foot diameter domewhich we call the Pioneer, a1847 square-foot quality builthome. It can be contractorbuilt in two to three months foan affordable price. We alsodeveloped a zoned floor planstyle that created more rightangle framing. Kitchens andbaths were planned for thesame areas of the home,using standard cabinets.We use hollow-core or 2 x 6common plumbing walls, thatlowered plumbing and elec-trical costs and providedsound insulation between thesleeping and more activeareas of the home.

    Exterior wall components werintroduced, making it possibleto raise a dome and theexterior walls in just one day.A completely framed andsheathed exterior structure isready the following day forroofing felt, windows anddoors, creating a weathertightand secure building.

    News of this efficient housingvalue quickly spread, whichled to an introduction to theSenior Building Editor ofBetter Homes and Gardensmagazine. Two years later, oucompany designed and assisted

    with the building of his personaresidence in Des Moines,lowa. This beautiful home wasviewed across America in aJune 1983 feature article inBetter Homes and Gardens.An expanded version of thearticle also appeared in theSummer, 1984 edition ofBuilding Ideas.

    Roger Boothe, Dome Raising Supervisor, raised a30 foot diameter dome on a four-foot riser-wall withrectangular shaped PVR in a day with an all volunteercrew. Roofers arrived the next day to install theroofing in four days.

    45 and 50 foot diameter domes are popular and thebest home values available today. The loft in these3/8 sphere domes are bedroom(s), bath or study.When a lower level for garage, recreation, storage,and living space is planned, a 3,300-5,000 square-foot home is possible.


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    45 foot diameter domefeatured in June, 1983BETTER HOMES ANDGARDENS Magazine.

    During that same year, the LogHome and Alternative HousingBuilder, in its first nationaldesign contest, honored ourBandon, Oregon dealer withthe first Award of Excellencefor a residential dome. OregonDome also received the firstAward of Excellence in thecommercial dome division witha beautiful and cost-effectivePioneer style real estate office.

    This award-winning accom-plishment was repeated witha residential entry of our 50foot diameter home locatedin Eugene, Oregon. Thecommercial entry winnerwas our 60 foot diameteroffice building in Eugene. Ourwinning track record continueswith recent awards fromHouse BeautifulandBuilder/Dealer Magazine.

    Our Manual ProvidesTips and Techniques

    Oregon Domes Guide toConstruction Managementis acomprehensive managementand dome-building manual.This guide, first published in1983, contains valuable dome

    building techniques. Hundredsof quality illustrations andphotographs take you throughthe entire specification andbuilding process.

    Many clients have told ushow the Guide to ConstructionManagementhelped foundation,framing, roofing, insulation anddrywall contractors to betterunderstand how they canmake the repetitive nature ofgeodesic symmetry work for

    them. By organizing the workof each phase, owner-buildersand professional contractorscan generate substantial laborand material savings whileproducing high-quality homesand other commercial buildings.

    After deciding to build a dome,reading the material, written ina practical and straightforward

    manner, helps one to make anevaluation of their organizationalabilities, financial resources,available time and buildingskills. Understanding thecomplete project and preparinga realistic budget is the onlyway to ensure a successfulhome building experience.

    Whether you undertake the

    challenge or decide to turnthe project over to a generalcontractor or builder, theseconstruction and planninginsights will generatesubstantial savings.

    Extension as porch/entry, dining room, 39 footdiameter dome on five-foot riser-wall, featured in1,001 HOME IDEAS.


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    Building Stories

    An article in 1,001 HomeIdeasdescribed how ourclients, Debbie Jackson, aninterior designer, and herhusband, Taylor Heidenhem,an engineer, worked together

    to build an exciting 39 footdiameter dome using fivecustom extensions.

    In San Diego, Tom and BonnieBoyle were owner-builderscompleting their 45 foot diame-ter dome home, featuring acupola and full basement.Their story appeared in Do ItYourself, a Better Homes andGardens publication. Tomsenthusiasm for dome livinginspired a three dome home

    project they later sold.


    Oregon Domes hands-oncommitment goes beyond ourwork with owner-builders andprofessional residentialcontractors. Oregon Domeproducts have increasinglybeen used for businesses,schools, and churches.

    Geodesic construction at thecommercial level is cost-effective, offering a highlyvisible structure to enhanceany business location.

    Your Success Is OurSuccess

    Our responsibility is to keeplooking for better ways to turnR. Buckminster Fullersconcept into a living realityfor families and businessenterprises. The geodesicdome is an amazing buildingsystem, yielding excellentvalue and long-term investment.

    All of us at Oregon Domethank you for taking yourvaluable time to learn moreabout us, our services andour products. We are proudof the contributions we havemade to the industry and

    appreciate the support ofour clients. We look forwardto serving you and sharinga dome raising weekendwith you.

    This office, 60 foot diameter on Permanent Wood Foundation, received an Award oExcellence, BUILDER DEALER and was featured in PROFESSIONAL BUILDER.

    Nearly adequate scaffold for raising a 50 foot diameter, 2 x 4 dome with six voluntein one day. As many as twenty people are welcome to carry panels, move the scaffand learn about geodesics.

    Criscenzo family prepares feastin their 45 foot diameter dome.Variety of kitchen configurationspossible, often a peninsulayields functional space withadequate flow.


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    For more information:INFORMATION


    Getting Land Costing Builders

    Lenders Church Package



    $10.0019 minute video

    OREGON DOME, INC.25331 Jeans Road, Veneta, Oregon 97487 Photography: David Bayles

    Phone: (541) 935-5444 Fax: (541) 935-5812 Michael Dean, and Melinda HoldenEmail: [email protected] Website: Graphic Design: QSL Print Communications, Inc

    Oregon Dome, Inc. 1988 Reprinted September, 2003




    $42.95Lay-out throughsheetrock


    $15.00 Design and Building

    Ideas, 40 pgs. color Planning Concepts,

    60 pgs. plans