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  6. 6. iOS
  7. 7. Visual Studio for Windows or Mac .NET Library.NET Languages
  8. 8. iOS C# UI Shared C# business logic Android C# UI Windows C# UI Shared C# UI Shared C# business logic Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS Separate UIs per platform Xamarin.Forms Shared UI definition
  9. 9. Getting started with SkiaSharp for Xamarin.Forms [DEMO] Graphics programming techniques [DEMO] Final touches [DEMO] Resources Q&A
  10. 10. Have questions?
  11. 11. Getting started with SkiaSharp
  12. 12. Skia Graphics Engine acquired by Google in 2005 Open source C++ Used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Android Immediate-mode 2D vector graphics system
  13. 13. Xamarins implementation of Skia C# and .NET API Bindings for Windows Forms, WPF, UWP, iOS, tvOS, Mac, Android, and Xamarin.Forms NuGet: search SkiaSharp
  14. 14. SKCanvasView and SKGLView Derive from Xamarin.Forms View class PaintSurface event Info property: Size of surface area Surface property: SKSurface SKCanvas InvalidateSurface method Can draw to bitmap or SVG file
  15. 15. Demo Getting started with SkiaSharp for Xamarin.Forms
  16. 16. Graphics programming
  17. 17. Drawing Methods DrawCircle, DrawRect, DrawLine, DrawText, DrawBitmap DrawPath (the only one you really need) Transforms Translate Scale RotateDegrees and RotateRadians Clipping
  18. 18. Style: Stroke, Fill, or both Color: SKColor value StrokeWidth StrokeCap: Butt, Square, or Round StrokeJoin: Miter, Bevel, or Round Shader: gradients or bitmap tiling
  19. 19. Demo Back to Visual Studio
  20. 20. Multiple contours, opened or closed MoveTo and LineTo ArcTo: Three kinds of arc definitions CubicTo and QuadTo: Bzier curves ConicTo SVG path data in and out
  21. 21. Demo Back to Visual Studio
  22. 22. Final touches
  23. 23. CreateLinearGradient CreateRadialGradient CreateSweepGradient CreateTwoPointConicalGradient CreatePerlinNoise CreateBitmap: Tile with SKBitmap
  24. 24. CreateDash Create1DPath: Dashed with other path Create2DPath: Stroked with array of other path CreateDiscrete: Jitter effect
  25. 25. Demo Visual Studio: the final return
  26. 26. Start your free Xamarin University trial. Learn to build better mobile apps.
  27. 27. Starting at $83.25/month Use existing Azure subscription Flexible billing options
  28. 28. Documentation Demo Code Xamarin University Presents Webinar Series
  29. 29. Thank You
  30. 30. Q&A
  31. 31. Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.