skies data entry instructions for wia entrepreneurial training

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  • SKIES Data Entry Instructions for WIA Entrepreneurial Training
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  • Ensuring Self-Employment (Entrepreneurial Training) is Captured SB 6289 (Self Employment Training) requires 4 SKIES elements: 1.WIA Program Enrollment - Entrepreneurial Training, Service ID 214 2.Creation of a Service Plan a)Services Plan Goal, Self Employment must be marked yes OR the Goal Justification must include Self Employment AND 3.Follow-up service SELF EMPLOYED Q1 AFTER EXIT must be entered, AND 4.Program Completion Outcome must be SELF EMPLOYMENT
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  • WIA Program Pre-Enrollment All required elements must be completed in the General, Additional, and Program Data tabs. (Job Seeker->Core Services->Basic) -For more info, visit the WIA SKIES User Manual:
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  • WIA Program Enrollment Enrollment, Applicant Status
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  • WIA Program Enrollment Enrollment, Validation Program
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  • WIA Program Enrollment Enrollment, Final Step:
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  • Setup a Service Plan Goal set in Desired Employment Tab Justification is Self- Employment Click Yes for self- employment goal
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  • Enter the Follow-Up Service Choose FOLLOW- UP SERVICES Select SELF- EMPLOYED Q1 AFTER EXIT Actual start & end dates must be during the exit quarter. In case notes staff must document the self-employment details including the type, name, and address of the business, if available. This follow up service must be captured prior to the end of the quarter after exit.
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  • Program Closing Select EXITED PROGRAM Select SELF EMPLOYMENT
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  • Common Measures If these instructions are followed, your participants will be captured properly for the Entered Employment measure. SELF-EMPLOYED Q2 & SELF-EMPLOYED Q3 are required to document for the Common Measure Retention Rate measure but not for Average Earnings.