slamet hotel reservation

Slamet Hotel Reservation
Slamet Hotel Reservation
Slamet Hotel Reservation
Slamet Hotel Reservation
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Slamet HotelIn the Mojokerto city, has many hotel for you to rest if you visiting Mojokerto. Mojokerto has many beautiful place from nature until history. Pacet with the beautiful scenery and Trowulan with amazing temple and the Majapahit kingdom remainder. There are many destination if you visiting Mojokerto. And then, if you tired when you enjoyed your trip, dont worry, there are many hotels for you to take a rest. I have one choosen hotel, it is Slamet Hotel. Slamet hotel already built since 2002. This hotel is the best destination by popular artist that visit Mojokerto like Ungu band.

Slamet hotel is the first hotel in the Mojokerto city that give you modern decoration for your rental room with two star. Slamet hotel is the most comfortable and the most luxurious hotel in Mojokerto. In

there, you can feel comfort with your self, your couple, even your big family. You will satisfied with the hotel service that given to you.

You will find a comfortable lounge for relaxed with your family before you check in to the receptionist. The receptionist always give the best reservation service and suggest you for the best room that fit with your pocket money. Dont afraid with the price. The price will be suitable with the room that you order. In the Slamet hotel, there are thirty one rooms with the bathroom inside.

There are many kind of room, from simple room but comfortable until the luxurious room with many facility that you get if you order this type. You can add extra bed in your room. You will get many service from your room. Just call the receptionist what do you need, and the office boy will be sent your order to your room.

To spend your time in this hotel, you can look Mojokerto people activity from lounge in the verandah upstair. You can discuss and jokes with your family in there. Come on guys, if you want to reserve room, you can go to Jalan PB Sudirman 51, Sentanan, Magersari, Mojokerto 61312 or by phone and fax, phone : 0321 321400 - 0321 395555 and fax : 0321 321400. Visit Slamet hotel and get the unforgettable pleasure.


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