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  • 4 proven ways to help a stressed employee

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    Source: 2011 RUOK? at Work Survey Published AFR 9 August 2011

    46% of Australian employees rate their

    stress level between 6-10 each day

    And the cost?

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    34% all lost productivity

    $250, 000 average cost per stress claim

    Low mood accounts for

    Source: Sick at Work, Medibank Private, 2012 Comcare analysis, Nov 2012

    What can we do?

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    Lets ask those that know

    4064 people with depression or anxiety were asked:

    What worked best?

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    Compassion Access experts Revitalizing work Exercise

    From 60 different options these 4 themes


    What does this mean?

  • Compassion is.. OR

    putting yourself in their shoes

  • Its learning how to ask R U OK?

    Break the ice

    Listen without judgment

    Encourage action

    Follow-up OR


  • Its knowing how to access experts.. OR

  • 6 hours mental health lectures in 6 years of study for medical students!!!!!

    26% of patients discussed depression with their GP

    Source:Ultrafeedback 2006

    Source: Black Dog Institute OR

    Because not all GPs are mental health


    And yet

  • Revitalizing Work

    Its finding meaning in..

  • Exercise

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    Compassion Access experts Revitalizing work Exercise

    Anyone can CARE

  • Beating Depression 4CDs and Workbook

    BEATING DEPRESSION offers a pragmatic and holistic approach to recovery for both the person

    living with depression and their carer.

    The seven strategies are comprehensively

    detailed, and offer clear next steps, and

    encouragement to action. I particularly like the

    guidance on how to encourage a reluctant person

    to seek help and how to find good mental health


    Graemes personal story, research, and perspective add credibility and gravitas to the

    overall message.

    Dr Peter Cotton, Clinical and Organisational


    A resource that helps....

  • Graeme helps people lead a more resilient and

    thriving life by learning how to master their mood

    For further information about Graemes conference presentations, workshops, leadership coaching, and consulting please contact Sonja Firth his Support Manager on: (m) +61 421 147 620

    Graeme is quite simply a thought leader. He has utilised the lessons gained during a personally horrific time to guide, teach, inspire and coach millions of Australians. He is passionate about improving the mental health of Australian workplaces Nataly Bovopolous Deputy CEO Mental Health First Aid Australia