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  • Naturalezaby Emily Archuleta

  • Here is a flower here at school, its original color was pink.

  • A flower from my Grandmas friends garden. Their original color was a hot pink.

  • Trees at the park.

  • Flowers about to bloom.

  • More flowers here at school.

  • A palm tree from my cousins backyard.

  • Roses from my grandmas garden.

  • I was laying by my cousins pool on the grass and took this photo.

  • I was at the park and I was laying under this tree and decided to take a picture.

  • Another rose from my grandmas garden, its a little dead but its still pretty.

  • A tree here at school.

  • This flower was originally red.

  • Flowers from my grandmas friends garden.The original color was yellow.

  • I took this from the second floor here at the school.

  • Leaves that were on a tree at school.

  • More flowers from my grandmas friends garden.

  • A tree by the office.

  • Palm trees on my way to LA.

  • From the backyard of my moms house.