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Municipality of the County of Colchester Central Colchester Wastewater Treatment Facility (CCWWTF) Project No. 807401 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation for Equipment April 14, 2014 Quotation 140808.01Q

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Municipality of the County of Colchester

Central Colchester Wastewater Treatment Facility (CCWWTF) Project No. 807401

Sludge Dewatering

Equipment Quotation for Equipment April 14, 2014

Quotation 140808.01Q

CCWWTF Contents Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 TITLE SECTION


BIDDING AND CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS Information to Equipment Suppliers 00 21 14 Form of Quotation 00 41 01 DIVISION 44 - POLLUTION CONTROL EQUIPMENT Sludge Dewatering Equipment 44 46 26

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 1 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

1.0 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 1.1 This project includes the supply of one (1) solid bowl centrifuge unit

for dewatering gravity thickened waste activated sludge (WAS). Equipment shall be pre-selected by the Owner and installed by the Contractor as part of the General Contract.

2.0 DEFINITIONS 2.1 "Owner" means Municipality of the County of Colchester and includes the

Owners personal representatives or successors. 2.2 "Consultant" means CBCL Limited or its duly appointed representative or

such other consultant as the Owner may appoint. 2.3 "Equipment Supplier" means a person, firm or corporation who proposes to

submit, or who has submitted a quotation for the supply of the equipment, or part thereof, referred to herein.

2.4 "Supplier" means the Equipment Supplier. 2.5 "Contractor" means the person or persons, firm or company, whose bid for

the installation of the works will be accepted by the Owner pursuant to a General Contract.

2.6 "General Contract" means the Advertisement, Information to Bidders,

Tender, Agreement, General Provisions, Special Provisions, Technical Specifications, Contract Drawings and all interpretations or addenda issued by the Owner, or Consultant with permission of the Owner for sludge dewatering equipment for the Central Colchester Wastewater Treatment Facility (CCWWTF).

2.7 "Delivery Period" means the period commencing on the date of mailing of

the Purchaser's official order to the Supplier and ending on the date when delivery to the site designated for delivery, covered by the purchase order, has been complete.

2.8 "Purchase Order" means the document prepared by the Owner and submitted

to the Supplier for the delivery of shop drawings and/or the document prepared by the Contractor to the supplier for the balance of the purchase and delivery of the equipment described herein.

2.9 "Purchaser" is the Owner and is responsible for the payment of the shop

drawings and the Contractor is responsible for the payment of the equipment in conformance with the payment schedule on the Form of Quotation.

2.10 "Equipment Manufacturers Representative" means a person employed by the

Supplier, who is trained and is experienced in the proper installation, start-up, training and maintenance of the equipment or system to be supplied.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 2 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

3.0 QUOTATION SUBMISSION 3.1 Submit completed quotation for equipment listed in the Form of Quotation

in sealed envelope marked as follows: QUOTATION - MUNICIPALITY OF THE COUNTY OF COLCHESTER SLUDGE DEWATERING EQUIPMENT QUOTATION FOR EQUIPMENT QUOTATION NO. 140808.01Q and addressed to: CBCL Limited Consulting Engineers 1489 Hollis Street P.O. Box 606 Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2R7 Telephone: (902) 421-7241, Ext. 7978 Fax: (902) 423-3938 Attention: Mike Abbott, P.Eng., M.Sc. and must be delivered to the Consultant at the above address no later

than 3:00 p.m., local time on Friday, May 2, 2014. 3.2 Submit quotations on the Form of Quotation provided. Completely fill out

forms in ink. The completed form shall be without interlineation, alterations, or erasures. Signatures must be witnessed.

3.3 No other form of Quotation will be acceptable. The appending of any

qualifying clauses to the Quotation or failure to comply with these instructions in the completing of any quotations renders such quotation liable to disqualification. The quotation as originally submitted shall be essentially complete to permit a full analysis without the need for additional information. The supplementary explanation is assumed or intended.

3.4 Quotation shall be valid for acceptance for a period of six (6) months

from the date set for its delivery to the Consultant. 3.5 The Owner will not defray any expenses whatsoever incurred by Equipment

Suppliers in the preparation and submission of their quotations. 4.0 CLARIFICATION AND ADDENDA 4.1 Notify Consultant of omissions, errors or ambiguities found in the

Quotation Documents. If Consultant considers that correction, explanation or interpretation is necessary, a written addendum will be issued. All addenda will form part of Quotation Documents.

4.2 No oral explanation in regard to the meaning of the quotation documents

will be made and no oral instructions will be given before the selection of equipment.

4.3 Address technical questions to Mr. Mike Abbott, P.Eng., M.Sc., at CBCL

Limited, 1489 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2R7, telephone: (902) 421-7241, ext. 7978, fax: (902) 423-3938, e-mail: [email protected]

mailto:[email protected]

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 3 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

5.0 PURPOSE AND PROCEDURE 5.1 The purpose of receiving proposals in accordance with these documents is

to permit examination of a variety of equipment on a comparable basis in order to select the equipment best fulfilling the Owner's requirements.

5.2 The procedure, in general, will be as follows: .1 Receive and assess quotations for equipment. Request and receive

additional information as necessary. .2 Select equipment. .3 Notify successful Equipment Supplier and conduct correspondence as

required. .4 Owner places Purchase Order for the shop drawings for the selected

equipment and becomes responsible for paying the Equipment Supplier in accordance with Payment Schedule in the Form of Quotation.

.5 Request shop drawings, review, comment on and return shop drawings. .6 Complete contract documents, and call Tenders for General Contract. .7 Award a General Contract in which the Contractor becomes

responsible for paying the Equipment Supplier for the balance in accordance with the Payment Schedule in the Form of Quotation and will be responsible for installation of pre-selected equipment. The Supplier is responsible for the supply, delivery and guarantee of the equipment in accordance with the requirements of this Quotation, subsequent correspondence and to the General Contract.

.8 The Contractor, under a separate contract, will carry out or arrange for receiving, storing and installation of the equipment under the Terms of the General Contract.

6.0 INFORMATION WITH PROPOSAL 6.1 Proposals shall be accompanied by two (2) copies of the following

information: .1 Descriptive literature, specifications engineering and operating

requirements and data on every item of equipment quoted. .2 Dimensional drawings, plans, details of every item of equipment

quoted showing general construction and assembly, principal dimensions, materials of construction, material thickness, and finishes.

.3 Description of assembly required at the site including equipment, manpower, and time required.

.4 Performance curves or data on the full range of design conditions. .5 Complete materials and parts list included with the equipment

quoted, with priced recommended spare parts lists. Provide manufacturers name and model numbers for equipment components and materials.

.6 Location of nearest qualified manufacturers service facility and parts stock to Truro, NS.

.7 Size, number and weight of the shipped packages containing the equipment, and method of shipment.

.8 Dimensioned information concerning clear space required around equipment for regular servicing and maintenance.

.9 Provide additional information as may be identified in the technical specification for any equipment item.

.10 Provide price, delivery and site services information as requested in the Form of Quotation.

.11 Provide a detailed and quantitative description of the various items of work required to be performed by the Contractor to install the equipment in the field.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 4 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

.12 Provide the list of installations and contact persons for the proposed equipment.

.13 Agree that submission of the foregoing data constitutes a guarantee that the units proposed conform thereto, and are in accordance with, these specifications.

.14 Describe quality assurance/control program, if applicable, employed by the fabricator for this project.

.15 Description of what type and quality of lubricants are required for installation, start-up and permanent operation of the pre-selected equipment.

.16 The Supplier shall provide recommended spare parts within their scope of supply for pre-selected equipment. The cost to provide said spare parts shall be included in the price quoted in the Form of Quotation for pre-selected equipment.

.17 Submit with the quotation, a written description of the system operation.

7.0 PRICES 7.1 Quoted prices shall include for delivery to the site of the works.

Unloading at the site and equipment storage shall be carried out by the Owner or Contractor under the General Contract.

7.2 Quoted prices shall exclude Harmonized Sales Tax. 7.3 The fixed quoted prices shall be in Canadian dollars, and shall include

and cover all contingencies and provisional sums; all patents and licensing fees, duties, and handling charges, transportation and all other charges.

7.4 The prices contained in proposals for the scope of supply shall be fixed

and open for acceptance for a period of six (6) months after the closing date for receipt of Quotations. It is anticipated that the project timeline will result in the Owner placing their purchase order for shop drawings in the spring of 2014 and the Contractor placing their purchase order in the fall of 2014. Provided that a written order for the equipment is placed by the Owner and Contractor within the above-mentioned period of validity of the quotation, there shall be no increase in the quoted price of the equipment.

7.5 Notwithstanding that it may be known at the time of submission of a

quotation that increased or decreased foreign exchange will become chargeable on the equipment in the near future, only foreign exchange applicable on the closing date for receipt of quotations shall be included by the Supplier in the quoted price. Any increase or decrease in the foreign exchange applicable to the said equipment between the closing date and date of Purchase Orders shall result in a corresponding increase or decrease in the price charged by the Supplier save that no change in price shall be made if the net amount of increase or decrease is less than $500. Any increase or decrease in price shall be claimed by the Supplier through the Contractor and debited or credited. The Supplier will state foreign exchange rate used in preparation of the quotation on the Form of Quotation.

7.6 The Supplier shall notify the Purchaser and the Consultant promptly of

relevant changes in rate of import duty or foreign exchange.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 5 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

7.7 If, in the opinion of the Owner, the net increase in price as a result of any change in the rate of import duty or foreign exchange will be such as to affect the relative standing of the pre-selected equipment in relation to equipment offered by other Suppliers, the Owner may at its discretion, and provided that a written order has not already been placed for the said pre-selected equipment, reject the pre-selected equipment and direct that other equipment shall be ordered instead.

7.8 The Supplier shall submit the quotation on the Form of Quotation

without any connection, comparison of figures with, or knowledge of any other corporation, firm or person making a quotation for similar equipment for this project and the proposal shall be in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud.

8.0 SHOP DRAWINGS AND PRODUCT INFORMATION MATERIAL 8.1 The Supplier shall submit to the Consultant for review, detailed shop

drawings and product information for the equipment to be supplied as noted in the technical specifications. All documents to be supplied with metric units. Shop drawings shall be supplied three (3) weeks from date the Owners Purchase Order is placed.

8.2 Four (4) copies of the material shall be submitted in their entirety for

all items of equipment being supplied and shall be complete in every detail and show clear compliance with the specifications. Electronic copies of shop drawings in PDF file format is an acceptable alternative to hard copies. Electronic copies shall be high quality and suitable for reproduction at 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 17 paper size. Submit original information in lieu of scanned copies. Illegible or low quality shop drawings will be rejected. For electronic submissions, the Consultant will return a scanned copy of mark-ups with shop drawing stamp.

8.3 The Consultant will review and mark comments as required on two (2) hard

copies or a single scanned electronic copy of the material and return them to the Supplier indicating "no apparent errors", "apparent error noted", "rejected - see remarks", "revise and resubmit", and the Consultant will retain two (2) copies. Review of Suppliers shop drawings by the Consultant shall not relieve the Supplier of the responsibility for the correctness thereof nor for the results arising from any error or omission in details of the design. Resubmit all drawings marked "rejected - see remarks" or "revise and resubmit".

8.4 Review of shop drawings and acceptance of the equipment shall in any case

be subject to final approval of the equipment and materials after they have been commissioned, all guarantees being fulfilled and the general operation of the equipment and materials having been found satisfactory by the Consultant.

8.5 After the drawings, information and material have been reviewed by the

Consultant, no change shall be made in them without the Consultant's written permission. In the event of any alterations or changes being authorized, four (4) prints or single electronic file of each of the final drawings and specifications indicating these changes shall be immediately furnished at the Supplier's expense.

8.6 The Owner will not accept responsibility for cost of changes necessary if

any equipment is fabricated without prior review of shop drawings.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 6 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

Review of shop drawings does not relieve the Supplier of responsibility to meet the requirements of the specifications.

8.7 The Supplier shall not ship for delivery any equipment to the job site

until suitable reviewed shop drawings have been released by the Consultant and until required factory testing is completed.

8.8 The material and drawing information shall include: .1 Dimensional outlines, sections and detail of all equipment, anchor

bolt location plan, size of recommended concrete equipment pad and required clearances.

.2 General assembly drawing with weights, service requirements, points of connection, flush water flow requirements, recommended clearances, and complete parts list.

.3 Information concerning any proprietary components outsourced and fitted, such as electric motors and other electrical devices, drive mechanisms, valves, controls and the like.

.4 Control panel or junction box layout drawing including block wiring diagram and Bill of Materials. Provide complete wiring and field interconnection drawings.

.5 Detailed instruction for the erection of equipment. .6 Recommended spare parts. .7 Detailed information on equipment lubricants. 8.9 The Supplier shall confirm what type and quantity of lubricants are

required for the installation, startup and permanent operation of the pre-selected equipment. The installing Contractor will be responsible for supplying and installing such lubricants.

9.0 OPERATIONS AND MAINTENANCE MANUALS 9.1 The Supplier shall furnish operations and maintenance manuals containing

information or specifying instructions for the following: .1 receiving, handling, storage; .2 installation, alignment checks; .3 electrical connections; .4 instrumentation requirements; .5 operation; .6 servicing and maintenance procedures; .7 relevant drawings; .8 detailed spare parts list complete with current price list; .9 safety instructions; and .10 tests and Supplier inspection procedures. 9.2 Provide material not later than the date when installation of equipment

will commence. Include cost of providing this material in quoted price for supply of equipment.

9.3 Provide five (5) sets of operation and maintenance manuals and one (1)

digital copy in PDF format. It is intended that three (3) complete sets shall be provided to the Owner. It is intended that one (1) additional set to be provided to the Contractor to be used during installation, start-up and commissioning.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 7 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

10.0 INSPECTION AT FACTORY 10.1 The Consultant may, before or after pre-selection of equipment has been

made, inspect the manufacturing, assembling and testing facilities at the Suppliers factory or at the factory of a proposed sub-supplier of the Supplier, and be satisfied of the capability and facilities to manufacture and test the required equipment.

10.2 The Consultant may inspect the equipment or the process of manufacture or

testing of the equipment at the Suppliers factory or at the factory of a sub-supplier of the Supplier at any reasonable time. The Consultant may notify the Supplier at any time of unsatisfactory materials, workmanship or processes.

10.3 The Supplier shall provide every reasonable facility, access and co-

operation to assist the Consultant in carrying out inspection or testing at the factory or plant.

10.4 Shop tests shall not constitute a waiver of requirements to meet actual

field operating conditions or relieve the Supplier of their responsibility.

11.0 TESTING 11.1 Where witnessed testing at the factory is specified, the Supplier shall

give the Consultant reasonable written notice, with copies to the Owner of the date when the equipment will be ready for such testing. Equipment is not to be delivered to the Site until such testing has been completed satisfactory, as specified.

11.2 Where certified factory testing of the equipment or any component part

thereof is specified, the Supplier shall furnish copies of the required certified test reports, showing that the equipment complies with the specifications, to the Consultant and the Owner before the equipment is delivered to Site.

12.0 DELIVERY, STORAGE AND HANDLING 12.1 All equipment shall be shipped completely assembled where possible. Large

fabricated assemblies shall be shipped in sub-assemblies as large as practical from the point of view of moving them into and about the structures, and piece-marked to facilitate field erection.

12.2 The Supplier shall cooperate with the Owner and Contractor in the matter

of packaging, time of delivery and shipping. Equipment shall be delivered duty paid (DDP), Truro, Nova Scotia and shall include cargo insurance, freight and any duty fees.

12.3 The Supplier shall quote a guaranteed delivery period from the date of

the purchase order for each item of equipment for which a quotation is submitted.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 8 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014

12.4 The quoted delivery period shall allow for: .1 The time required by the Purchaser's official order to reach the

Supplier by mail. .2 A three (3) week period for Supplier to submit shop drawings. .3 A two (2) week period for Consultant to review shop drawings. .4 The Supplier shall be entitled to an extension on the account of

delays attributable to acts of God or other matters which were not the fault of the Supplier and over which the Supplier had no control provided that the Supplier or manufacturer took all possible action to reduce delays and notified the Owner and Contractor promptly of the occurrence of such delays.

.5 Delivery of anchor bolts and parts to be embedded which are required in advance of taking delivery of equipment shall be made when required by the Purchaser.

12.5 The equipment and appurtenances shall be delivered to the Site of the

work in a condition satisfactory to the Consultant and the Owner and any omissions, discrepancies or damage evident on delivery shall be made good by the Supplier.

12.6 The Contractor at the Site shall sign the carrier's pro bill to indicate

receipt of the required number of crates, packages, and shall note any apparent shortages of or visible damage to such crates and packages. The Supplier shall furnish to the Contractor lists showing the contents of the crates and packages available at the job site when delivery of the equipment and appurtenances is made. Within seven (7) days after the date of delivery to the job site, the Contractor will notify the Supplier in writing of shortages or damage in the equipment delivered.

13.0 SERVICES REQUIRED AT SITE 13.1 The Supplier shall supply the services of a competent, factory-trained

technical representative for the minimum period specified in the technical specification, at no additional cost to the Contract, to commission the equipment. Additional commissioning service shall be at the quoted price per day as outlined in the Form of Quotation.

13.2 The technical representative shall provide the services stated in the

relevant technical sections and shall operate and demonstrate the equipment to the Owner's operating and maintenance staff.

13.3 The Supplier shall provide to the Consultant, a letter or certificate

stating that the qualified representative has found the installation to be in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

14.0 EVALUATION OF QUOTATIONS 14.1 Quotations will be evaluated based on durability and reliability of

equipment construction, information submitted with the quotation, control methodology, infrastructure requirements, capital and installation cost, operating and maintenance cost, performance records and references, Canadian and local content, and other factors, which may affect the overall cost and performance of the final product.

CCWWTF Information to Section 00 21 14 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 9 Quotation 140808.01Q Suppliers April 2014


15.0 NOTIFYING RESULTS 15.1 When the selection of equipment has been made, the Consultant will send

to each of the Suppliers who submitted a valid quotation, a letter notifying them of the outcome of the selection process.

16.0 AMENDMENT OR WITHDRAWAL OF QUOTATION 16.1 Quotations may be amended or withdrawn by letter, telegram, or facsimile. 16.2 Head amendment or withdrawal as follows: "Amendment/Withdrawal of

Quotation for Equipment, Municipality of the County of Colchester, Sludge Dewatering Equipment, Quotation for Equipment, Quotation No. 140808.01Q". Sign and seal as required for Quotation, and submit at address given for receipt of quotations prior to time of closing.

17.0 INFORMAL OR UNBALANCED QUOTATION 17.1 Quotations, which in the opinion of the Owner are considered to be

informal or unbalanced, may be rejected. 18.0 RIGHT TO ACCEPT OR REJECT ANY QUOTATION 18.1 The Owner will select a Supplier based on the total technical, delivery,

warranty and commercial content of the tender packages. The low quotation will not necessarily be selected by the Owner. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Quotations.

CCWWTF Form of Section 00 41 01 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation Page 1 Quotation 140808.01Q March 2014

1.0 SALUTATION 1.1 To: Municipality of the County of Colchester c/o CBCL Limited Consulting Engineers 1489 Hollis Street P.O. Box 606 Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada B3J 2R7 Attention: Mike Abbott, P.Eng., M.Sc. 1.2 For: Central Colchester Wastewater Treatment Facility (CCWWTF) Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation for Equipment Quotation 140808.01Q 1.3 From: 2.0 DECLARATION We, the undersigned Supplier, having carefully examined the Quotation

Documents in respect to quotations for the equipment listed in the Form of Quotation, and Specifications herewith submit in accordance with the terms set out in the documents our quotation for the specified equipment.

We agree that, in case of any conflict between the terms and conditions

set out in our accompanying quotation and the terms and conditions set out in the quotation documents, the provisions of the quotation documents shall take precedence and shall govern.

We declare that our quotation for the equipment is made without any

connection, comparison of figures, or arrangements with or knowledge of any other corporation, firm or person making a quotation for similar equipment for this project and is in all respects fair, without collusion or fraud.

We undertake to keep our quotation valid and open for acceptance for a

period of six (6) months after the closing date for submission of quotations, and to make the equipment quoted on hereunder, or any item thereof available for sale to the Owner during the said period at the price and delivery stated herein.

CCWWTF Form of Section 00 41 01 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation Page 2 Quotation 140808.01Q March 2014

3.0 DESCRIPTION OF EQUIPMENT AND EXPERIENCE 3.1 Particulars of Equipment Suppliers Recent Installations (1) Owner: Owner Representative (Contact Name):

Phone No.:

Brief Description:


Approx. Value: $ (2) Owner: Owner Representative (Contact Name):

Phone No.:

Brief Description:


Approx. Value: $ (3) Owner: Owner Representative (Contact Name):

Phone No.:

Brief Description:


Approx. Value: $ 3.2 Description of Equipment Including Local Content and/or Local

Manufacturing if Applicable.

CCWWTF Form of Section 00 41 01 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation Page 3 Quotation 140808.01Q March 2014

4.0 QUOTATION BREAKDOWN The prices quoted shall be in Canadian dollars and shall include and

cover all provisional sums; all duties, and handling charges, transportation to the Site and all other contingencies. Prices exclude Harmonized Sales Tax.

4.1 Name of Firm Quoting Section No. Section Title Name of System 1. Price for complete as specified: $ (a) Foreign Exchange Rate Applicable at the Closing, used in calculating the price: $ CDN is equivalent to $ USD 2. Delivery Period: 3. Inspection of installation, field testing and maintenance

instruction, including travelling and other expenses for each 8 hour day in excess of that specified.

$ per day 5.0 PAYMENT SCHEDULE 5.1 Payment to the Supplier shall be by the Owner and Contractor in

accordance with the following schedule: .1 10% due upon issuance of Purchase Order Owner. .2 80% due upon delivery of equipment to the construction site

(materials on site). No payment will be made for partial delivery unless prior arrangement with Consultant - Contractor.

.3 10% due upon successful completion of trial testing, commissioning and Substantial Performance as verified by the Suppliers representative and Consultant - Contractor.

Signature of Supplier Name and Title (Printed)

CCWWTF Form of Section 00 41 01 Sludge Dewatering Equipment Quotation Page 4 Quotation 140808.01Q March 2014


6.0 SIGNATURE DATED THIS ___________ DAY OF ___________________________, 20____. Name of Firm Quoting [Seal] Address Telephone Address Fax Signature Name and Title (Printed) Signature Name and Title (Printed) Witness Name and Title (Printed) *NOTE: Quotations submitted by or on behalf of any Corporation must be

signed in the name of such corporation by a duly authorized officer or agent, who shall also subscribe own name and office. Affix seal.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 1Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 PART 1 - GENERAL 1.1 Work Included .1 In accordance with Section 00 21 14, and as follows:

Design, fabricate, supply, delivery, supervision ofinstallation, field testing and placement intooperation of one (1) complete solid bowl centrifugefor sludge dewatering thickened waste activatedsludge and all appurtenances required for anoperating sludge dewatering system.

1.2 Existing .1 Solids dewatering at the Central ColchesterTreatment System Wastewater Treatment Facility (CCWWTF)is currently

performed utilizing a Gravity Belt Thickener (GBT)with a capacity of 80.0 m3/hr (350 USgpm) followed bya Belt Filter Press (BFP) with a capacity of 5.6 to11.2 m3/hr (25 to 50 USgpm). These units wereinitially installed as part of the originalconstruction in 1995. The intention is to continueutilizing the existing dewatering process on the GBTsludge while adding a centrifuge to increasedewatering capacity on a separate gravity thickenedsludge.

1.3 Intent .1 The intent of these specifications is to provide the

mechanical and electrical works fully complete inevery detail for the purpose designated. Anyapparatus, appliance, material, or labour not hereinspecifically mentioned or included but requisite tothe operation of the apparatus and equipmentspecified shall be furnished without additionalexpense to the Owner.

1.4 Design .1 Under normal operating conditions, gravity thickenedCriteria waste activated sludge (minimum 0.5%, maximum 1.0%Performance and average 0.75% total solids) will be pumped to theRequirements dewatering equipment.

.2 The dewatering system shall be sized for operation5-days per week and 7 hours per day on average. Thesystem shall be designed for continuous operationunder the following conditions:.1 Design flow (inlet): 75.0 m3/h (330 USgpm)..2 Design solids loading rate (inlet): 565 kg/hr..3 Average inlet feed sludge concentration: 0.75%solids..4 Feed sludge temperature: 8 - 25C.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 2Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 1.4 Design .2 (Cont'd) Criteria .5 Finished sludge cake: >18 to 21% total solids. Performance .6 Minimum cake solids: >18% TS. Requirements .7 Minimum Recovery: >95%SS. (Cont'd) .8 Maximum Polymer Dosage:

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 3Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 PART 2 - PRODUCTS 2.1 Solid Bowl .1 The system shall employ a solid bowl, horizontal,Centrifuge continuous feed, scroll type centrifuge and shall be

designed for continuous operation under theconditions specified in Section 1.4. Vendors arerequested to provide quotations for supply of one (1)centrifuge unit.

.2 Materials: all wetted parts of the centrifuge

rotating assembly shall be duplex stainless steel,except for the "O" rings, seals, andabrasion-resistant material. The frame and casingshall be fabricated of cast iron and be epoxy coated.

.3 Bowl: the bowl shall be manufactured from

centrifugal castings of Type duplex stainless steel.All centrifugal cast material shall be inspected forcracks, shrinkage, porosity, or other defects, bymeans of a liquid dye penetrant test.

.4 Scroll conveyor: the centrifuge shall include a

horizontal scroll conveyor equipped with helicalflights and independently mounted concentricallywithin the centrifuge bowl. The edge and the face ofthe conveyor flights shall be protected by a seriesof welded on sintered tungsten carbide tiles. Fieldreplacement of individual tile assemblies must befeasible in the plant without rebalancing.

.5 Gear box: the gear box shall be independently

balanced from the centrifuge, and interchangeable.Each gear unit should be protected from damage due tohigh torque overload.

.6 Bearings: bearings for the scroll shall be

anti-friction with grease lubrication. Bearings shallbe housed in one piece pillow blocks and shall begrease lubricated through suitably located fittings.

.7 Frame and casing: the bottom of the casing shall

contain a flanged sludge cake discharge connection,and accommodate a flexible hose connection for thecentrate. Sludge cake discharge chute shall include100mm diameter by 150mm long plain-end open pipespigot to permit connection to ventilation system.The sub-frame and legs shall be fabricated fromstructural steel.

.8 Drive motors shall be totally enclosed, fan cooled

induction motors Nema Design B, inverter duty withminimum Class F insulation, high efficiency (inverterduty rated where motor is fed from a VFD). Motors

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 4Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.1 Solid Bowl .8 (Cont'd) Centrifuge shall have a service factor of 1.15 for continuous (Cont'd) service at 40C ambient. Motor ratings shall be such

that rated nameplate values of horsepower and fullload current will not be exceeded nor shall themotors run into the service factor area. The motorsshall be nameplate rated for 600V, 3 phase, 60 Hzpower supply. The motors shall comply with NEMAStandard MG1 and CSA Standard C22.22, No. 100. Motornameplates and shop drawings shall indicate nominalefficiency in accordance with NEMA MG1-12.53 (a) and(b) based on IEEE-112, Method B. Motor bearings shallbe grease lubricated ball or spherical rollerbearings. All bearings shall have a life (L-10) of40,000 hours as defined by the Anti-Friction BearingManufacturers Association. Motor housing shall becast iron..1 With the motor at ambient temperature, it shallbe capable of making two (2) complete starts insuccession with coasting to reset between starts. Themotor shall also be capable of at least one restartwithin one hour after any shutdown. The motor shallnot take longer than 5 minutes (each start) toaccelerate to full rated RPM at 90% nameplatevoltage. The motor shall be rated by the motormanufacturer as having a noise level not exceeding 82dBA (sound pressure) when measured at one (1) meterfrom the motor in any direction. The bearings shallbe conservatively designed to withstand all stressesof the service specified.

.9 Back drive system: a backdrive system shall be used

for close speed and torque regulation.

.10 Sound pressure levels: the maximum sound pressurelevel as measured at one (1) metre around theperiphery of the complete centrifuge assembly shallnot exceed 85 dBA when tested in place without feedand with the inlet and discharge closed.

.11 Vibration isolators: the centrifuge shall be mounted

on rubber-type vibration isolators. A maximum of two(2) mils displacement, as measured on the centrifugepillow blocks at operating speeds, will be acceptableunder dry shop test conditions. Vibration of apredetermined displacement shall automatically shutdown the machine.

.12 Anchor bolts: type 304 stainless steel anchor bolts

shall be supplied by the Supplier.

.13 Flexible connectors: equipment Supplier shallprovide flexible pipe connections to isolate thecentrifuge from the connected piping. A flexiblesolids splash guard will be supplied.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 5Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.1 Solid Bowl .14 Special tools and accessories: provide one set of Centrifuge special tools required to assemble and disassemble (Cont'd) the centrifuge. Provide list of standard tools

required to install the centrifuge.

.15 Instrumentation and controls:.1 Provide equipment controls in a free standing,NEMA 4X rated enclosure with minimum 300mm floorstands. Power supply is 600 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz,provided by others..2 Enclosure shall contain a main fuse typedisconnect, motor starters, VFD's, primary andsecondary fused control transformers, UPS and allassociated control components..3 An "EMERGENCY STOP" pushbutton shall besupplied on the system control panel, and uponactivation, shall stop equipment motors that arerunning, or prevent them from being started if theyare not running. The ES pushbutton shall be hardwiredto each supplied motor starter, with one contactbeing wired to the PLC control system for alarming..4 The control panel PLC processor and I/O cardsshall be Allen-Bradley, Compact Logix or ControlLogix series (or approved alternate), with theability to communicate via Ethernet communicationsnetwork. The PLC shall be provided with a true online UPS to maintain power to the PLC, I/O, HMI andethernet communications for at least 15 minutes inthe event of a loss of power. Surge and lightningprotection shall be included for the processor andfield I/O power supplies. Individually isolateddigital I/O cards shall be provided (120 VAC rated).Adequate digital and analog I/O shall be provided forthis process plus 25% spare for each I/O type(provide a minimum of 4 spare for each I/O type). AllI/O shall be wired to an identified field wiringterminal strip..5 The control panel shall contain a panel-mountedlocal operator interface to facilitate local control(start/stop, set point adjustments, etc.), monitoring(equipment and process status), and troubleshooting(alarms, diagnostics, etc.) of the dewatering systemequipment and controls. Panel shall be Allan BradleyPanelView Plus 1000 HMI with Ethernet capabilities..6 Vendor to provide all system PLC and operatorinterface programming. Vendor shall be responsiblefor communicating to the progressive cavity feedpumps control system, the polymer feed systemcontrols, the cake conveyor and the decanterventilation..7 All components shall be NEMA design asmanufactured by Square D or Allen Bradley, includingdoor mounted pilot devices. Include motor currentmonitoring. All components shall be CSA approved.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 6Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.1 Solid Bowl .15 Instrumentation and controls:(Cont'd) Centrifuge .8 Provide a main, heavy duty, fused disconnect (Cont'd) switch for disconnection of power to the main control

panel. The disconnect switch shall be a quick-make,quick-break type of ampere rating and number of polesto match the load requirements of the control panel.Fuse holders shall be suitable without adapters forthe size and type of fuse installed. The disconnectswitch shall be operable from either the front orside without opening the enclosure door and thereshall be provision for padlocking the disconnectswitch in the off position by a minimum of threepadlocks. The disconnect switch shall have adefeatable door interlock to prevent the door fromopening when the operating handle is on..9 Motor starters shall be single or three phasemagnetic starters, sized in accordance withmanufacturers instructions for the motor beingcontrolled. Motor starters shall be NEMA design. IECequipment or half size motor starters are notacceptable. Motor starters shall have a 120V, 60hzoperating coil and shall have a minimum of one (1)spare normally open and one (1) spare normally closedrun contact. Overload relays shall be solid statewith visible trip indication, adjustable overloadprotection, phase loss protection and ground faultprotection..10 Control transformers shall have primary andsecondary fuses. Transformer VA rating shall have100VA capacity in excess of the total operatingrequirements. Secondary fuses shall be HRC, Class CC.Primary fuses shall be HRC, class J..11 Power fuses shall be high rupturing capacity(HRC) type, minimum 200kA interrupting rating(momentary RMS symmetrical). Use Class J, fast actingtype for the main disconnect switch and for non-motorload circuits. Use Class J, time delay type (capableof carrying 500% of its rated current for 10 secondsminimum) for motor loads. Use high speed, Class HSJtype for VFD's..12 Variable Frequency Drives shall be inaccordance with paragraph 2.3 of this Section..13 Provide Phoenix UK5N or equal field wiringterminal strips. All interwiring shall be colourcoded and identified at both ends..14 Provide visual indication of bowl speed,polymer feed rate, sludge feed rate and torque as aminimum..15 Provide black and white phenolic name tags fordoor mounted devices..16 Provide recommended spare parts..17 If the manufacturer requires, VFD's can belocated in a separate drive panel..18 Submit with the quotation, a writtendescription of the system operation.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 7Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.1 Solid Bowl .15 Instrumentation and controls:(Cont'd) Centrifuge .19 Controls shall provide automatic torque control (Cont'd) to automatically adjust for varying feed

characteristics while optimizing separation. Controlsshall also provide for speed control in manual mode..20 The dewatering cycle is initiated by theoperator locally. The feed sludge is pumped to thedecanter unit as to maintain a constant flow at itsinlet. To accomplish this, the rotating speed of thefeed sludge pump will be adjusted according to thefeed sludge flow rate on the feed tube of eachdecanter unit as to maintain the flow close to theset value. The variable speed controller for the feedsludge pump is to be supplied by others. Thedewatering system shall be fed by a dedicated sludgefeed pump. Sludge flow will be measured by a flowmeter (by others) with the flow signal provided tothe dewatering control panel. A pressure transducer(by others) on the discharge of the sludge feed pumpshall indicate high pressure and will initiate shutdown of the positive displacement pump..21 The diluted polymer is pumped into the feedtube in such a way to obtain a specified polymersludge dosage. The dosage is controlled by adjustingthe flow of the diluted polymer pump in accordancewith the flow of the sludge pump, and a set valueentered by the operator. The variable speedcontrollers for the feed polymer pumps is to besupplied by others. The sludge dewatering controlpanel receives the polymer concentration setpoint andthe polymer pump flow rate via the Ethernetcommunication system. The sludge dewatering controlsystem adjusts the polymer feed rate as required bythe dewatering process and provides a signal viaEthernet to adjust the post dilution pump flow rate..22 Controls shall provide for continuous vibrationmonitoring on individual centrifuge units..23 Additional control feature may be proposed asoptional items, priced separate from above.

2.2 Motors - .1 Motors shall be inverter duty rated when fed from aGeneral VFD.

.2 Motor ratings shall be such that rated nameplatevalues of horsepower and full load current will notbe exceeded nor shall the motors run into the servicefactor area.

.3 The motors shall comply with NEMA Standard MG1 and

CSA Standard C22.22, No. 100. Motor nameplates andshop drawings shall indicate nominal efficiency inaccordance with NEMA MG1-12.53 (a) and (b) based onIEEE-112, Method B.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 8Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.2 Motors - .4 Motor bearings shall be grease lubricated ball or General spherical roller bearings. All bearings shall have a (Cont'd) life (L-10) of 40,000 hours in compliance with NEMA

Standard MG1 and IEEE-112. Motor housing shall becast iron.

.5 Gear motors are not required to be high efficiency

type. 2.3 Variable .1 Drive must convert incoming fixed frequency threeFrequency Drives phase ac power into variable voltage and variable

frequency utilizing pulse width modulation.

.2 Drive shall be suitable for a nominal 600V, 3 phase,60 hz operating voltage. Voltage tolerance shall be+10%/-15%. Frequency tolerance shall be +/- 5%.

.3 Drive to be sized for variable torque or constant

torque load as required by vendor. The drive shall beable to provide full rated output current at 1.15service factor continuously.

.4 The drive displacement power factor shall be greater

than 0.95 lagging over the entire speed range. Theminimum efficiency shall be 95% at full load andspeed.

.5 Drive must include a full wave diode bridge

rectifier to convert ac to dc. SCR and otherswitching power devices are not acceptable.

.6 Drive must utilize dc capacitors to filter out bus

ripple and provide smooth dc power to the transistorsection.

.7 Drive must utilize IGBT transistors to produce a

pulse width modulated output. SCR's are notacceptable. The IGBT minimum Vce rating shall be1200V.

.8 Provide minimum 3% integral input line reactors or

supply and install external equivalent.

.9 Provide output dv/dt filtering or output reactorsdownstream of the drive in accordance with the drivemanufacturer's recommendations to protect the motoragainst high voltage spikes. The dv/dt filter shallbe installed in the drive enclosure.

.10 Drive must be able to provide full rated output

current continuously, and shall be able to provide

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 9Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.3 Variable .10 (Cont'd) Frequency Drives 110% of its variable torque rating for one (1) minute (Cont'd) and 150% of its constant torque rating for three (3)


.11 Drive must be capable of accepting the opening of adownstream disconnect switch without causing damageto the drive. An auxiliary contact from each localdisconnect switch shall be wired back to the drive toprevent starting the drive on an open circuitcondition.

.12 The drive shall have the following minimum I/O:

.1 Digital Inputs: two or three wire control forstart/stop, speed select (4-20mA signal orpotentiometer), enable..2 Digital Outputs: minimum two programmable formC output contacts (minimum 2A, 120V) for "Drive Run"and "Drive Fault"..3 Analog Inputs: Speed control via a 4-20mAanalog input signal and a remote potentiometer inputsignal (0-10Vdc)..4 Analog outputs: Motor speed or current via a4-20mA analog output signal.

.13 Provide most recent version of programming software

and appropriate interface hardware to enable driveconfiguration from a notebook computer.

.14 Provide 120Vac or 24Vdc (to suit application)

Digital Input/Output points, complete with connectionto variable frequency drive and terminal blocks forfield cabling for the following as a minimum: DriveRun, Drive Fault, Drive Start/Stop command, DriveSpeed Control Select and Disconnect Interlock.

.15 Protective functions:

.1 Drive to have built in adjustable overloadprotection to protect the connected motor..2 Drive to have input metal oxide varisters(MOV's) for surge protection..3 Drive to be complete with the followingprotective functions:

.1 Over and under voltage.

.2 Overcurrent.

.3 Ground fault.

.4 Drive over temperature.

.5 Blown dc bus fuse.

.6 Overload.

.7 Input and output phase loss.

.8 Unbalance current fault

.9 Motor stall protection..4 Provide for three (3) auto restart attemptsfollowing selected fault conditions.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 10Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 2.3 Variable .15 Protective functions:(Cont'd) Frequency Drives .5 Drive to permit the operator to lock out the (Cont'd) reverse operation for applications where reverse

would damage equipment. .16 Drive to be complete with an operator keypad for

local programming, monitoring, speed control andstart/stop control. Each keypad must be visible andaccessible from the front of the enclosure with thedoor closed. The keypad will be complete with thefollowing minimum features:.1 LCD high resolution display..2 Keypad must indicate the following minimumoperating conditions: Drive Run, Drive Stopped, DriveFault..3 As a minimum continuously display: OutputSpeed, Power, Frequency and Current as selected bythe user..4 Fault reset button..5 Present fault condition to be displayed..6 Keypad entries shall be password protected.

.17 Programming features:

.1 A minimum of three independently adjustableacceleration and deceleration ramps. Times are to beadjustable from 0.1 to 3200 seconds (nominal)..2 An adjustable output frequency from 25-320hz(nominal)..3 Control methods available will be selectablesensorless vector and selectable Volts/hz patterns..4 Adjustable minimum and maximum speed settings..5 Adjustable carrier frequency (nominal 1-16khz)..6 A minimum of three (3) adjustable frequencyreject points to prevent system operation at resonantspeed.

.18 Drive electronics to be complete with confirmal

coatings for protection against dust and chemicals.

.19 Drive to include integrated fan to automaticallyoperate in accordance with manufacturer's cablingrequirements.

.20 Acceptable manufacturer: Allen Bradley Powerflex,

ABB, Schneider Canada and Cutler-Hammer.

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 11Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 PART 3 - EXECUTION 3.1 Delivery .1 Ship equipment to the site fully assembled and in

good condition. Coordinate with Owner or Contractorunder General Contract.

3.2 Inspection, .1 Provide services of competent servicemen, mechanicsTesting and or other trained personnel of the Supplier's orStart-up manufacturer's to check the complete installation and

perform for start-up of the equipment. A writtenreport signed by the equipment manufacturer'srepresentative shall be submitted to the Consultantstating the following:.1 That a satisfactory installation of equipmenthas been performed and outlining any modificationsthat have been made as a result of the commissioningor testing of the equipment at no additional cost tothe Contract..2 That the equipment is now ready for permanentoperation..3 That the operation, lubrication and maintenanceinstructions for the equipment have been presented tothe Consultant..4 That the equipment has been properly lubricatedwith the correct lubricants.

.2 The equipment manufacturer's representative shall

fully instruct the permanent operator of theequipment in the proper operation and maintenance ofall equipment at no additional cost to the Contract.

.3 A minimum period of three (3) days on site for

confirmation of proper installation, alignment,mechanical start-up, and functional testing. Provideas many trips and days on site to complete theinstallation and put the equipment into satisfactoryoperation. Provide additional three (3) days oftraining and field process performance testing.During the training trip, training may have to becompleted in two groups, once for the Owner'soperations personnel and once for the Owner'smaintenance personnel. A minimum of two (2) tripsshould be included in the quotation.

3.3 Testing .1 Final acceptance of the equipment requires field

test for handling waste quality defined in Article1.4 at design flow conditions. Performancerequirements shall be met via testing for three (3)

CCWWTF Sludge Dewatering Section 44 46 26Sludge Dewatering Equipment Equipment Page 12Quotation 140808.01Q April 2014 3.3 Testing .1 (Cont'd) (Cont'd) four-hour periods to determine performance in

accordance with the Design Requirements.

.2 Samples will be collected and analyzed by the Ownerat one-hour intervals. The average value of the testparameters shall meet or exceed the DesignParameters.

.3 In the event the equipment does not meet the Design

Requirements, the manufacturer's representativeshall, at his own expense, modify the equipment tomeet these standards. Repeat testing procedures.

3.4 Warranty .1 The Supplier warrants that all equipment covered by

or supplied pursuant to the quotation shall:.1 Comply with the applicable specifications andstandards (provide Certificate of Compliance)..2 Be free from defects in design, manufacture,workmanship and materials..3 The manufacturer shall guarantee all the sludgedewatering equipment provided as specified to performas specified without unwanted interruptions for aperiod of twelve (12) months followingcompletion/acceptance of performance testing(substantial completion) or eighteen (18) monthsfollowing delivery, whichever comes first. Anydefects found within the warranty period shall berepaired or defective component replaced to thesatisfaction of the Supplier..4 Notwithstanding expiration of the warranty, theSupplier shall not be relieved of responsibility forcorrecting defects in the equipment of which noticewas given to the Supplier prior to the date of theexpiration of the warranty and remain uncorrected.


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