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Facebook. Twitter. From advertisements to media outlets and word-of-mouth, these two social media platforms are exploding in popularity. And while people are using social media to connect with friends, businesses are also finding success with this new form of communication. They're engaging with both new and regular customers to introduce new products, get feedback and create buy-in. But are you doing it? Do you know how to get started? This month's Small Business 101 webinar explores the basics of social media, provides insight and answers the question of why you should be taking part in the conversation. In just 30 minutes, we'll teach you why you should have a business fan page, how to create one and even help you get started tweeting.


  • 1. Social Media: Create a Facebook Business Fan Page

2. Session Framework

  • Two Social Media spaces small businesses should already be using
  • Step-by-step guide to creating those Social Media spaces
  • A look into Social Medias future and what is on the horizon
  • Close with five action points to start on today
  • Open it up for Q&A

3. Background

  • Cole Directory published in 1947
  • Crisscross directory of addresses and phone numbers
  • Invaluable information for a number of industries:
      • Telemarketing
      • Debt collection
      • Law enforcement

4. 5. Social Media Overview

  • Interaction among people, brands and information.
  • 700 million Facebook Users
  • 200 million Twitter Users

But what does that mean for small business owners? 6.

    • Why its important for a small business owner:
    • A website with a voice
    • Foster and grow meaningful relationships
    • Local personality to a national brand
    • How:
    • Like Box on Profile
    • Tag other pages using @
    • Post about local events in your status updates
    • Take advantage of corporate national marketing
    • Motivate likers with incentives & promos

7. Like Box Tag using @ 8.

    • Why its important for a small business owner:
    • Source to educate your customers
    • Pass on relevant information
    • Foster and grow meaningful relationships
    • How:
    • Follow industry leaders
    • Share industry news, trends and its impact on consumers
    • Determine valuable offers to gain followers
    • Tweet & Retweet!

TM 9. Tweet about a way you are helping your community 10.

    • So are you ready to get started?

11. Click on the Create a page 12. Designate local business/place Add business hours, contact information 13. Add company details including mission, awards and contact information Insert your picture 14. Upload your contacts Tell your Friends 15. Start posting Publish the page 16. Name your company 17. Create a login and password 18. Add a picture Complete your bio 19. Follow Industry Experts 20. Find/import your friends 21. Start tweeting! 22.

  • The way we communicate is changing
  • Social Media spaces to keep an eye on

Future Outlook 23. 5 Action Points to Implement Today

  • Setup Facebook fan page and Twitter account
  • Create personalized content
  • Connect develop your network
  • Announce let others know
  • Invest grow your spaces

24. Resourcescolecommunity.comResource filled with webinars, videos and articles dedicated to small business owners grow their resource for the social media platform. support.twitter.comOfficial resource for the social media platform. 25. 8