smart cities, smart citizens and the case for the citysdk

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Presentation at Information Access in Smart Cities workshop in Amsterdam, 13/04/2014 - on how smart citizens should be the focus in smart cities, and what CitySDK does to make it possible. The presentation starts with some design rules for smarter cities, then introduces Waag Society, and quickly moves on to the Amsterdam Case for Open Data. Then the shortcomings of this approach are described, after which it introduces the City Service Development Kit - a set of bottom up, harmonized API's for software development that scales across cities and countries. Some examples are presented, and it gets back to the central thesis: design smart cities with the people, not for or against them.


  • Smart Cities, Smart Citizens and the case for CitySDK. Frank Kresin Research Director @kresin /
  • Design Rules for Smarter Cities Your citizens know more than you. Prototype early and fast, engage the stakeholders, iterate quickly and be prepared to start all over. Embrace self-organisation and civic initiative, but help to make the results sustainable and scalable. Know what you are talking about in the face of technology. Never rely on consultants that will sell you more consultancy, not solutions. Have binding decisions made at the lowest level possible and actively preach self-governance. Favour loosely coupled, smaller systems over monoliths and mastodons, and use peer-defined standards to glue together the parts. Small systems tend to fail sometimes; large systems fail for sure. To raise and deserve trust, build systems based on data reciprocity and transparency. Reuse existing parts and design your additions for reuse, adding to the public domain and thereby strengthening its capacity to act and learn.
  • Waag Society
  • Meaningful Encounters
  • Principles: Best producer is the user (S)he can learn to make anything Sharing is key to innovation Making is crucial to understand & act in the world
  • Knowledge institutes Developer hubs Accelerators Innovation labs
  • The Amsterdam Case for Open Data
  • SOLA
  • Apps for Europe
  • City SDK 26 Open, interoperable service interfaces. Processes, guidelines and usability standards. Sharing, re-using and transferring city solutions across cities. Not inventing from the scratch, but mapping, using & developing global best practices
  • What is SDK? SDK=ServiceDevelopmentKit 27
  • Problem: Lack of Interoperability Formats and APIs vary between cities Open interfaces to existing systems are not uniform even within cities Documentation is lacking as well Scaling an app from one city to another =
  • Solution: CityAPIs CityAPIs Open uniform interfaces Scaling an app from one city to another =
  • CitySDK Ecosystem CitySDK Ecosystem Cities prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data Cities prior platforms, services, interfaces, open data Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots asCitySDKcomponents Unified Open City Interfaces through Pilots asCitySDKcomponents Engaged SME Developers new Services exploitingtheCitySDKecosystem,oropensourcepilotapps Engaged SME Developers new Services exploitingtheCitySDKecosystem,oropensourcepilotapps App StoresApp StoresPublic delivery Infrastructures Public delivery Infrastructures Project Pilots Demonstrators,opensourceCitySDKcomponents
  • CitySDK coverage The Lead Pilots are replicated in other CitySDK Partner cities 312012 Preparation stage2012 Preparation stage 01/2013 Lead Pilots 01/2013 Lead Pilots 06/2013 Replication 06/2013 Replication
  • 1. Smart Participation
  • Applications using Participation API Korjaa Kaupunki (Fix the City): Pitisk fiksata (Should this be fixed):
  • 2. Tourism 34
  • Applications using Tourism API 35Spot in Lisbon: Spot in Helsinki: Lamia Tour Guide: ore/apps/details? id=com.smarts.tourguide POIs and Events in Amsterdam:
  • 3. Smart Mobility
  • Smart Mobility services on real-time traffic data from multiple sources Results: open source travel assistant application, several harmonized cities backend systems, cluster of SME developers working on value-added services for Smart Mobility 37
  • Multimodal World
  • Open Trip Planner
  • CitySDK Linked Data Collects Annotates Links Distributes
  • mobility
  • Designed for: Developers (Local) governments Companies Researchers Journalists Citizens
  • Architecture App(lications) Intelligence CitySDK LD API Databases City Data
  • Datasources (selection) 5 LOD - 60+ data sets - 60+ mln. data points Amsterdam Netherlands Helsinki Istanbul Lamia Manchester Rome Open Street Map PT ( ) RT verkeer ( ) Statistieken Kadaster ( ) Parkeren Opladen POI ( )
  • Tapping into Creativity
  • Cases RT mobility data BAG viewer Parking API Orphaned Bikes Tourism in Amsterdam Emergency services City Dashboard
  • Amsterdam Barcelona Helsinki Lisboa Istanbul Manchester Rome Lamia
  • Smart Parking Reducing Mobility
  • Smart Citizen Kit
  • Pointers Design Rules for Smarter Cities Smart Citizens Publication CitySDK Mobility API Open Design Now Smart Citizen Kit Apps for Europe - Turning Data into Business
  • Piet Heinkade 181 a 1019 HC Amsterdam Thanks! Frank Kresin - @kresin


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