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  • Smarter Balanced Digital Library Welcome to State Leadership Team Training 4 May 2014
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  • Introductions As a state team, discuss your success story since Training 3 Designate someone to share the success story Each team member share your name and title Page 2
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  • Orientation Agenda Folder Logistics Page 3
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  • April Software Updates Newly Released Features Demo Resubmission Process Select Features Coming May Preview Collaboration Functionality Page 4
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  • Newly Released Features Features that will benefit SLT members: Ability to access SNE members resources via the Individual Contributor and Reviewer Report Features that will benefit Resource Contributors: Ability to recall and edit a submitted resource before Gatekeeping begins Ability to view and respond to reviewer feedback during resubmission of a resource Ability to upload Copyright Clearance Forms to a space not visible to Digital Library end users Features that will benefit Resource Reviewers: Ability to review resubmitted resources previously reviewed by the original reviewer (including access to your previous feedback and new comments from the contributors) Page 5
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  • Select Features Coming May Expanded collaboration functionality Updated resource cards Page 6
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  • Impact of Low Hanging Fruit Effort Page 7
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  • Resource Queue Breakdown Page 8
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  • Review Capacity Solutions Under Consideration SLT Reviewers: Quickly work through the ~800 resources currently at the start of the queue SNE Supplemental Review Agreements: SLT members will recommend SNE members for completing reviews beyond original contract Summer Workshop Page 9
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  • SLT Reviewers Previously trained SLT members with experience in the Formative Assessment Process Focus on reviewing resources that have not been reviewed by any SNE members Complete Gatekeeping and 1 st Quality Criteria review or 2 nd Quality Criteria review (3 rd Quality Criteria Reviews are not required). Also complete reviews of resubmissions. Each individual must have significant availability to review resources. Expectation to review 105 resources before September 2014 SLT Reviewers will be paid by resource, not by review or hour, at $75/resource Page 10
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  • SLT Reviewers Process SLT members interested in being a SLT Reviewer, email Chrys Mursky @ The process for SLT Reviewer selection will be communicated at a later date Chrys will send a final list of SLT Reviewers to Amplify for onboarding Page 11
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  • Supplemental Reviewers Review-only agreement for existing SNE members who are on track for completing all 12 reviews in their original agreement and are recommended by SLT members because of their quality reviews. Each agreement is to complete 21 additional reviews beyond the baseline agreement of 12 for a stipend of $900 (2 payments of $450 each that coincide with remaining payment cycles) Page 12
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  • Supplemental Reviewers Process Smarter Balanced will change states allotments of original SNE agreements and create a general pool of Supplemental Review Agreements. SLT Leads will receive a sample email with a copy of the Agreement to send to SNE members who are on track for completing all 12 reviews in their original agreement SLT Leads will send names and signed contracts to PCG for confirmation SLT members will complete payment spreadsheets to report each member's progress vs. their agreements Page 13
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  • Break Page 14
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  • Download Module Materials from SLT Webpage SLT Webpage: balanced-slt Page 15
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  • Commissioned Modules Overview 15-minute interactive, online professional learning experience Transform educational practice using the Formative Assessment Process Coach educators to use the formative assessment process and embody the process in module design Reflect UDL principles and support for diverse groups of learners Engage educators long enough to communicate essential ideas, but short enough that educators will use them Page 16
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  • Proposed List of Commissioned Modules 30 Assessment Literacy Modules 31 ELA Instructional Modules 31 Math Instructional Modules 10 Score Report Modules Page 17
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  • Module Demonstration Uber Modules Module components Introduction of Learning Goals & Success Criteria Overviews about the Formative Assessment Process, Smarter Balanced Assessment System, Modules Vignettes (animated or live-action videos) or Rich Media Examples (images/text, interactive images, images with voice overs) Learning Events (interactive component to practice the learning) Reflection Questions Apply Ideas Interaction Toolkit Page 18
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  • Explore Commissioned Modules Using Commissioned Modules Graphic Organizer As you review the module, complete your organizer: What are the key shifts? How is the Formative Assessment Process exemplified in this module? What strategies are focused on in the module? What questions do you anticipate teachers to have? Page 19
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  • Commissioned Modules State Share Out What questions do you anticipate teachers to have? Page 20
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  • Lunch Page 21
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  • State Planning: Commissioned Modules Use the Commissioned Modules Graphic Organizer Review the graphic organizer and example Develop a plan to train SNE members to use the commissioned modules: Identify ways your SNE members can build off of the modules to create their own materials to submit to the Digital Library Identify ways your SNE members can use modules to develop professional learning State Share Out Page 22
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  • Break Page 23
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  • State-Level Data Sheets T-Chart Page 24
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  • SNE Gatekeeping and Quality Criteria Discuss findings, identify barriers, and brainstorm ways to address the barriers Complete T-Chart for SLT Training 4 Page 25 SNE Gatekeeping data spreadsheet SNE data within Individual Reports in the Digital Library Insights from Arbitration
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  • Page 26 Gatekeeping Data Guiding Questions What reinforcements and reassurances can we provide our whole SNE? specific members? What misunderstandings should we should clarify to our whole SNE? to specific members? Which of our SNE members reviewed these resources? (See raw data to answer). Are our SNE members kicking out resources for the right reasons? Did the resources they rated merit "No" answers to all of the criteria? What clarifying guidance do SNEs need? Quality Criteria Data Guiding Questions To what extent are our SNE members' posting recommendations aligned with other SNEs? When our members' posting recommendations are somewhat or not very aligned, does the raw data suggest any learning opportunities for our SNEs? Does the data indicate a need for improvement goals?
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  • SLT Arbitration Page 27
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  • Closing Wrap-up Ticket out the Door Post-Day 1 Training Meeting for SLT Leads Page 28
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  • Smarter Balanced Digital Library Welcome to State Leadership Team Training 4 May 2014
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  • Agenda Lingering Questions Digital Library Preview SLT Arbitration SNE Planning for Training 4 Page 30
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  • Training 5 Dates & Locations Page 31
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  • Digital Library Preview Period June 3 September 30, 2014 Test the initial software application Provide users access to an initial set of resources that will grow
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  • Timeline and Process EventDate User Provisioning Manual Sent to States 5/19 K-12 Leads Digital Library Webinar5/20 States Send Webinar Recording Link and User Provisioning to Districts 5/20-6/3 Districts Prepare Templates for Upload 5/19-6/3 Districts Upload Template5/30-6/3 Digital Library Preview Starts6/3
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  • Slide 34 Registration template and instructions available mid-May Districts complete registration information and upload to a secure site Registered users in member states access Digital Library preview from June 3 to September 30, 2014 Digital Library Preview
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  • Resources for the Digital Library Preview Period Tutorial for the Digital Library (SLT webpage, Sent from WestEd on 5/21) FAQ (Targeted for June 2)Digital Library Informational Brochure (on the SLT webpage)May 20, 2014 Webinar (SLT webpage, Sent from WestEd on 5/21)
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  • Possible Topics for SNE Training 4 Quality Criteria Refresher (SNE data and Lessons-Learned from Arbitrations) Digital Library Preview Period Review Queue (Low-Hanging Fruit, Edit Submitted Resources) Commissioned ModulesSoftware Updates
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  • Possible Topics for SLT Training 5 Commissioned Modules: Live Action, Score Reports, Assessment Literacy Digital Library Live Sustainability Preview FeedbackSoftware Updates