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  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


    C R E D I T S

    EDITOR : Smart Max Corporation LtdGAME DESIGN :Cedric Lemitre, Christophe MaduraGRAPHIC DESIGN : Jeremie Lhostis, Christophe MaduraGAME BOARD DESIGN :Christophe Madura, Geoffrey StepourenkoSPECIAL THANKS TO : Viktor Bauer,Frederic Bisseux, Sebastien Boudaud, AllanCarrasco, Murat Celebi, Gregory Clavilier,Thomas David, Sophie Ehrsam, GabrielFeraud, Jacques-Alexandre Gillois, YannickHennebo, Victor Martins, Thomas Michelin,Stephane Nguyen, Guillaume Noblet,

    Sebastien Picque, Edgar Skomorowski,Rmy Tremblay, Romain Van Den Bogaert

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    familiar with miniature boardgames, you cannow skip to the next chapter (1. BASICS).

    0.1 OVERVIEWSmog, the Thirteenth Hour is a miniature boardgame for two players or more set in the 1888Victorian capital, the theatre of fierce fightsbetween the most extraordinary characters.

    Characters of Smog, the Thirteenth Hour areideally materialized on the board by minia-tures from the Smog, a Victorian Fantasy rangepublished by Smart Max. Each miniature fromSmart Max represents a fantastic characterfrom the Smog universe. For more information

    about our little madnesses, visit Smog, the Thirteenth Hour is your rst minia -

    ture experience, imagine a weird chess gamewhere each piece is a unique character, withdreadful ghting skills and likely to cast magicspells. Each of these pieces is played turn after

    turn, until a player claims victory.More than a game, Smog, the Thirteenth Hour is an open door on your own imagination. Afterassimilating the rules, youll be able to createyour own original adventures as well as designyour own extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen.

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    0.2 GOALMost of the time, eliminating all of your oppo-

    nents miniatures or a large proportion of themwill bring you victory. The scenarios proposed inthis booklet present different set-ups, includingvariant rules and particular victory conditions.

    0.3 OPENING THE BOXSmog, the Thirteenth Hour contains the followingmaterials:

    8 Pro le Sheets printed on playing cards 8 playing cards with 8 character silhouettes,

    8player counters, 8 miscellaneous counters.

    88 playing cards, called Action cards.Theyre sorted into 3 types: - 36 Close Combatcards - 26 Marksmanship cards - 26 Ether cards

    6 blank Pro le Sheets printed on playingcards

    A full-colour map as an introductory gameboard The game box itself with an Initiative track

    and a Hand track printed inside the lid. This rule booklet

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    Pro le sheetsCharacters from Smog, the Thirteenth Hour have

    individual pro ciencies and abilities, summedup on their Pro le Sheet. Each character has hisdedicated sheet, where the following characteris-tics are printed: Inspiration, Action Points, LifePoints, Close Combat, Marksmanship, Ether,Talent and Prestige.


    Action point (AP)

    Inspiration (INS)

    Close Combat (CC)

    Ether (ETH)Prestige

    Life Points (LP) Marksmanship (MS)

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    Character SilhouettesFor your convenience, to help you discover the

    game immediately, some character silhouettesare included in the box, replacing the necessaryminiatures to be used on the board. They aremarked with a little triangle pointing toward thefront of that character.

    The eight characters playable with this box are:

    M iss T icklenoTT , an impetuous and intrepidyoung Lady, always ready for adventure(The Club).

    Cornelius FauchelevenT , her skilled and faith-ful but mysterious French butler (The Club).

    P roFessor s awbone , a renowned archaeo-logist back from his long journey in Africa(The Club).

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    M isTer h onk , a particularly clever andemancipated giant gorilla, with a certain

    taste for fashion (The Club). Jack M k 4, an automaton created by a madscientist and fan of entomology; a real abo-mination (Mekazylum).

    D ocTor P roTeus T reves , a misunderstoodgenius, banished to the depths of the unde-rworld (The Pit).

    D ivio Juckal , who made a horrible deal withMother Nature and became a bloodthirstywerewolf (The Wheel).

    PioTr G oodenouGh , mere shadow of himself,a desperate zombie longing for consciouspast (The Cult).

    Action cardsThe 88 Action cards are the core of the gamesystem. The Action cards are used by playersto make their characters do things. They allhave 2 distinct parts, with 2 distinct names. Theupper part is the Action part, the lower one is

    the Reaction part. There are 3 different types ofAction cards:

    Close Combat cards, to attack & defend inhand to hand combat.

    Marksmanship cards, to re ranged weapons& dodge shots.

    Ether cards, to cast or counter spells.

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    The mapThe play mat printed on the poster representsthe night view of a few dark streets in the WhiteChapel district. Some building interiors are alsovisible, as well as doors, windows and some

    street lamps.The Counters

    At the beginning of the game, each player willreceive the 2 counters of his or her League.

    The Lid

    The 2 tracks printed inside the lid, where eachplayer will place a counter of his or her own side,are the Initiative track, to know whose turn it is toplay, and the Hand track, to indicate how manyAction cards a player can have.

    Perfect AttackDraw 1 CC card then play another Attack ;opponent characters can parry neither the Perfect Attack nor the Attack playeddirectly afterwards.

    Perfect ParryYour character parries the opponentsattack. Draw 1 CC card.

    Perfect FireDraw 1 MS card then play another Fire ;opponent characters can dodge neither thePerfect Fire not the Fire played directly afterwards.

    Perfect DodgeYour character dodges the opponentsfre. Draw 1 MS card.

    Perfect Spell Draw 1 ETH card then play another Spell ; opponent characters can counter neither the Perfect Spell nor the Spellplayed directly afterwards.

    Perfect Counterspell Your character counters the opponentsspell. Draw 1 ETH card.

    Close Combat Card Marksmanship Card Ether Card

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    T he previous chapter put you in contactwith the game and its features. Hereare the necessary concepts for unders-tanding the game rules. They are de ned in amore technical language. Reading the rulesthoroughly in the indicated order will help youassimilate them simply and easily.

    Before starting a Smog game, players have toselect a Set-up that comes with its victory condi-tions and special rules (Chapter 7).

    Players then install the game and deploy their

    forces on the board (Chapter 2). When playingyour rst game, follow the instructions of TheThirteen Strokes of Midnight.

    The game is made of a succession of GameTurns (Chapter 3). Each game turn has 3 phases:

    rst a Draw Phase (to get new cards), a Main

    Phase divided itself into as many Active Phasesas there are miniatures (to ght!), and an End ofTurn phase (to manage some game effects).

    During their Active Phase (Chapter 4), a cha-racter will move, ght in hand to hand, shootwith guns, cast spells, etc... by spending ActionPoints .


  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    Attacking in close combat, ring with a gun orcasting a spell are actions solved with the Action

    card system (Chapter 5). To defend themselves,characters will too use these Action cards.The rules presented in the booklet are desig-

    ned for a 2 players game. Rules for 3 or 4 playersgames slightly differ (Chapter 6).

    At the end of these rules follow a FAQ section,a Glossary and a Summary of the major gameelements on the back cover.

    1.1 OF THE CHARACTERSCharacter: in Smog TTH , a character is a humanor inhuman entity, represented on the board by

    a miniature whose abilities are summarized ona Profile Sheet. During the characters ActivePhase, he or she is called the Active Character .

    Miniature : a miniature represents a character ofthe Smog universe. On the board, it occupies onesquare and faces one of latters sides. A minia-

    ture is placed on the board during the Approach(2.3) and leaves the game when the characterit represents is eliminated, usually because thecharacter lost his or her last Life Point.

    Pro le : should they be a melancholic zombie,a plenipotentiary from outer space, a youngand pretty Opiumancer or a psychopathic

  • 8/3/2019 Smog TTH Rules



    Automaton, each Smog character is de ned bya set of numbers called Characteristics , has a

    unique proficiency called Talent and a valuecalled Prestige that represents its overall power.The whole of those parameters de nes the pro -

    le of a character. A characters pro le is printedon a Pro le Sheet.

    League: each player leads a group of charactersof his choice called his League . Smog TTH is desi-gned to confront Leagues gathering up to half adozen characters.


    The characters of Smog have 6 characteris-

    tics: Action Points (AP), Close Combat