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Volume 26 - No. 292 - August 2011 Smooth progress in STOREX Control System Upgrade Project

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  • Volume 26 - No. 292 - August 2011

    Smooth progress in STOREX Control System Upgrade Project

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    ADGAS Celebrates Ramadan

    Some quick remarks on the Ramadan quiz

    Ramadan Football Tournament

    An astounding victory for the HR team

    Eid Traditions in the UAE

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    Smooth progress in STOREX Control System Upgrade Project


    Con ten t s

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    Baynounah Committee has always exerted all efforts to organize leisure activities for ADGAS employees. Fishing competitions have always been high on the Committees agenda. The two pictures below are group photos of the participants of two fishing competitions posing with their catch. The first was taken on Das Island in 2000 and the second in Abu Dhabi in 1999.

    Good Old Days

    ADGAS News 3

    ADGAS News

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    It all started from the fact that the existing STOREX Logic System was obsolete and spare parts were no longer available. Further the Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system performs its functions in addition to loading pump logic and interlock logic, which is not desirable. Due to its unreliable and unsatisfactory performance, a number of critical shutdown functions had to be

    STOREX Control Room will never look the same again once the STOREX Upgrade Project completes its journey in mid 2012.

    bypassed. There was urgent need to replace the unreliable obsolete logic system and obsolete operator panels with a proven reliable instrumentation and systems.

    With this in background, ADGAS awarded STOREX Control System Upgrade (SCSUs) EPC contract to UTS KENT LLC. The scope was to upgrade the existing STOREX control room conventional panel

    mounted instrumentation to a modern Distribution Control System (DCS), Safety systems, critical field instrumentation, CCTV and Integrated Mooring System (IMS). The project also involves an interior architectural refurbishment of the STOREX Control Room. A task force of Project Management Team embedded in EPC Contractors office was put in place to ensure smooth execution.

    The EPC contract for STOREX Project was awarded in June 2009 with a completion planned in June 2012. UTS KENTs construction yard was established in September 2010, way before the start of changeover in order to complete pre changeover construction activity.

    The changeover activity started in March 2011 and is scheduled to be completed by end of this year. During peak, total 68 contractor personnel were mobilized for field services. Since the start of changeover, out

    Smooth progress in STOREX Control System Upgrade Project

    STOREX Control Room team at work

    Cover Story

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    of total 4000 hardwired loops, about 70% of the loops were transferred to the new system.

    Hot changeover activities were particularly challenging as the projects have to deliver efficient and effective changeover in a running plant environment while ensuring safety and productivity. Operation priorities and narrow shipping window to complete the hot changeover tasks were like icing on the cake!

    The training of our operators with the new system and new operation windows remains one of the key goals. Project Management interviewed the operators and operation controllers on the effectiveness of their training that were held at Honeywell Automation College. That revealed many improvement opportunities on the training modules. A series of discussions were held with contractors, vendors and the operation team, and job model training program was developed with practical sessions, job Human Machine Interface (HMI) screens, HMI philosophy essence, interactive and modular training sessions. The training program and trainers were brought in the Control Room and Operation team is currently getting trained in the control room environment. The value of on job training is immensely useful to the operation.

    The ability of the team to respond quickly to a changing and complex environment has contributed greatly to the success of the implementation. This coupled with extensive cooperation and assistance of plant operation, maintenance, engineering, safety and experience in brown-field

    facilities ensured a robust foundation that was able to withstand the many acceleration challenges during project conditions. This delivery acceleration will not be feasible without a modular execution plan.

    SCSU changeover was made of several modular subsystems so that changeover planning and execution can be dynamically adapted to the developing constraints, which cannot be always anticipated. In order to prepare for changeover, detailed site data validation of the existing facility was carried out. To gain momentum with changeover, transfer of simple loops such as indication-only measurements were taken up in the beginning. This warm up strategy enabled the operation and project team to adapt to and navigate within the new digital automation system in a low-risk environment. The single loop and modular strategic approach made the online changeover more manageable than commissioning an entire subsystem at one go.

    Similarly while transferring the tank loops, LNG tanks were transferred after changeover of Pentane and LPG tanks. This enabled vital lessons learned from previous sub systems integrate smoothly while transferring the more demanding subsystem.

    Project communication plan helped to ensure safe coordination during the hot changeover work. The daily communication procedures with all contractor and client ensured that relevant plant personnel and project team members are aware of the work being performed and nature of the potential risk. Procedures were

    well established to ensure that the equipment was properly isolated prior to changeover, thus reducing risk of safety, health and environmental incidents. Regular communication to plant senior management on changeover status ensured that project progress and project issues are well distributed at all levels.

    The obsolete ICS Logic system of STOREX stands high in the ADGAS monitored risk profile. This risk is now minimal and will disappear once the few remaining loops are transferred to new system.

    The key highlights of the project are integrated project management team engaged in developing new initiatives, verifying assumptions, developing strategic execution methodology with common vision of a safe operation of STOREX and aspiration to deliver a modern, state-of-the-art solution. Despite all the challenges, the project is following its course while demonstrating a successful execution to date. Our top goal has been to ensure all stakeholders satisfaction while ensuring project objectives.

    STOREX Upgrade Project has established a sustained value due to its cultural fit among all ADGAS representatives and Contractors team sharing the same values of project objectives, safety, availability, teamwork and satisfaction to deliver a successful project.

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    Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed and Representatives of ADNOC Attend a lecture in his Majlis

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    H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, attended a lecture in his Ramadan Majlis on Patriotism in a Moving World.

    Sheikh Muhammad Bin Zayed listning to lecture

    Delivered by Dr. Farouk Hamada, the lecture was attended by scores of senior officials, as well as representatives from ADNOC Group of Companies. It focused on the UAE and the future.

    Dr. Hamada reviewed recent global trends in several fields of life and how they were reflected on the national scene, stressing the importance

    national competitiveness which depends on scientific advancement in todays world.

    The lecturer reviewed the UAEs educational plans, saying that the UAEs educational policy aims at meeting the challenge of having no young man or women in the UAE without a bachelor degree at least. The educational infrastructure has

    already been laid for such a goal, he said.

    The UAE youth are full of patriotism, loyalty to their leadership and enthusiasm to serve their country. What they need is to just accelerate the pace in helping taking UAE to new horizons under the wise leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who spares no effort to provide further progress and prosperity to his people, he said.

    The lecturer added that he could hardly find any country, other than the UAE, that had spent so much in educating its citizens.

    At the end of the lecture, Dr. Hamada answered the queries of attendants, tackling a wide range of subjects, like loyalty to the state and to ones religion, stating that there is no contradiction between the two, as evidenced by numerous religious texts and real life stories from our tradition.

    ADGAS News 7

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    As part of celebrating the holy month of Ramadan this year, ADGAS Corporate Communication and Public Relations Department (CCPRD) organized an Omra trip to the holy

    lands between 11 and 16 August, 2011. 17 employees and their families took part in the trip, where they spent two days in Al Madina Al Munawara and three days in Mecca.

    Meanwhile, ADGAS Baynounah Club continues to receive employees and their families for the Iftar mean at symbolic prices, while also providing a Ramadan Tent where employees can rest and spend quality time at night.

    ADGAS has also organized the Ramadan Football Tournament, with the Companys divisions competing for the cup. Four teams took part in the tournament, and the HR team came first. There is a special coverage of the tournament within this issue of the Newsletter.

    The CCPRD has also organized a Ramadan Quiz contest, posting Ramadan-related questions on the company portal and giving out valuable prizes to winners.

    In Abu Dhabi, ADGAS invited its employees and their families to a Ramadan Iftar Get-together on August 14, 2011 at Yas Hotel in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

    The event was attended by members of the General Management, lead by Mr. Fahim Kazim, CEO, in addition

    ADGAS Celebrates RamadanThe holy month of Ramadan always present a great opportunity for the Companys General Management to promote ties and communication with employees and their families, and to practice the values and ideals that distinguish this blessed month in terms of giving, compassion, group spirit and strong links with the Almighty and with the people.

    Das Island Iftar get-together

    8 ADGAS News

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    to scores of ADGAS employees and their families, who exchanged their best wishes and sincere feelings in this festive occasion.

    Ramadan has also received a warm welcome on Das Island. On August 16, 2011, Das Island received the Companys CEO, Mr. Fahim Kazim, and a number of division managers, who were received by Mr. Fahim Uddin, (Deputy Vice President (LNG

    Plant) and Mr. Mohamed Al Tameemi, Admin. Manager (Das). The day witnessed the regular MTM meeting, and later the Iftar get-together organized by Das Administration to mark the advent of the holy month. The function was also attended by some 300 of Das employees who expressed their happiness and exchanged compliments on this distinguished occasion, thanking the General Management for its effort to

    boost social ties amongst employees. At the end of the Iftar party, presents were handed out to participants to mark the holy occasion.

    After Al Tarawih prayers, the CEO and some division managers visited the Plants Central Control Room and listened to a briefing on its role and work.

    Abu Dhabi Iftar get-together

    ADGAS News 9

    ADGAS CEOs visit to Plants Central Control Room

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    Two ADGAS employees on Das Island were awarded the HSE Man of the Month for June 2011, due to their agility and quick action, reporting cases that would have developed into major accidents.

    HSE Man of the Month for June and July 2011

    Mr. Saleh A. Al AwadiArea operator Operations

    Mr. Shameem AkhtarSafety Technician (OAG) HSED

    Mr. Abd Azeez MolhemArea Operator Operations.

    Mr. Butti Yaed Al QubaisiArea Operator Operations

    Mr. V.J DomadiaMaintenance Coordinator

    Mr. Saleh Al Awadi, Senior Operator, and Mr. Abd Azeez Molhem, Area Operator, Operations, deserved the HSE title after noticing some smoke from Train-1, Plant-1 oil purifier due to the failure of thermostat and their quick reporting of the failure of the STOP button. This was during their daily routine work in the plant. The case they reported was duly addressed, but

    it would have developed into serious incidents if not attended to in time.

    Another three Das employees were awarded the HSE Man of the Month for July 2011. They are Mr. Butti Al Qubaisi, Area Operator, Operations, Mr. V.J. Domadia, Maintenance Coordinator, Projects, and Mr. Shameem Akhtar, Safety Technician (OAG), HSED.

    In three separate cases, the three gentlemen noticed some cases that would have developed to pose a real risk on the Companys human and/or industrial assets. However, the three employees acted professionally and efficiently as they hastened either to address such cases themselves or to report them directly to those who are responsible for them; thus avoiding the dire consequences of graver accidents.

    In all the cases above, our agile employees helped maintaining ADGAS record of safety. As we congratulate them on this occasion, we also stress that it is with such dedicated staff that ADGAS can be sure to continue its HSE achievements for years to come.

    10 ADGAS News

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    Ms. Ameena Al Bloushi deliveres presentation

    A group photo of awardees

    Employee with valid HSE suggestions honoredAs part of the Companys HSE culture to encourage employee participation in the field of health, safety and environment, ten employees were recognized for their ideas and suggestions that aimed at enhancing HSE at workplace. Mr. Jassem Sultan, Acting CEO, presented Appreciation Certificates to the winners at an Award Presentation function held in the Headquarters Building. Three employees from each of the Human Resources, Information Technology Division and Procurement Division, and one employee from the Corporate Communication and Public Relations Department have won the HSE Award. Mr. Abdulla A. Al Khoori,Deputy Chairman of Abu Dhabi HSE Committee stated that out of 242 entries received between May to July of 2011 and reviewed by the Committee, ten entries were considered to merit recognition. Mr. Jassem Sultan appreciated the initiatives taken by employees in raising HSE suggestions and near-miss reports and encouraged active participation of all employees in the Suggestion Scheme which will lead to make ADGAS a safer workplace. The award function was attended by the Abu Dhabi HSE Committee Members

    Within ADGAS endeavor to enhance its social role and Corporate Social Responsibility both locally and on a global scale, ADGAS Corporate Communication and Public Relations Department organized, on August 24, 2011, a preparatory meeting for the Steering Committee for the Abu Dhabi Islands Cleaning Campaign, organized by ADGAS in cooperation of several local entities. Held at ADGAS Headquarters, the meeting was attended by representatives from the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, ADNOC Group companies and some other concerned organizations.

    ADGAS prepares for Abu Dhabi Islands Cleaning Campaign

    launched on Saturday 17th September 2011, to coincide with the Ocean Conservancys International Coastal Cleanup campaign and the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. ADGAS and other participants hope to draw the public attention to this vital environmental issue and involve growing numbers of citizens in such endeavors.

    AwardeesSl. Employee Division

    1. Ahmed Hafez Human Resources2. Khaled Alhadrami Information Technology3. Waseem Al Damasi Information Technology

    4. Abdul Rahman Al Mulla Human Resources

    5. Abdul Kadar Pillai Procurement6. Ali Jassim Corp. Comm. & Public Relations

    7. Mohamed Mahmood Human Resources

    8. Anand Thakkar Information Technology

    9. Abdulla Al Shamsi Procurement

    10. Mohamed El Dieb Procurement

    ADGAS News 11

    Ms. Ameena Al Bloushi, Public Relations Team Leader, chaired the meeting and gave a detailed presentation about this campaign, highlighting its objectives and activities and the roles of other relevant departments. Attendees also shared their suggestions and ideas to ensure the success of this campaign.This campaign is going to be

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    How Checklists Can Save Lives - and Your BusinessTips to use five-step procedures as a management tool to improve your business.

    Barbara Findlay SchenckEntrepreneur Website:

    Transplanting checklists into the business arenaWhenever I see simple things that everyone agrees should be done but never seem to get done, I see an opportunity for a checklist, says Jacobson. For example, everyone generally agrees that getting testimonials is a good thing, but few actively ask for them. Making testimonials part of closing out a job guarantees the customer is asked.

    Yet over a month-long observation, In more than a third of the patients, they skipped at least one. Once the checklist was established and enforced, however, The ten-day line-infection rate went from 11 percent to zero, saving lives, saving money and earning Dr. Pronovost a 2008 MacArthur Fellowship, commonly known as a genius grant.


    When an employee or small group has long performed an important role with little guidance, a checklist helps capture and preserve knowledge.

    When a project has to pass between departments, a checklist is the most basic form of agreement on what is important and how to communicate it.

    12 ADGAS News

  • 12 ADGAS News ADGAS News 13

    3. Document the sequence of tasks for each person involved.

    4. Prioritize each task and identify those that are essential.

    5. Identify every area where a decision is made or judgment is required.

    6. Implement a checklist and measure results.

    7. Create a checklist for future edits -- dont assume you will get it right the first time.

    Start with a known problem area for guaranteed buy-in. Then keep it simple with a short list, Jacobson says, warning, Complexity kills checklists.

    Finally, give every team member the right to intervene when a step is skipped. Wash your hands is, as the medical community knows, a no-brainer, but doing it without fail is pure genius.

    Checklists improve the outcome of infrequently conducted processes that otherwise may seem overwhelming or without a clear launch approach.

    Checklists establish regular patterns for communication, including meeting and sales-call preparation.

    As an example, Jacobson cites a pricing-change checklist. Pricing can be a very emotional process. A checklist forces consideration of all factors, including the subjective. For example: Determine average costs; estimate expected volume versus price; calculate price from costs and desired gross margin; determine breakeven point; rank price position (for instance, at least 30 percent over Competitor A and 10 percent under Competitor B); adjust for strategic objectives; compare prices and record reactions; set price.

    Prescribing checklists to strengthen your businessStart by asking yourself these questions:

    Which processes contribute most significantly to your business success?

    Where are your most critical danger points?

    Where do mistakes most frequently occur?

    Use your answers to devise checklists that eliminate errors, improve outcomes, protect against staff turnover disruption, and -- the bonus outcome -- create systems that add value to your business.

    In his white paper Use This Checklist or People Die!, Jacobson provides this checklist for creating a checklist:

    1. Target areas that are underperforming.

    2. Establish a benchmark for improvement.

    ADGAS News 13

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    Therefore, I was asked by the Department to put questions that are not easily searchable; questions that would require some considerable reading to reach the answers for. In such a reading process, the quiz would have achieved its goals, by motivating people to search thoroughly, read attentively and increase their knowledge.

    The feedback we have received from our employees has really proved that this goal was achieved. Many colleagues complained that the questions were so tough that they have to search and read for hours before reaching the right answer. However, they acknowledged that they have found this challenge beneficial and exciting at the same time.

    Here, we shed some more light on the four questions and their answers.

    The first question: One of the Prophets prominent companions who was the chief of his tribe. With so many brothers aiding him, he was one of the leaders of the Islamic conquest. He was described by another prominent companion as being from a house of faith. He fell martyr in one of the decisive battles at the days of the Second Caliph, Omar Bin Al Khattab (MABPWH) who wept for his death.The Battle of Nahavand marked a turning point in the conflict between the Persian Empire and the Arab Muslims.

    News came to Caliph Omar Bin Al Khattab that the Persians were rallying all their forces for a final decisive battle with the Muslim Arabs. Worried at the news, the caliph gathered his companions and told

    them that he is planning to lead the Muslim army himself. However, they all agreed that it is better for him to stay in Madina, send an experienced warrior instead and mobilize fighters with him. Recommend a man, and let him be Iraqi, said Omar. They told him that you know your men better than us. Omar then said: I will give it (the position) to a man who will be the first to face the spears tomorrow.

    Then he went to the mosque and found Al Numan Bin Muqarran Al Muzani praying. I have a task for you, said Omar. L Numan answered: If it is a money collector, please dont! (The Prophets prominent companions used to disdain administrative and political positions, considering them mere money-collection and preferring jihad). Omar answered Al Numan saying: No, its a conqueror job, God willing.

    Some quick remarks on the Ramadan quiz

    When the Corporate Communication and Public Relations Department wanted to conduct a Ramadan quiz for ADGAS employees, the only concern was that such quizzes have become really futile with the advent of search engines like Google. Putting a couple of search keywords would be quite enough to find the answers for all imaginable questions.

    14 ADGAS News

    Mr. Nabil Baradey

  • 14 ADGAS News ADGAS News 15

    As the Caliph predicted, Al Numan was really the first to face the enemys spears in Nahavand. Before the battle, he prayed to Allah to grant him martyrdom and victory and was the first to start the attack. Both his wishes came true.

    When the armys messenger reached Al Madina with the news, he found Omar waiting at the city entrance. Be assured, Prince of the Believers. We won victory, and Al Numan fell martyr. Omar started to weep while the man kept counting those who were killed. Then the man said: and many other whom you dont know. To this, Omar replied: What should they do with Omars knowledge (of them) when they are honored by the God of Omar?!

    The second question: One of the prominent Muslim scholars at the end of the 1st Century. He was a close counselor for more than one caliph, with a key role in installing one of Islams most important caliphs ever. Who was he?Rajaa Bin Hayawa Al Kindi was one of the best Muslim scholars in Ash-Sham (modern Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan). As advisor to a series of Umayyad Caliphs, he always tried to warn them against injustice and keep them in check, objecting to any un-Islamic measure. When Caliph Suleiman Bin Abdul Malek felt he was dying, his children were still too young, which means no heir to the caliphate. He felt sad about it, but his advisor, Rajaa Bin Hayawa proposed a strange solution. You are leaving this world to meet your Lord, so if you want to meet Him with a good deed, make your cousin Omar Bin Abdul Aziz your successor said Rajaa. However, it was not easy for Suleiman to push aside four brothers who are waiting his death and appoint a cousin instead. But Rajaa had a wise arrangement in mind. He convinced Suleiman to name his cousin Omar in a sealed letter and summon all brothers and his family members to pledge allegiance to whomever is named in the letter. This way the transition can be smoothly conducted afterwards. Suleiman followed Rajaas advice.

    When Suleiman passed away, Rajaa called the extended family of Umayyad to a group prayer at the grand mosque

    attended by the public, then he asked them to pledge allegiance to the yet undeclared caliph. Some of them objected that they have already done that, but Rajaa told them that the first time it was a private pledge, but now they have to make the public pledge, along with other citizens.

    Having secured another public pledge, he stood on the Minbar to open the letter and read it. There was some humming around, but the will was carried out pretty smoothly.

    Within just two years and a half, Omar Bin Abdul Aziz was able to radically change the nature and policies of the Umayyad dynasty, making it a just, tolerant and lenient rule.

    The third question: One of the 2nd Hijri Centurys prominent scholars and ascetics. He descended from a royal family, but suddenly left his familys life of affluence and influence and traveled to seek knowledge and Halal livelihood. He worked by the day as a gardener, a harvester and a quern operator, moving from town to town and eating from his own income and giving away what is above his daily needs. He died and was born in a Syrian town where he still has a tomb and a mosque under his name?Ibrahim Bin Adham belonged to a royal family in the city of Balkh (now in Afghanistan) which embraced Islam earlier. Once, he was hunting with his entourage when he heard a voice saying You were not born for this. He turned around but saw nothing. The voice kept reminding him, You were not born for this! Seeing nobody around him, Ibrahim felt that this is a sign and a warning for him to leave this extravagant life and dedicate himself to Allah.

    Immediately, Ibrahim exchanged his royal clothes with those of a shepherd in his vast estate and left Balkh, heading to Iraq. There, he attended the Majlesses of prominent scholars for years. Still, he didnt feel satisfied. When asked, he used to say that his ultimate goal is to live in a place where he can eat a halal meal. He was advised to go to Ash-Sham (greater Syria). He went to Ash-Sham and lived a nomad life there, roaming from place to place, practicing Jihad,

    working as a laborer on daily basis, attending farms, grinding wheat or harvesting. He would buy his food and give away the rest of his money, giving a marvelous example of a simple, saintly life.

    Ibrahim died in Syria and was buried in the coastal city of Jableh where he has a famous mosque named after him. Jableh itself is often called Jablej Al Adhamiya.

    The fourth question: In a letter from the Caliph Abdul Malik Bin Marwan to his well-known governor, Al Hajjaj Bin Yousef, there was a phrase that neither Al Hajjaj nor his council understood. Then he sent it to the renowned military leader Qutaiba Bin Muslim Al Bahili, who explained it to him. What is that phrase, and what was the story behind it?The phrase was For me, you are a Salem. Having failed to understand what is meant by it, Al Hajjaj sent it to his military commander in Khurasan (Persia), Qutaiba Bin Muslim Al Bahili (the conqueror of China). Qutaibas explanation was good news to Al Hajjaj. He told him that the Caliph is expressing his appreciation of Al Hajjaj. The reference, Qutaiba says, is to taken from a line of poetry by the pre-Islamic poet Zuhair Bin Abi Sulma, who had a boy called Salem. He was so fond of him that his people used to blame him for spoiling the boy. The line of poetry runs as follows:

    They try to drive me away from Salem and I drive them back,

    For Salem is (as precious as) the skin between the nose and the eye!

    This line was also used by the Prophets companion Abdulla Bin Omar who used to quote it to express his affection to his son Salem, who grow to become a well known scholar.

    ADGAS News 15

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    Ramadan Football Tournament

    An astounding victory for the HR team

    16 ADGAS News

    A group photo after awarding party

  • 16 ADGAS News ADGAS News 17 ADGAS News 17

    The football team of the Human Resources Division achieved a sweeping victory in ADGAS Ramadan Football Tournament organized between 3 and 21 August, 2011, where four teams representing several divisions. The HR team came first with 18 points and a total score of 9 goals while only two goals were scored against the team. Two players from the same team got individual awards.

  • 18 ADGAS News ADGAS News 19

    Organized by Baynounah Clubs Recreational Committee in cooperation with the Sports Committee, the six-round tournament took place every Sunday and Tuesday on the green field of Zayed Sport City in Abu Dhabi. It comprised the teams of HR Division, IT Division, Procurement Division and a unified team representing the Finance, Engineering and Projects divisions.

    This unified team of Finance, Engineering and Projects came second in the tournament, leaving behind the Procurement team in the third position and the IT team in the forth position. Mr. Hasan Al Hassani, from the Procurement team, snatched the first scorer position with an amazing bunch of 9 goals. The Best Player position went to Mr. Nayef Al Ali from

    the HR team, which also kept the title of Best Goalkeeper for Mr. Thabet Al Hammadi. ADGAS News congratulates the HR team, individual winners and, in fact, all teams and players for a well organized tournament that was conducted in the best sporting spirit in the blessed month of Ramadan.

    18 ADGAS News

  • 18 ADGAS News ADGAS News 19

    After month of fasting and worshiping, ADGAS senior officials and employees on Das Island celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on Tuesday 30th August 2011. In the morning, they gathered at 2nd December stadium to perform Eid prayer.

    Das Celebrates Eid Al Fitr

    ADGAS News 19

    After that, ADGAS and ADMA-OPCO Management Teams had their tour in Das Island Clinic, Control Rooms of both companies to meet employees and greet them for Eid.Das Island Social & Welfare Committee celebrated this occasion by arranging some activities and fun games for Das employees such as sack race, slow cycle race, pillow fighting and tug-of-war and others.The day was full of fun and at the end free raffles tickets were distributed to the audience and participants, and the winners rewarded with good and valuable gifts.

    Eid Prayer in Das Island

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    Engaging ADGAS Juniors

    Baynounah Club carries on a rich program of summer activities

    20 ADGAS News

  • 20 ADGAS News ADGAS News 21 ADGAS News 21

    To this end, and following a long tradition, the Club has carried out, in the past 3 months, a rich program of children activities that address both the physical aspects through sports and competitions and also the mental and creative aspects by enhancing the skills and knowledge of ADGAS little angels. To address the physical side, the program included a series of sport events held in various places,

    including Abu Dhabi Country Club, the Marina Club, Manchester United Soccer School and Dream Kids. ADGAS juniors enjoyed swimming lessons, football competitions, basket ball and tennis games, table tennis, self defense and badminton. To enhance the creative side and enhance the skills and knowledge of our loved ones, Baynounah Club has included several activities and

    courses to engage the hearts and minds of children. These activities ranged from cooking and nutrition to arts and crafts. A workshop on the Six Thinking Hats was organized to enhance the childrens knowledge and mental processes. A course on drawing was also organized, in addition to Quran classes to engage the spiritual side, especially with Ramadan at the doorstep.

    ADGAS Baynounah Club has taken upon itself the huge corporate task of enriching the life and ensuring the welfare of ADGAS employees and their families.

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    Dont use email to say no, argue, criticize or deliver bad news. Pick up the phone to deliver the information face to face

    Keep work-related email coming and going from your work account only. Having a single address makes it easy for people to find your messages. And it will prevent business messages from getting tangled with your personal email and perhaps neglected as a result

    The less you send, the more likely your messages will be read. Dont copy others unless they really need to read it.

    Try to respond to all messages within 24 hours, but dont say youll reply with a more detailed response at a later date unless you really intend to follow through. If youre in consecutive meetings or away from the office, put an out-of-office message on so people arent left wondering when youll get back to them

    Dont expect others to decipher what you mean by reviewing an entire email thread. Just because you are on the go doesnt mean you should expect others to piece together whats being requested.

    Avoid bright colors, odd fonts or extra-long signature lines. Some people find these distracting or just plain annoying. Include your personal or business links to social and professional networking sites when appropriate.

    Twelve Finer Points of Email Etiquette







    22 ADGAS News

  • 22 ADGAS News ADGAS News 23 ADGAS News 23

    In your subject line (and you should always have one!), explain what you want: Do you need someone to review or approve something, or is the message simply an FYI? In the message itself, get to the point and use bullets, which are easier to scan than large blocks of text.

    When responding to an email with multiple recipients, think twice about whether you really need to reply to all, and double-check your response before doing so. Bad Reply to All threads run rampant throughout organizations.

    An email with a mega-attachment might never reach its recipient, and if it does, it could overload the inbox. Consider zipping the file.

    Always review the distribution list when sending a sensitive message. Many a message has erroneously been sent to the wrong person with disastrous consequences

    Delete junk, the unnecessary and not important e-mail that you received or sent. This will help you to maintain your e-mail size.Is it really urgent or are you simply feeling impatient?

    Resist the temptation to flag your messages with a big red exclamation point when theyre really not that time sensitive. The result of doing so constantly? People simply will stop paying attention.







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    Eid Traditions in the UAE

    Emirati housewives make sure to clean and prepare their house, which is often kept smart. Ladies and girls have hennas done on their hands and everyone, mainly children, buy new clothes. Eid dishes, Arabic desserts, such as Loqaimat and Balaleet, and fruits, mainly dates, as well as coffee and tea are served to visitors.In rural areas, villagers celebrate Eid by praying outdoors and in public places. Men usually get well-dressed and they manifest their joy by shooting their guns up in the air and participating in the folkloric dance Al Razfa. Celebrations in the UAE cities were quite similar. People would perform the Eid prayers, then return home to greet their families and relatives. After noon prayer, families and children head to gardens and parks to celebrate the joyful day. Before, people used to give their children a rupee, or even fractions of it. Children were also offered candy bars and a cup of milk. Boys used to roam the neighborhood to collect the Eidia (the Eid money) from relatives. Girls would also go out and collect their Eidia from their aunts and uncles. Once they have their pocket money secured, children would rush to playgrounds organized especially for such occasion, where they can play on the swings, buy sweets from kiosks, and watch folkloric dance.

    The people of the Arabian Gulf countries share almost the same Eid traditions, with some different details here and there. The common procedure is to start the first day of the Eid with the Eid prayers, usually performed in the outdoors. Then, people would return home and get ready to welcome guests and well-wishers. Visits to relatives are often rendered afternoon, especially if they live far away or in other cities. However, there are specific rituals to prepare early for the Eidand such preparations differ from villages to bigger towns or cities.