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front page story in today's nelson express


  • theExpress WednesdayJune 30, 2010Vol. 22 No. 30IN THIS ISSUE: The Express celebrates art, any way you make it page 07

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    Jen Barclay wants to go slow. Inspired by Italys slow food movement, her new business Fattoria, focuses on eating with a conscience. Fattoria is Italian for farm and Barclay is making local and humanely raised beef available to consumers in the Nelson area.

    I speak Italian and Ive spent a lot of time in Italy and I love all things Italian, says Barclay. Their slow food movement was a big eye opener. When you go to Italy you eat what they grow in Italy, period. End of story.

    After a serendipitous encounter with Creston farmers, Barclay became enlightened to the abun-dance and availability of local beef. Her business will liaise with farmers in the Creston valley supply-ing beef that follows 100 Mile Diet philosophy.

    The number one issue amongst all the farmers was that they had all this great product but theyre farm-ers, theyre not marketers. They didnt know how to sell it and they needed help, says Barclay. The more I learned about how animals are treated just so we can have as much as we want, whenever we want it, at the lowest price pos-sible, got me crazed and thats what started it all.

    Eating with a conscience means eating the entire cow. The biggest challenge facing Fattoria is how to sell and disperse an entire cow. Restaurants tend to want specific cuts and most families dont have space in their freezers for whole sides of beef. So Barclay came up with the

    idea of AA grade, 25lb resi-dential packages.

    I wanted a package that didnt scare people in the cost or size. The residential packages are small enough to fit in the freezer with room for other stuff and we can get approximately 20 packages out of one ani-mal. The cost is $140 per package.

    These packages are a mix of all cuts. Its a selection of

    cuts but its a great selection.Knowing that some less

    popular selections of meat may be daunting to the con-sumer to cook, Barclay will be offering chef inspired recipes on her website and instructions about how to cook the meat.

    The packages will be delivered in reusable shop-ping bags so its a little dif-ferent. I want to make meat groovy, she laughs.

    Orders will be picked up by Barclay directly from the farmers and delivered fro-zen to the consumers door. People should be eating this way for so many rea-sons. Not just for the farm-er and the animal but for the transportation; its only coming an hour. There are so many reasons to make this choice and its easy. You can just call me up.

    Barclay wants to help

    Where's the beef? In your backyard.

    change peoples relationship with food through education while providing a quality product. My biggest chal-lenge has been in educat-ing myself because theres so much to learn about what eating this way entails.

    Local businesses are also getting on board, including Ryan Martin at the Hume Hotel. Restaurants at the hotel will be serving the first 100 Mile Burger as

    soon as next month.I feel good about it. Ive

    spent a lot of time with these farmers. I know what theyre doing and Ive seen where these animals are liv-ing and where theyre dying and its all very humane.

    Fattoria is open for busi-ness and orders can be placed by phone 250.505.7765 or through email at

    Foodie turned business owner is bringing 100 Mile Diet beef to tables, both restaurant and home alike



    Jen Barclay of Fattoria is bringing local beef to local consumers.