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UNL Extension educators discuss the So Lo Mo aspects of online marketing.


  • 1. So Lo MoThe Convergence of Social, Local, andMobile in Marketing By Jenny Nixon and Connie HancockUNL Extension Educators

2. The elephant in the room 3. Social Time spent on socialmedia 20 25% of onlinetime is devoted tosocial media 63% said consumerratings and reviewsare importantSocial Side of Consumers Source: do-we-spend-on-social-media-sites 4. How many of you have. A business Facebook account A Twitter Account Created a Blog Uploaded a Youtube video Created Podcast Created a Flickr account Posted content to PinterestSocial? 5. 81% of travelers find user reviews important 49% of travelers wont book without reviews 53% of reviews are written by women andwomen give a 10% higher rating than men!The Social Side of TravelersSource: 6. Local 20% of all searches conducted are Location specific according to GoogleSearching Locally 7. How many of you have. Searched for your business name to find outyour online business reputation Claimed your Google+ Local page Claimed your profile on related sites Made your own interactive map Unified your profile brand across the internetLocal? 8. Mobile Mobile search is up 200% since 2010 Only 10% of web pages optimized for mobile A bad mobile experience will drive customers awayMobile Devices Source: Google 2012 9. How many of you have. Optimized your web page for mobile Used an app Offered a mobile coupon Know what your call to action isMobile? 10. Strategies to combine Social Local Mobile marketing channels?Combing it All 11. Website is still key Claim your presences Cultivate the conversation Incorporate mobile friendly/ready Engage the customer Call to action Start with Mo and Lo and follow with SoSo Lo Mo Strategy