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  • presented by Jessica Overby of JWo DesignsSo You Want to Cosplay

  • Definition- Term 'cosplay' is short for "costume play" where you dress up in costume as a specific character Origin-Popularity originated in Japan in the early 1990s and has become more mainstream in the past decade in the U.S.Different genres-Spans from TV shows, videogames, movies, books, even original characters

  • Basic Supplies & ToolsMaterialsCraft foam/EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate) foam Paint (acrylic/spray paint)Thermoplastics (Worbla, Wonderflex, Fosshape, Terraflex, Friendly Plastic, Instamorph, Sintra, Styrene, ABS plastic, PETG, etc.)


  • Basic Supplies & ToolsToolsSewing Machine Hot Glue GunScissorsRetractable craft/razor blade Dremel/rotary toolPower Drill

  • Tools and Supplies SourcesCraft stores (Hobby Lobby, Joann, Michael's, etc.)-Don't forget coupons!-Great place for paint and craft foam sheetsHardware stores (Home Depot, Lowe's, Ace Hardware, etc.)- Great for tools - Also good for EVA foam

  • Tools and Supplies SourcesWorbla source ( -Free shipping in the U.S!

    EVA foam online in bulk rolls (

  • Tutorial ResourcesDownloadable ebooks & tutorials-Kamui cosplay (

    -Punished Props (

  • Tutorial Resources Pinterest YouTube - Evil Ted (armor & pattern making tutorials) Huge directory of tutorials Cosplay Amino app

  • Planning and Prepping When to start planning-Depends on skill level and complexity of cosplay-At least 3 months before a convention- If ordering supplies from outside of the U.S., account for that extra shipping time

  • Planning and Prepping How to plan-Keep a checklist on what is needed & what to do for each cosplay-Art journal to sketch original ideas or patterns-Give enough time before con and room for mistakes-DON'T BE ME

  • Planning and Prepping Cosplanner App

  • Convention EtiquetteOverview on prop weapons-No sharp metal weapons-ALWAYS an orange safety tip on prop guns-No props that actually shoot (no BB's, airsoft guns, bow & arrows, etc.)-Always review each convention's weapon rulesHow much should one be covered?-Always cover private areas-Always review convention cosplay rules-Some more strict than others

  • PhotoshootsProfessional or memorable photos of your cosplay to show off your hard workMany conventions have a free photoshoot area so you can have photos takenPrivate photoshoots (in or out of conventions)-Book with a photographer at least a week prior to a convention-Bring a friend along to help (and help you feel more comfortable)

  • Other InfoEncouragement for new cosplayersNot limited to doing certain cosplaysAge, race, gender, body shape, etc. are NOT limiting factorsDoes not have to be 100% accurateUltimately about having FUN!

  • Questions, comments, or suggestions from you!

  • Thanks for attending!

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