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  • 1. THE WORLDS LEADING MAGAZINE DEDICATED TO WEB SERVICES OCTOBER 2008 / VOLUME: 8 ISSUE 10TheNextParadigm Multi-Enterprise18 SOA SOA Innovation Applied CHRIS JOHNSON 14 GRACIELA TISCAREO-SATO22 Getting an SOA Initiative or Continuing the Journey KADEER BEG

2. FROM THE EDITOR www.SOA.SYS-CON.comGive Me a Sign INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY BOARD Andrew Astor, David Chappell, Graham Glass, Tyson Hartman, Paul Lipton, Anne Thomas Manes, Norbert Mikula, George Paolini, James Phillips, Simon Phipps, Mark Potts, Martin WolfWRITTEN BY SEAN RHODYTECHNICAL ADVISORY BOARD JP Morgenthal, Andy Roberts, Michael A. Sick, Simeon SimeonovOne of my favorite sayings is, if you operating solutions. In the modern age, thisdont know where youre going, anyincludes capacity on demand, virtualized EDITORIALdirection will do. While in many containers, and occasionally connected Editor-in-Chief Sean Rhody sean@sys-con.comcases people take that as license to do what- computing. In addition to being the platform XML Editorever they feel like, what it really means is that that the SOA will run on, these foundationsHitesh Sethbefore you embark on a journey, you shouldoften expose services of their own that en- Industry Editorplan your destination. You know, get out theable the creation of more complex business Norbert Mikula norbert@sys-con.commap, plot your direction, nd out where you logic or exception handling. Product Review Editorwant to go, and what you want to accom-Other elements are also important onBrian Barbash bbarbash@sys-con.complish along the way.the roadmap. The Enterprise Service Bus.NET Editor SOA is a journey, and also a a key architectural element without itDave Rader davidr@fusiontech.comFor most organizations, SOA is the endyou have a point-to-point wiring issue thatSecurity Editor Michael Mosher wsjsecurity@sys-con.comgoal of the IT organization. Theyve begunultimately becomes even worse than theto realize that SOA is the way that they will problems we were trying to solve in the rst Research Editor Bahadir Karuv, Ph.D Bahadir@sys-con.comultimately run their organizations softwareplace. This is an area where companies seem Technical Editors(and to a certain extent, hardware too).to take detours frequently and one where,Andrew Astor andy@enterprisedb.comTheir vendors have all begun shipping their in most cases, they really should stick to the David Chappell chappell@sonicsoftware.comsoftware as services, and they may even beroadmap. Its a lot easier to put in an ESB andAnne Thomas Manes Mike Sick msick@sys-con.comusing web-based software as a service suchadapt to it when you start then after youve Michael Wacey mwacey@csc.comas So its now time to under- done a number of implementations.International Technical Editorstand the destination. One area that needs to be considered is Ajit Sagar In order to do that, a wise organization the overall maturity of the organization withExecutive Editorcreates a Roadmap. Just as you might consultrespect to SOA. There are multiple dimen-Nancy Valentine nancy@sys-con.coman atlas (or MapQuest these days) to seesions of maturity you can look at technol- Associate Online Editorwhere you are going, understanding what ogy, standards, security, governance, andLindsay Hock lindsay@sys-con.comthe stops are on the journey toward full SOAmanagement. All of these areas have differ-implementation and planning on how to ent qualications and levels associated withreach them is also critical. Just as you mightthem that lead to an overall maturity level. PRODUCTIONdecide to take a scenic detour for your ownA typical roadmap identies these dimen-ART DIRECTORenrichment (who doesnt like seeing the sions as well as the projects that will be Abraham Addo abraham@sys-con.comchanging leaves on some windswept country undertaken to get to the end goal. In security ASSOCIATE ART DIRECTORroad over the weekend rather than driving it may be a rst project toward single sign- Tami Beatty tami @sys-con.comdown a soulless interstate), your company on that will eventually lead to the basis formay very well choose to take a road lesssecurity as a service as part of the underlyingtravelled for strategic, tactical, functional, or infrastructure. There may be a discussionEDITORIAL OFFICES SYS-CON MEDIAeven nancial reasons.of core IT services that should be provided577 CHESTNUT RIDGE ROAD, WOODCLIFF LAKE, NJ 07677 Its one thing to take the road less traveledas part of the infrastructure. There may be aTELEPHONE: 201 802-3000 FAX: 201 782-9637upon careful planning. Its another entirelyrationalization project to help align redun- SOA World Magazine Digital Edition (ISSN# 1535-6906) Is published monthly (12 times a year)to miss the street sign and go off road itdant business processes or applications. A By SYS-CON Publications, Inc.causes detours and rework, not to mention good roadmap is multi-dimensional andPeriodicals postage pending Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 and additional mailing ofcesannoyances and loss of credibility with col-includes a timeline. It may even (dare I say POSTMASTER: Send address changes to:leagues and the executive outline the dependencies each project hasSOA World Magazine, SYS-CON Publications, Inc. For many reasons, a roadmap for SOAwith respect to one another. Finally, a good 577 Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677is important, perhaps even critical to theroadmap is hard to create. It takes insight, itsuccess of the journey, or at least of the team takes commitment, and it takes leadership.making it. A roadmap for SOA has many Before you take another step, ask yourself:COPYRIGHT Copyright 2008 by SYS-CON Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may beaspects. It has foundational elements thatDo I know where Im going? If not, itsreproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy or any information storage and retrieval system without written permission. For promotional reprints, contact reprintinclude network and hardware, as well asprobably time to get out the map.coordinator. SYS-CON Publications, Inc., reserves the right to revise, republish, and authorize its readers to use the articles submitted for publication. All brand and product names used on these pages are trade names, service marks, or trademarks of their respective companies. SYS-CON Publications, Inc., is not afliated with the companies or products covered in Web Services Journal.About the AuthorSean Rhody is the editor-in-chief of SOA World Magazine. He is a respected industry expert and a consultant with a leadingconsulting services company. sean@sys-con.comwww.SYS-CON.com2 OCTOBER 2008 OCTOBER 2008 3 3. INSIDE2 Give Me a SignSEAN RHODY6 Creating an Effective SOAService TaxonomyMARK RICHARDS 12 Design Time SOA GovernanceNeeds Some Work Humans and ToolsDAVID LINTHICUM 14 The Next Paradigm -Multi-Enterprise SOACHRIS JOHNSON 18 SOA Innovation AppliedGRACIELA TISCAREO-SATO 22 Starting an SOA Initiative orContinuing the JourneyKADEER BEG 24 Developing a CICS-basedWeb Service on an Array of ComplexDatatype ObjectsSREE KUSUMANCHI, GIRISH MOKHASI, AND GVB SUBRAHMANYAM 30 Common Pitfalls Around an SOAImplementation And How toAvoid ThemMUKUND BALASUBRAMANIAN 32 Making the Case for ApplicationService Modeling in SOA EnvironmentsBARNEY SENE4 OCTOBER 2008 4. TAXONOMY CORPORATECreating an EffectivePresident and CEO Fuat Kircaali Senior VP, Editorial & EventsSOA Service Taxonomy Jeremy Geelan ADVERTISING Senior VP, Sales & Marketing Carmen Gonzalez carmen@sys-con.comWhat exactly is a service? Advertising Sales Director Megan Mussa Advertising & Events Manager Corinna Melcon corinna@sys-con.comBY MARK RICHARDS Events Associates Krisandra Russo Susan Wechtler susan@sys-con.comI ts hard to think about Service Oriented Architecture without think- ing of services; after all, services are the main focus of SOA (its even in the name). If Service Oriented Architecture is an approach where CUSTOMER RELATIONS the business and technical architecture is oriented around services,Circulation Service Coordinators then what exactly is a service? Unfortunately, the answer to this ques- Edna Earle Russell tion varies greatly depending on whom you talk to and how youre using SOA in your organization. This variation tends to create quite a bit of confusion when trying to design and implement a SOA-based solution.There are several excellent service-oriented methodologies availabletoday, most of which describe processes for identifying, dening, specifying, implement- SYS-CON.COMing, and governing services. While these methodologies provide the direction and tools Consultant Information Systemsnecessary to help realize SOA in your organization, they dont address the fundamental Robert Diamond robert@sys-con.comA LT E R N AT I V E T H I N K I N G A B O U T S E R V I C E - O R I E N T E D A R C H I T E C T U R E :question about what a service actually is. Web Designers A service is hard to dene because there are in fact many different types of services Richard Walter Joon Kim joon@sys-con.comRethink The Architecture, Rethink The Service Oriented Architecture. Understanding what types of services exist, how thoseservice types are dened and related, and how they are communicated to the stakehold-(Rethink Your Bottom Line.)ers in your organization are key to any SOA-based initiative. In this article I will describe amethod for building a SOA Service Taxonomy that will help you effectively classify services Alternative thinking is shifting your SOA strategy to focus on business initiativesfor the SOA-based initiatives in your organization.


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