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Unconference  is an ad-hoc gathering of people, born out of a desire to learn and share in an open environment, and where the participants co-create the agenda together.   The Theme for the Social Canvas Unconference is Arts, Music & Media, and the participants can learn, share and co-create through sharing sessions, workshops and talks 18-20 Aug, 2012, Mumbai Outskirts.


  • 1.18th, 19th, 20th AugustlArts, Music & Media

2. What is Unconference ? Unconference is an ad-hoc gathering ofpeople, born out of a desire to learn andshare in an open environment, and wherethe participants co-create the agendatogether. The Theme for the Social CanvasUnconference is Arts, Music&Media, andtheparticipantscanlearn, share and co-create through sharingsessions, workshops and talks. You canparticipate by either attending workshopsor sessions by others, or by taking asession yourself. The sessions are walk in-walk on, and if you find a sessionuninteresting, you can move on to anotherone. When sessions arent running, theresusually other fun stuff happening likefood, music, dance, games, conversation orgames. 3. What can you expect at theSocial Canvas Unconference ?Workshops, sharingsessions, films, discussions, musicand interactions. Apart from a fewstructured events and sessions by expertresource persons, there will be a lot ofopen spacesfor participants toself-organize aroundinterests, ideas, experiences, workshops, play, media, music etc. witheach other in the spirit of sharing andfun. There is no audience. Onlyparticipants. And since we believe eachparticipant is a resource person, anyonecan host a session, help out withplanning, ask questions or sharesomething. Everybody is invited. Therereally are no walls. 4. Venue of the UnconferenceThe Unconference happens in aForest Farm, in the jungles on theoutskirts of Mumbai. It happens amidstnaturallybeautifuland inspiringenvirons, surrounded by nature andflora&fauna. The proposed venue is VanVadi, a 64-acre forest farm, on thefoothills of Sahyadri. The land at vanvadiis covered by 80% dense forest, there areseasons streams flowing through theundulating forest land. There is a rockpool and bountiful flora and fauna. Living at Van Vadi is rustic andbasic.Thereisplenty offreshair, water, trees, and stars at night. Forsleeping there are tents and a couple ofmud huts without walls. 5. EVENTS @UNCONFERENCE 6. How to Apply ?If you would like to attend theUnconference, please fill-out the formhere: You willreceivean emailconfirming yourparticipation in the conference. Pleasesubmit your form latest by July 31st.We ask the participants to make and covertheir own travel arrangements, and alsocontribute Rs. 1500/- towards their foodand accommodation.The participants are also welcome to comeand volunteer with us from a few daysbefore, to set things up and prepare forthe unconference. 7. 18th 20th AUGUST, 2012For further details Canvas,A/303, Mom Apts, off Yari Road,Versova, Mumbai Share. Co-Create. 8. ORGANIZED BY Ve 9. Social Canvas is acreative platform forstudents and young people to explore, experience &co-createsocial change. Its anopen space where we engage with ideas, facilitate dialogue-discussion-debate, and collaborate to learn- express - shareour creativity for effectingboth personal and social change. 10. Social Canvas uses the power ofmedia, literature, film, theatre, music and various other forms of art toinspire individuals to create a positivesocial impact. Through ourWorkshops, events and actioncamps, we bring together diverse groups ofpeople, build fresherperspectives, understandings andskills, and encourageunlearning, relearning and creativeexpression to build their capacity aschangemakers. 11. OUR EVENTS & ACTIVITIES 12. We are a bunch ofartists, filmmakers, writers, musicians and dreamerswho are passionate aboutchange and are bold enoughto believe that WE CAN build a more. Equitable + sustainable +harmonious = happy world 13. If you would like tointern/volunteer with SocialCanvas, please write to us at