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Social Media Teaching - Social Media 101 - Web Presence Basics (Getting Found Online) Small business social media basics for health care industry. These are passive methods building web presence. 1. Online Search Listings 2. Facebook Business Pages 3. LinkedIn Profile Tips


  • 1. Social Media 101 Web Presence Basics(Getting Found Online)
  • 2. Nigel OhrumSocial Media manager / Web Presence DevelopmentHelping individuals and small businesses expand their onlineinfluence through online networks.The Purpose...* To grow your business* Increase your online influence* Share your knowledge
  • 3. Getting Found OnlineHow easy is it to find youonline?* By Name ex. [Nigel Ohrum]* By Business Nameex. [Social Toppings]
  • 4. Online Search ProfilesAre you on...Google PlacesYelpBingYellowpages.comCitySearch
  • 5. Whats the benefit1. Being found online easier.2. Directing traffic to youand your business.3. Free 24/7 onlineadvertising
  • 6. Online Search Listing Example(Good)
  • 7. Room for Improvement
  • 8. Whos looking...Monitoring Activity
  • 9. Adding the "Social" LayerSocial Media - millions of people across the world havingconversations online.Facebook - premier social network with over 800 millionusers.* In the United States, the average Facebook user spendsalmost 30 minutes daily.LinkedIn - professional / B2B social network with more than135 million users.
  • 10. Social Media & HealthcareAlmost 1/3 ofpeople have usedsocial media forhealthcare.
  • 11. Social Media & HealthcareBoomers make up32.5% of theadultpopulation &36%of the totalonlineadultpopulation.Boomers accountfor ~1/3 of web-traffic on anygiven day.(Pew Internet & American Life Project)
  • 12. So where should you be...LinkedIn -1. Good Descriptive Title2. Current / past workexperience description3. Summary
  • 13. Facebook1. Good DescriptiveTitle2. Aboutinfo2. Images3. Profile picture4. Detailed info
  • 14. How I can help...*Basic Account Setup : Facebook & Twitter profiles : $197($100 for one)*All other Social Media Profiles : $100/site*Facebook Fan or Group Page Creation : $175/page*Online Search Profile Creation / Claiming (Google, Bing,Yelp, etc) : $400*Consulting Social media / Web Presence Development :$60/hr
  • 15. Connect with