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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Team: AlchemistsSocial Media Strategy for IIM IndoreAnimesh RajParishmita GogoiPrabhu Dessai VishweshRanjan Kumar</p> <p>CONTENTSMission &amp; ObjectiveRelevant Social MediaSocial Media StrategyKPIs For Measuring Social Media SuccessAppendix A: Content Generation &amp; Social Media PlatformsAppendix B: Higher Education Institutions' Best Practices On Using Social MediaReferencesFuture ScopeEngage Current Faculty &amp; StaffEngage AlumniBuild Internal CommunityEngage Other B-schools StudentsImprove Community RelationsEngage Parents of Current StudentsConduct Research on AudiencesRaise Private FundsCrisis and Issue ManagementRecruit Faculty &amp; StaffCreate, Sustain &amp; Improve Brand ImageIncrease Awareness/Advocacy/RankingsEngage Current StudentsEngage Admitted StudentsEngage Prospective StudentsEngage MediaInternal IIM I Fraternity(Present Participants, Faculties, Academic Associates, Non-Academic Staffs, etc.)Part of IIMI but Outside Campus(Participants of Mumbai &amp; Dubai Campus, Visiting Faculties, etc.) External IIM I Fraternity(Alumni, Research Community, Other B-schools Participants, Prospective Students (National &amp; International), Media, Industry Personnel, Govt. &amp; Non-Govt. Organizations, etc.) StakeholdersScope of Social MediaInstitutes VisionTo evolve as a contextually relevant business school with world-class academic standards;To propagate, assimilate and develop contemporary innovative management practices and systems to contribute to social capitalism in India;To illustrate and experience the uniqueness of embedding a business school in a social science setting; and,To have a dominant presence in all segments of management education in India and abroad.Social Medias VisionCreate, Sustain &amp; Improve Brand ImageIncrease Awareness/Advocacy/RankingsEngage Current StudentsEngage Admitted StudentsEngage Prospective StudentsEngage MediaEngage Current Faculty &amp; StaffEngage AlumniBuild Internal CommunityEngage Other B-schools StudentsImprove Community RelationsEngage Parents of Current StudentsConduct Research on AudiencesRaise Private FundsCrisis and Issue ManagementRecruit Faculty &amp; StaffTo connect the institute with its stakeholdersTo help others to experience the institutes uniquenessTo assist the institute to learn from dynamic educational environmentTo build a brand in management education on social media platform (global)Experiential LearningIT OrientationSocial SensitivityPresent FocusMission &amp; Objective</p> <p>The Most Relevant Social Media Platforms For Improving The Brand Equity</p> <p>Brand ImageAwareness &amp; RankingEngage Current studentsEngage Faculty and staffsBuild Internal CommunityEngage AlumniEngage Prospective StudentsPreferred Social Media:FacebookTwitterYouTubeGoogle+LinkedInQuora </p> <p>SM Used By StudentsAn installed base of 6713 users on the verified IIM Indore pageEase of use, accessibility and popularityConvenience in community building around specific topic by creating pages and groupsGreat for 1-2 announcements per day that are high priority, or images</p> <p>University followed on SMHighly viral social networkRapid and real time information disseminationAbility to create and engage in focused conversations by using hashtagsEasier interaction with reputed personalities in a particular fieldGood for a greater number of short promos that link to full contentAllows Live TweetingAllows comments and interaction with videosLarger viewership that closely fits our age demographicsUse to promote program and allow categorization into groupsAllows targeted sharing with established circles of followersHangout video conference capability - virtual classroom use or online chats. Perceived as a professionals social networkEasier to connect with alumniMost have bachelors or grad degree ideal for educational institute like IIM IndoreIn June 2012, LinkedIn announced that students and recent graduates are the fastest growing demographic on LinkedIn again a favourable point for IIM Indore</p> <p>Question and answer site famous among Indian studentsLarge base of reputable expertsEasier to connect to users with similar interestsPeople connect based on expertiseEasier monitoring of topics of your interest to gauge interest around itSelf contained censorship reduces the chances of spamSources: Media and Advancement: Insights From Three Years of Data by Slover-Linett Strategies, mStoner and CASE</p> <p>4Will increase focus on designated areas and elicit greater level of commitment from concerned peopleHow:Social Media Committee shall look at the overall strategyTeam of faculty members and students shall be made responsible for various pages and accounts on social mediaEnsure coordinated communication on all platforms so as not to dilute brand image of the institute on each platformHow:Link Social Media Video shared on Facebook can be shared on Twitter &amp; Google+ as wellCategorize posts - Share appropriate content on relevant social media catering to target audienceConcerns &amp; issues raised should be considered seriouslyProvide a sense of belongingness and raise Tie-Strength by personally catering to their queriesHow:Queries requiring detailed response can be addressed personally e.g. students enquiring for financial aidA separate section can be maintainedSocial media as an interactive communication toolStreamline the process to address concerns &amp; issuesBe consistent &amp; cohesiveAscertain ownership and accountabilityScout new platforms and phase out old onesReach stakeholders where they areEnhance visual representationCreate measures of successStrategyApart from broadcasting information, Two-way Conversation should be facilitatedHow:Discussions, Q&amp;A, Campaigns, etc. can be conductedFeedbacks should be used to improve deliverablesSocial media as an interactive communication toolStreamline the process to address concerns &amp; issuesAscertain accountabilityand encourage ownershipBe consistent &amp; cohesiveSocial Media Strategy - I</p> <p>Images and videos attract a lot of attention on social mediaNeed to use visuals to portray life and learning in IIM IndoreHow:Relevant content generation on Google+, Facebook and YouTubeIncorporate strategy on Instagram if it witnesses increased usage in IndiaWhat gets measured gets managedHow:Need to come up with qualitative and quantitative goals and then measure our performance against those goals every monthIT tools like Google Analytics, plugins, etc. can be used to measure various metricsDetermine metrics to measure performanceEnhance visual representationBe present where target audiences are active and onlineHow:To use the accounts of IIMI fraternity as influencers and integrate all social media effortsPrevious discussions on relevant topics and issues can be referenced to increase the credibility of the contentAlso by referencing the accounts reach can be enhanced to their bucket of followers tooReach out to stakeholdersOwing to dynamic nature of social media, we need to keep a tab on the emerging social media platforms, and audit the popularity levels of existing platformsHow:Assess the level of activity and demographics of membersFormulate plans to mark IIM Indores presence on any new platformScout new platforms and phase out old onesSocial Media Strategy - II</p> <p>KPIs For Measuring Social Media SuccessKey Performance IndicesFollowersIndicate credibility &amp; brand recognitionConsidered as a portion of brand equity</p> <p>Social SharesEasy-to-measure metric for successValidates if content is of good quality</p> <p>Applause (Like, +1, retweets or Favorite)Indicator of being watched and enjoyedBrings attention to brand</p> <p>Traffic to Site (Analytics)Allows to measure the visits to site by social networkHelps to measure the effectiveness of an activity carried out via social media platformBrand MentionsMeasures what is being said about the brandAim should be to minimize the negative mentions and maximize the positive mentions to enhance brand equity</p> <p>Brand ConversationsIncrease brand recognition and image by accepting grievances as a feedback</p> <p>Content Related Metrics (Visits, Pageviews, etc.)Classification into new, regular, occasional and fans can be done to study the interests</p> <p>Click-ThroughsAssists to find if the content has appropriate wording and targets right audience</p> <p>CommentsGreat way to measure engagements and sentiments Increase in number of new and repeat users helps to build positive perception about the contentAwarenessAssociationsAttitudesAttachmentActivityPresence: Followers, views, visits, traffic to site, Click-Throughs, etcAdvantage: Brand Conversations and mentionsBonding: Success of campaigns &amp; events Brand Dynamics Pyramid ModelWe will measure the Brand strength of IIM Indore by using the Brand Dynamics Pyramid ModelCampaigns &amp; EventsSuccess of campaigns and events (both online and offline) in terms of enthusiastic participation from target audience alumni, campus community, prospect people, etc. can act as a ultimate success of social media platformPerformance: Shares, repeat users, commentsRelevance: Shares, applauseFactors for Key Performance Indices Sources:Marketing Management, Philip Kotler radian67Analysis of recent business events by faculty members (Facebook)Insights from consulting assignments, conferences etc. that faculty members may attend (Facebook, Personal blogs, LinkedIn)Audio visuals of short duration explaining basic management and business concepts (YouTube, Hangouts)Biweekly Interview with faculty about their work, current affairs, etc. (YouTube)Appendix A: Content Generation &amp; Social Media PlatformAcademic ContentAdmission queries (Facebook, Twitter, Quora)Programs helpline, IPM, FPM, etc. (Facebook, Twitter, Quora)New faculty addition (Facebook)Facilities available at campus, general queries about (Quora, Facebook, YouTube)Information SharingWelcoming of new batch, convocation (Facebook)Rural Immersion Program, Himalayan Outbound Program, Industry visits, Utsaha, Indore Marathon, IRIS (Facebook, YouTube)Nature walks in campus, poetry sessions (Facebook. YouTube)Exchange student interaction, defense personnel interviews (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+)Alumni success stories (LinkedIn Blog, Twitter)Company visits to campus (LinkedIn, Facebook)Industry conferences held in campus (Facebook, Twitter)Industry outlook (Facebook, Twitter)Industry InteractionCompetitions won by students (Facebook, Twitter)Collaborations of IIM Indore with various agencies (Twitter, Facebook)Research scholarship won by faculties, papers published by faculty (Twitter, Facebook)Articles published by students, faculties in various magazines, periodicals etc. (Facebook, Twitter)Student, Faculty &amp; Institute RecognitionEvents &amp; HappeningsFacultyStudent Committees &amp; Clubs Individual StudentsEvents &amp; HappeningsKey Sources</p> <p>Appendix B: Higher Education Institutions' Best Practices On Using Social MediaInteractive Communication ToolsResponds to inquiries and concernsCommentary posts are used as feedback to assessMigrate the users of inactive accountsMonitor accounts to encourage active and vibrant forums for our audiencesCross-reference related accounts to encourage followers to also seek out related conversations by other units around campusStay dynamic and selective with audienceGet involved in new platforms and phase out old ones to keep with the changing use of social mediaSpecific post on specific social media platformVisual RepresentationFacebook and Flickr to post photosVimeo serves as a reel or library to preview all AU videosYouTube contains selective curate contents from VimeoCreate measure of success All units should come up with qualitative &amp; quantitative goals based on specific numbers and levels of engagementMyth BustersShared stories of students and blogs to discard the misconceptions that others had about the universityListens to what students have to say about the university and respond with genuine repliesAiding InnovationPromote ideas leveraging voices of faculty and studentsConnection before JoiningLinkedIn group is formed for Executive program before joining the campusBroadcasting and Interactive tool Frequent tweets keep alumni informedCase study discussions beyond classroomHashtags keep dialogue activeUniversity of Wisconsin MadisonCrowdsourcingInvited the campus plus alumni and friends from around the world to share their thoughts about what makes the university such a special place in 24 hrsReceived over 1000 submissions through social media from all 50 states and 66 countries</p> <p>Webster UniversitySummer Ticket GatewayDistributed free tickets to concerts at their amphitheatre to gain attention from the younger massRight combination of SM were decided Foursquare, Twitter &amp; YouTube</p> <p>Elizabethtown College &amp; Messiah CollegeBattle of Blues FundraisingLeveraged a soccer-field competition for donation and alumni participation</p> <p>College of William &amp; MaryAmpersandbox- MicrositeWebsite displayed word pairs - describe their college experience - allowed visitors to contribute word pairs of their own</p> <p>Harvard University</p> <p>American UniversityMulti-Channel CampaignsFacebook Office HoursFaculty shares his/her research work and answers questions asked by fans Showcasing Student and Faculty WorkWired through Phone iStanford mobile appAllows students to register for classes, look up campus maps and be able view the location of their friends on a map instant messaging them if need beStanford University</p> <p>Sources:</p> <p>9References Media and Advancement: Insights From Three Years of Data by Slover-Linett Strategies, mStoner and CASE Management, Philip Kotler radian6</p>