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<p>Customer Engagement</p> <p>Social media exposure through</p> <p>Digital Strategies</p> <p>Social media exposure through Digital StrategiesA social media agency like Digital Sapiens located in Dubai uses social marketing platforms to a business advantage, connects people throughout the world and creates an interactive dialogue with potential customers to accrue experiences and information that give a greater business perspective.</p> <p>Launched thirteen years ago in 2003, LinkedIn was the first to start the Social Media era, followed opportunely by Facebook in 2004. Today, the social media phenomenon has insanely grown to accommodate a billion users with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube included!</p> <p>A comprehensive study by the Burson-Marsteller, a public relations firm, shows that 86% of the top 100 successful Fortune 500 companies use at least one of the most popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc.</p> <p>Together with other popular social media sites like MySpace, Xing, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc., they act as the new marketing platform that comprises what we know today as Social Media.</p> <p>Social media exposure through Digital StrategiesMost people find it unclear how employing social media marketing services in Dubai could give tangible benefits when they already have advantage of the best time-tested advertising and marketing strategies. However, responding aptly, promptly and satisfactorily to customer complaints and concerns is the forte of digital professionals and should never be tried by novices. This is because without these professional services, a business would be inundated with the legal, operational and reputational risks involved.</p> <p>Social Media conversations over blogs, forums, message boards, etc., about your products and brands is almost impossible for a business to keep track of since it has other major functions to attend to. Yes, social media marketing is definitely time consuming and requires a team of professionals to responsibly handle both customer appreciation and negative feedback.</p> <p>So what actually is the major benefit if you hire the confident services of a social media agency in Dubai? The most visible result is in terms of discernible traffic increase and tremendous market exposure. Who would not want to employ the most competent services of a company like Digital Sapiens if it could profitably get you brand awareness, put social happenings to your greatest advantage and build meaningful relations with people in any corner of the world, all at once?</p> <p>Social media exposure through Digital StrategiesNow what that translates into for your business is better sales, and an emotional connection and engagement with prospective customers. Without an active social media interaction, a lively community of loyal fanbase, an increased credibility and awareness of your brand would seem difficult to acquire in the modern digital world.</p> <p>With Google allowing search results from Social Media sites from businesses and individuals, it actually allows companies to combine SEO with social media marketing.</p> <p>Your next prospective customer could be right around the corner waiting to be discovered by you just in time before your rivals do!</p> <p>Social media exposure through Digital StrategiesWhen a simple Facebook page with portfolio pictures has helped a wedding photographer from Michigan, US, earn lots of profitable assignments, how can a business not reach a million customers and create greater brand awareness? If you want to beat your competitors, stay ahead of the constantly challenging customer needs, then availing the adept hand of a social media agency in Dubai, UAE will surely give you the perfect leverage.</p> <p>Word-of-mouth of customers who are king in the present online world of forums, social media sites, etc., is completely covered by social media strategies used by the agency.</p> <p>The objective of a social media agency is not to bombard customers with repetitive advertisements; on the contrary it creates a direct relationship with individual customers, builds trust and values what the customers speak about your business.</p> <p>If your business has an insatiable appetite to earn the respect of its customers, is ready to listen effectively to them and values their loyalty immensely, social media marketing is a requisite viable investment.</p> <p>THANK YOU!</p>