Social media marketing tips for business owners 5 ways to generate more leads

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Owners5 Ways to Generate More Leads Visit to create a free account.

Clued-in business owners and marketing managers arent just using social media to boost brand awareness theyre also leveraging these platforms in order to generate leads.

By stirring up interest and encouraging users with a call-to-action, sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can all be used as powerful marketing funnels to capture potential customers email addresses.

Here are five simple yet highly effective ways you can gain leads through the use of social media.

1. Listen to Social Needs

So much emphasis is put on promotions and sharing content, you can forget about the most important aspect of social media: listening to your audience. What are the hopes, needs, fears, and dreams of your target market? Listening to your ideal customers and clients enable you to serve them better, craft more compelling content, and ultimately improve your opt-in rates.

2. Create a Pink SpoonThe pink spoon refers to a freebie, such as an e-book, audio file, webinar or digital course, which can be viewed or downloaded when someone enters their email address in an opt-in form. We also call these lead generation offers. Ensure your pink spoon offers great value and helps to solve an issue for your target market. Promote your pink spoon on your social media networks, and link back to your website to capture new leads.

3. Host a Webinar

Online seminars not only provide a way to build on your brands expertise, they also hook in customers and capture hot leads. Use a combination of paid LinkedIn advertising, LinkedIn updates, paid Facebook ads, Facebook posts and promoted tweets to market your webinar and build your list.

4. Integrate All Platforms

Every single one of your social media accounts should link back to your website. If a visitor wants to connect with your business but they cant find where to go, you will have lost yourself a lead. For continuity and professionalism, use the same usernames across all of your social media platforms.

5. Monitor Your Success

Use Google Analytics to measure the stream of visitors coming from social media sites, the number of opt-ins, and the effectiveness of your paid social media campaigns. Split testing allows you to control and tweak landing pages for the best conversion rates, continuously improving your tactics in order to get the best results.

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