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In the current economy where every dollar counts, the ability to demonstrate the value of your programs is a business imperative. You don’t need to have an army of people to measure properly (and no Ad Value Equivalents!) – you just need to be armed with a measurement process that works. Award-winning pro Kami Huyse will show us how to design PR and marketing programs from the beginning so they can be accurately measured, and step us through what to track using tools accessible to solos (without the hefty price tags).


  • Social Media Measurement for Solos Kami Watson Huyse, APR, @kamichat @kamichat
  • Kami Huyse Founder @kamichat@kamichat
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  • Under-measuringOnly 22% had a strategy that ties analysis back tobusiness objectives.Econsultancy Online Measurement & Strategy Report for 2012Only 30% are regularly reporting to management.Alterian Annual Survey: How Engaged is Ones Brand?Fifty-seven percent say poorly defined success metricsand key performance indicators were three majorobstacles to social media marketing adoption.2012 B2B Social Media Marketing: A Surge in Adoption @kamichat
  • Purpose of Measurement Diagnose Prioritize Evaluate Diagnose: Determine what works and what doesnt Prioritize: Build into planning, make decisions Evaluate: Demonstrate ROI, Business Value @kamichat
  • Industry Standards The Barcelona Declaration of Measurement Principles. Valid Metrics Framework for Public Relations Measurement Coalition for Public Relations Research Standards The #SMM Standards Conclave @kamichat
  • Awareness Knowledge Interest Support Action Social/Community Engagement Content creation (e.g. assets created, videos/podcasts) Social media engagement (e.g. blog posts, blogger events, blogger briefings, Twitter posts, community site posts & events)Public Relations Activity Influencer engagement Stakeholder engagement Events/speeches Impressions/Target Key message Expressed opinions Endorsement by audience alignment of interest journalists or impressions [traditional & social Social network influencers Earned media site media] Followers Rankings on industry Intermediary visitors/day Accuracy of facts Retweets/Shares/ lists % share of % share of Linkbacks Expressed opinions Effect conversation conversation % share of of support Video views conversation Social network Fans Prominence Likes Unaided awareness Knowledge of Relevance of brand Attitude uplift Aided awareness company/product (to consumer/ Stated intention to Active advocates Owned media site attributes and customer) buy Brand engagement visitors per day features Visitors to website Brand preference/Target Audience Social network Brand association Click-thru to site Loyalty/Trust Leads/sales Effect channel visitors and differentiation Time spent on site Endorsement Revenue Downloads from site Requests for quote Calls Links to site Market share Event/meeting Trial Cost savings attendanceNOTE: Within social media, several of these metrics could straddle two rows as an Intermediary Effect and/or Target Audience Effect, depending on whos engaged in the conversation. For @kamichatsimplicity, we have listed those metrics under Intermediary Effect to reflect the general conversation as you would not know if all participants are in your target audience. If the commenters areknown to be in your Target Audience, you could reflect those metrics under Target Audience Effect. 12
  • Steps to Measurement1. Set measureable objectives2. Choose your metrics3. Choose tools4. Implement5. Analyze and Present6. Adjust and Repeat @kamichat
  • Set Measureable Objectivespecific easurablettainableesults-Orientedime Bound @kamichat
  • Goal vs. ObjectivesGoal:Increase registration for this years conference Objective:By prior to the event, over will have registered using the friends ofonline influencer and we will be ahead of usual registration numbers. @kamichat
  • Ask1. Why? 2. Why? 3. Why? What Are Your 4. Why? Key Performance Indicators 5. Why? Photo Credit: @kamichat
  • Measurement Rubric Objective Metric Date SM Manager Hire manager at Fund level to # of qualified applicants` April 2013 report to Communications Social Media Cross-program team to advance Capacity built April 2013 digital communication Team SM Policy Enact social media policy and train # of people trained May 2013 all employees ExChange Blog Launch fund level blog Google Analytics and Social Summer 2013TACTICS Shares Ambassadors Form team of ten influencers #Social Footprint of June 2013 Ambassadors, Messages shared by Ambassadors, Reach of messages Interest Survey Get a clear understanding of the Survey Monkey Report March 2013 interests and participation in social media by donors, former donors and mailing list participants Digital Partners Build a strong digital partner Twitter lists, RT rates , # of June 2013 and network sharing content at least 3- partners Ongoing Network 4 times per week @kamichat
  • Choose Your Metrics Activity Attention Awareness Attitudes Actions @kamichat
  • You need Activity To get Attention Which brings AwarenessWhich cultivates Attitudes Which leads to Actions @kamicha